Top Hybrid Influences of the Week in Ukraine

Top hybrid influences

This week in our rubric on the top hybrid influences in Ukraine:

  • With May 9 soon to come, pro-Kremlin forces have been laying the ground for information operations, traditionally labeling Ukraine as “Fascist” and “rewriting history”. Ukraine has long rejected the Soviet way of celebrating Victory Day, adopting the European practice of commemoration instead. However, the Kremlin would not stop pushing the myths of the “Great Patriotic War” through its agents, thus trying to keep Ukraine within Russian historical revisionism.
  • This week, the Ukrainian parliament has passed a crucial law for the implementation of land reform. Thus, the Kremlin agents and pro-Russian media have renewed their attacks on the reform to push the anti-Western sentiment, in particular, through the “external governance” narrative claiming Ukraine has lost its sovereignty and is governed from outside. Reforms to modernize its economy are constantly attacked by Russian disinformation to discredit Ukraine’s aspirations of European integration.