Why is independent Ukraine crucial for the Western democracy?

After over half a year of large-scale war, Ukraine steadily defends the Western world. The facts of Ukraine gaining its independence (1991) and defending its values of freedom and democracy during the Orange revolution (2004) and the Revolution of Dignity (2013-2014) have never been part of the Russian plan.
Since Moscow has long aspired to absorb Ukraine, it started a war aimed to destroy our country as an independent state. Instead, Ukrainian subjectivity and desire for sovereignty have only increased.
After Ukraine’s nuclear disarmament in 1994, Russia had to become a guarantor of the security in the region. In return, it abuses its status of nuclear blackmail and commits constant provocations threatening world security – and it is Ukraine that stands against the aggressor.


  • Myroslav Marynovych, founding member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, vice-rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

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