Free Ukrainian human rights defender Maksym Butkevych

Ukrainian human rights defender Maksym Butkevych remains in Russian captivity since June 24th. His location and the conditions he is in are unknown. Maksym’s family, friends and civic society he has influenced deeply, playing a major role in establishment of many independent media outlets and human rights initiatives, demand his immediate release.

Russian propaganda continues the campaign to smear Maksym’s name and portray him as a far-right, “Nazi” militant in an attempt to built a high-profile case against him and avoid treating him as a prisoner of war. Ukraine Media Center joins the collective effort of telling the truth about Maksym and his work to counter the harmful lies.

Followed by episode #145, we release a new issue of Ukraine In Flames dedicated to Maksym Butkevych, focusing on his human rights work. Maksym has become one of the most important contributors to the DocuDaysUA – an international film festival dedicated to human rights. He is also one of the members of the board at ZMINA human right center, one of the biggest and most well-known organizations in Ukraine that focus on human rights protection. Members of both organizations have spoken up, demanding to #freeMaksymButkevych.

Ukraine Media Center is dedicated to raising awareness about Maksym’s captivity and bringing him home.


  • Darya Averchenko, Director of communications department at DocuDaysUA
  • Tetyana Pechonchyk, Chairwoman of the Board at ZMINA Center for Human Rights.

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