Post-Boris Britain. What’s next for Ukraine?

Boris Johnson gained immense popularity among Ukrainians during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine: according to the latest polls 89% of Ukrainians have a positive or rather positive attitude toward the UK’s soon-to-resign prime minister, and it’s no surprise. Johnson has been quite vocal about his support for Ukraine against Russian aggression, and frequently called or visited Ukraine’s President Zelenskyi to proclaim the UK’s solidarity with Ukraine.

With the resignation of Johnson, Ukrainians fear that the UK’s support for Ukraine will decline. This has also been disseminated by Russian propaganda channels and pro-Russian sources in Ukraine, attempting to increase the doubts felt by Ukrainians. However, there is no ground for the weakening of the UK’s cooperation with Ukraine to be a realistic perspective.

Taking into account the British political system and the position of the ruling party, the change of the prime minister is not going to affect the course of the UK towards Ukraine. There is nothing to suggest that the possible candidates will change the country’s policy regarding Ukraine. The UK as a country stays a loyal partner and supporter of Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence.


  • Chris York – British TV anchor and host, freelance reporter
  • Viktor Konstantynov, Associate Professor at Institute Of International Relations Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  • Oleksandr Kraiev, Foreign Policy expert at “Ukrainian Prism”.

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