Ukraine’s fight against Russia on the digital battlefield

Ukrainians have actively used digital technologies in their fight against the Russian invaders virtually since the very start of the full-scale war. Thanks to effective cooperation among the state, volunteers, the military and ordinary civilians, it has become possible to expose the positions of Russian troops, report the damage to the Ukrainians’ homes, document Russian war crimes, and more.

This is quite a unique example of the use of modern technologies in war, which no other country has implemented on such a scale. Overall, the level of digitalization in Ukraine has reached such a level that makes the country a leader in many ways, even among its most technologically developed peers.

The Ukrainian IT sector has been growing immensely and is now strong support for the Ukrainian economy. Moreover, there has been a wave of big Ukrainian IT companies that were registered abroad before changing their place of registration to Ukraine. The whole Ukrainian society mobilizes its forces to accelerate Ukraine’s victory, including the digital sphere.


  • Mstyslav Banik, Director of eServices Development Directorate – Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

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