Top Hybrid Influences of the Week in Ukraine

Top hybrid influences

We detected such top hybrid influences of the week in Ukraine:

  • This week, the US Secretary of State paid a visit to Ukraine, and the pro-Russian forces seized an opportunity to push the “external governance” narrative — the version in which Ukraine is governed by the US. The politician’s visit, which in reality is a strong signal of the US’s support in the face of Russian aggression, is portrayed by pro-Kremlin actors as imposing American policies in Ukraine and giving “orders” on the reform process. 
  • May 2 marked an anniversary of tragic events in Odesa in 2014 when 48 people died during disturbances and a terrible fire. Pro-Kremlin forces continue exploiting the tragedy and pushing Russian false narratives this year as well to portray it as the “fascist massacre” and polarize the Ukrainian population.
  • Pro-Kremlin actors keep promoting anti-Western sentiment by pushing the idea that Western partners are unreliable and will not support Ukraine’s European integration. This is done in attempts to persuade Ukrainians that their European aspirations are pointless, and partnership with Russia is the only alternative.