Road to Donbas. Life in occupied part of Kharkiv region

The Vovchansk–Kupiansk–Izium direction in the Kharkiv region has been of special strategic importance for Russia, as it is the “gate to Donbas”. It was from this bridgehead that the invaders intended to launch an offensive on Sloviansk and Kramatorsk.

They have failed, though: Ukrainian defenders are bravely holding the line and not letting the enemy make a breakthrough. The Russian troops, seeing their failures on the battlefield, take their revenge on the civilian population. They target schools, hospitals, churches, and transport stations, attempting to intimidate Ukrainians with terror.

Those living under the occupation report horrors just like in the Bucha massacre: forced disappearances and tortures, looting, and all other kinds of war crimes. More than 50 municipalities of the Kharkiv Region remain occupied by Russian troops. The world must not forget about them and demand the establishment of humanitarian corridors from the aggressor for the delivery of medicines and products to the occupied territories as well as support those who have been forced to leave their homes.


  • Olena Konoplia, volunteer, expert in communications

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