Occupied Territories: Hell for the Journalists

Over the course of more than 6 months of war, one of the groups that Russian forces target in particular is journalists. At least 32 Ukrainian journalists have been killed as a result of Russian invasion, however, the exact number of victims is unknown due to the restricted information flow from the occupied territories, where journalists are kidnapped and blackmailed to enforce collaboration with the occupying authorities.

Russia aims to create a complete information blackout on the occupied territories. Local media are shut down, captured and turned into the propaganda resources to disinform the population. Access to Ukrainian TV is blocked and Internet, where available, has been switched over to the Russian service providers. It does not just mean that Ukrainian resources are blocked, the data flow is also threatening the disclosure of users’ personal data.

The local media have had a share of their problems over the years – from insufficient financing to the global decrease of print press, which made them particularly vulnerable after the invasion. Nevertheless, many Ukrainian journalists and editors continued doing their best to share truthful information, even at their own risk, mostly relying on social media. Today’s episode of Ukraine In Flames explores the challenges on the occupied territories of Ukraine with focus on how Russia disseminates its propaganda and suppresses freedom of speech.


  • Tetyana Samko, Berdyansk
  • Journalist from Kherson (anonymous)

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