How OSINT and big data help hold Russia accountable

Russia’s unprecedented war against Ukraine is by now the most documented war in human history. While dealing with full-scale aggression, digital forensics tools help make the punishment for war crimes inevitable. This was proven by the experience of the US and Syria. Also, digital forensics turned out to be indispensable in the case of the #BuchaMassacre. Due to the public footage of dead bodies lying on the streets and Maxar satellite images of the mass graves, the world knows the truth about Russian atrocities and the very nature of the “Russian world”.

Digital forensics instruments, such as OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), artificial intelligence, analysis, and comparison of satellite images, also remain crucial in identifying the crimes and the perpetrators on the occupied territories, which are now unavailable for journalists and investigators. The experience of Bellingcat and Informnapalm proves that open sources should not be underestimated: the details of the MH17 catastrophe and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

The holistic system of photos from social media, text messages from group chats, public government data, and aerial photography – all can be analyzed by the means of artificial intelligence and therefore used for military or investigative goals. And it certainly brings the victory over the Russian invaders closer.


  • Lukas Andriukaitis, Associate Director at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab)
  • Roman Osadchuk, Research Assistant for Eurasia at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab
  • Eto Buziashvili, Research Assistant for the Caucasus at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab
  • Jakub Kubs, analyst at DebunkEU.

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