Freedom of Speech as Homefront: Journalists at War

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia is among the most well-documented wars in history. As Russian propaganda keeps trying to deceive the world, the modern technology and social media nullify their efforts. However, despite the fact that almost everyone is capable to either help documenting war crimes and spreading awareness or monitor military developments 24/7, the role of professional journalism has not decreased. Russian war against Ukraine has highlighted the vital role of media and journalistic ethics – which become a target for the invading forces.

Since February 24th Russian invaders have destroyed more than 100 local media in Ukraine. They have also killed at least 32 journalists – and this number does not include those who decided to put their profession on pause and take up arms to protect the sovereignty of their country. Journalists in the occupied territories are blackmailed, detained, tortured and subjected to enforced disappearances. Against all odds, many journalists and editors do their best to keep informing the people.

For those media professionals who are on the free territories of Ukraine, life is not much easier. As all Ukrainians, they live in the constant state of danger, not knowing when the Russian missile or bomb will land and who it will take. And when the duty calls, they often live for the frontline, where death walks very close. Ukrainian journalists do their best to document Russian war crimes, combat Russian propaganda and raise awareness of their fellow Ukrainians as well as the whole world. Ukraine in Flames #182 celebrates their efforts.


  • Anastasia Stanko, war correspondent at Hromadske TV
  • Yurii Larin, journalist from Kharkiv
  • Anastasia Volkova, journalist from Severodonetsk
  • Olexiy Ladyka, journalist from Kramatorsk

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