Top Hybrid Influences of the Week in Ukraine

The pro-Kremlin media have shared a fake about the EU canceling visa-free travel for Ukraine due to Ukrainians “abusing” the visa-free regime. This message was quickly debunked by the EU’s officials – Ukraine continues to meet the criteria required for visa-free travel. By pushing such disinformation, the Kremlin’s proxies attempt to undermine the EU-Ukraine relations ahead of their future summit.

Amidst Europe’s energy crisis deepened by Russia weaponizing its gas exports, the pro-Kremlin forces in Ukraine exploit the topic of high gas prices. They speculate that Ukraine will have no choice but to cooperate with Russia to survive the heating season. By portraying compromising with the aggressor as inevitable, they aim to affect the public opinion and aid Russia’s ultimate goal of returning Ukraine back into Russia’s sphere of influence.

Another key focus of the pro-Kremlin forces has been the government’s initiative on mandatory vaccination for public officials and educators, which is still to be reviewed by the Ministry of Justice. Trying to undermine the initiative, the pro-Kremlin forces portray it as unconstitutional, even though it specifically provides for the retention of positions for unvaccinated workers. It is the responsibility of the employer to organize remote work or regular monitoring of the unvaccinated workers’ health. The decree aims to curb the pandemic escalating in Ukraine, with the numbers of the infected and hospitalized rapidly growing again, while the pro-Kremlin disinformation’s goals are just the opposite.