Ukrainian frontline cities and villages survive during the war: Chernihiv

Since the start of Russia’s large-scale invasion, many Ukrainian frontline cities and villages in the Chernihiv region ended up cut off from the outer world, face to face with uncertainty, communication problems, and fear of occupation.

These feelings were soon replaced by cohesion, solidarity, and mutual support. Even in times of great uncertainty, people are living their lives and making plans for the future. After Russian forces retreated from the Chernihiv region in the north of Ukraine, the fear turned into perseverance.

Authorities on the ground take care of increasing the defense capability, follow budget plans, adapt the educational process to the war realities, and maintain some new vision of stability. At the same time, residents find their bravery in togetherness, the residents simply hold the civil frontline while Ukrainian defenders take care of the enemy.


  • Svitlana Bytsko, head of Dobrianka settlement
  • Vladyslav Savenok, editor at Svoboda FM outlet
  • Iryna Synelnyk, journalist.

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