Staying till victory: Ukraine’s wartime via international volunteers’ stories

When the bloody Russian war shattered the lives of Ukrainians as they knew them in February 2022, thousands of international volunteers hurried to Ukraine to help its people survive. Even though some of them had not heard of Ukraine before the full-scale war, many vounteers have braveheartedly sacrificed the safety of their homes and aided Ukrainians in their basic humanitarian, medical, and psychological needs.

Personal stories of two volunteers, Johanna from Sweden and Tony from the UK, shine a light on the realities of volunteering in Ukraine at this moment. Johanna served as a nurse in the Kherson region and now is delivering medical and other supplies to the frontline. Tony started helping Ukrainians fleeing the war at the Polish border and then went on to deliver vehicles, supplies, food, medicine to the frontline for the military.

While we explore just two very personal stories, they exemplify the general dedication of the nations, while far from Ukraine in terms of distance, standing together with it fighting for the most precious thing common for all – freedom.


  • Johanna, volunteer from Sweden
  • Tony, volunteer from the UK

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