Why ordinary Russians celebrate attacks on Ukrainian civilians?

Russian propaganda has been long dehumanizing Ukrainians – to the point when it reached its ultimate stage of open support of genocide. Propagandists on Russian media are now potraying the whole Ukrainian nation as Nazi with indirect calls to exterminate it. This mirrors the social media rhetoric of ordinary Russians, especially following the terrorist attacks on Ukrainian civilians.

Russians have moved from outright denying attacks against civilians in Ukraine not only to admitting them but celebrating those atrocities. When Russia barbarically attacks peaceful Ukrainian cities through targeted strikes on residential areas, malls, hospitals, schools and kindergartens, Russian social media burst with chauvinistic messages such as “Ukrainians have to be killed”, “they are “untermensch” to be exterminated”, and the like.

Despite having access to alternative sources of information for the past 8 years, the Russian society has chosen to believe the absurd Kremlin narratives about Ukraine. Hate towards Ukrainians has practically become part of Russian national idea, and the international community is finally realizing that the responsibility for Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine should lie with the whole Russian society, not with the country’s leadership only.


  • Tetiana Troshchynska, psychologist, media expert.

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