Lviv region, Ukrainian tourist hub, becomes a refuge for the displaced

With the start of Russia’s brutal invasion, people fleeing the war were flooding to the western regions of Ukraine, the city of Lviv becoming the key hub for accepting IDPs. However, not Lviv only has become a refuge for the displaced – other towns of the region has actively mobilized to help their compatriots in these struggling times.

Truskavets, a city in the Drohobych district of the Lviv region, has turned from “the city of health” (it is a resort famous for its mineral springs) into “the city of safety”. Truskavets has become the second after Lviv among the cities that accepted the most IDPs per number of residents. A humanitarian сenter was organized in the city since the second day of the full-scale war, and the whole community joined forces with the displaced to volunteer daily.

IDPs in Truskavets are being actively integrated in the hosting communities: they move their businesses to the city, teach at local schools, organize improvised kindergartens, etc. In turn, the local authorities do everything possible to provide IDPs with the comfortable environment and are getting ready to accept more people before the start of the heating season.


  • Natalia Ponomarenko, Secretary of the Truskavets City Council
  • Olena Bilas-Berezova, director of the Mykhailo Bilas art museum
  • Iryna Bohoslav, deputy director of educational complex No. 16 in Melitopol, IDP

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