Decolonization of memory: cases of Ukraine and Moldova

Ukraine and Moldova share a similar history, as both countries were occupied by the Soviet Union for decades, and after gaining independence, their sovereignty was violated by the Russian Federation with its proxy “republics”. However, the countries also share their common path toward Euroatlantic integration, and in this regard, the critical reevaluation of the Soviet past, processes of decommunization and decolonization play an important part.

Opening access to archives of repressive bodies is one of the indispensable elements of both Moldova and Ukraine’s policies that signal the states’ common values and readiness to become part of a European family. Thus, cooperation in the field of archival affairs is really important between Ukraine and Moldova.

The same processes are now being observed in Russia that were characteristic of the Stalin era. While Ukraine keeps fighting the colonial war waged by a totalitarian power, it is vital to not cease the study of archival documents. Ukraine’s Archive of National Memory is tightly cooperating with the National Archives Agency of the Republic of Moldova in this realm, and a cooperation agreement has recently been signed by the organizations.


  • Ihor Kulyk, director of the Archive of National Memory of Ukraine
  • Igor Cașu, director of the National Archive Agency of the Republic of Moldova 
  • Valeriu Chiveri, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Moldova to Ukraine

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