Top Hybrid Influences of the Week in Ukraine

2021-02-05-Top hybrid influences
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In continuation of our rubric about top hybrid influences in Ukraine this week:

  • Kremlin agents are promoting the idea that sanctioned TV-channels, affiliated with pro-Russian politician and oligarch V.Medvedchuk, are an “attack on freedom of speech”. You can find more information on why the sanctions were necessary here … and joint statement of Ukrainian NGOs here.
  • Moreover, when the embassy of the United States expressed their support of this decision in the official statement, Medvedchuk’s party “Opposition Platform – For Life” renewed dissemination of their most prevalent narrative of “external control in Ukraine”
  • Additionally, the aforementioned party posted without any evidence that they are the most supported political power in the country, which allowed them to pretend that the government is silencing Ukrainians, who allegedly overwhelmingly support reunion with Russia.