Ukraine’s army in Kharkiv region: Russians slaughter civilians intentionally

Kharkiv region bears strategic importance for Russia, as it was a key part of Russia’s initial plan to capture Donbas. While the Ukrainian defenders are holding the line and not letting the enemy make a breakthrough, the Russians are taking their revenge on the civilians terrorizing them with constant shelling attacks and committing mass war crimes in the occupied territories.

The occupiers created their alternative reality by organizing the “temporary administration of the liberated territories of the Kharkiv region”. They use intimidation to keep local residents under control: search and loot valuable property, collect data on the families of Ukrainian military personnel, volunteers, officials, deprive locals of any means of communication and alternative information and spread propaganda instead, kidnap and torture people in basements.

Ukrainians in the occupied settlements of the Kharkiv region have been deprived of everything – even mere mentioning Ukraine is forbidden. A strong disinformation campaign is aimed to cause dismay and make Ukrainians believe Ukraine has forgotten about them. Their spirit cannot be broken, though, and soon the whole Kharkiv region, as well as the rest of the occupied territories, will join free Ukraine.


  • Anatoliy Kozlovsky, 122nd separate battalion of ground defense, commander of a mortar platoon, junior lieutenant, deputy of the Kharkiv Regional Council
  • Artem Revchuk, 5th Slobozhanska Brigade of the National Guard, 4th Battalion, Deputy Commander of the 2nd Rifle Company, Deputy of the Kharkiv City Council

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