Ukrainian entrepreneurs’ contribution to winning the war. Part 1

Despite the dangers of the Russian brutal aggression, many entrepreneurs have chosen to stay in Ukraine and continue their business while also helping their state bring about the victory. While the Ukrainian defenders work hard to protect Ukraine and de-occupy the captured territories, business owners are the backbones of Ukrainian economy and society.

Family companies, from large to medium, and even small businesses, are making their own contribution to winning the war. The stories Ukraine In Flames project has explored are remarkable, e.g. the president of the Association of Family Business Owners of Ukraine (FBN Ukraine) has founded a network of warehouses on the Ukrainian-Polish and the Ukrainian-Romanian borders to send and direct all necessary help for the Ukrainian military.

From baking and delivering bread under enemy fire to organizing the logistics of vital cargo delivery, the Ukrainian entrepreneurs have continued to do their very best to help Ukrainian defenders and civilians. And after Ukraine’s victory, they are to become the drivers of the liberated territories recovery and Ukraine’s development!


  • Larisa Mudrak. CEO of Association of Family Business Owners of Ukraine (FBN Ukraine)
  • Olena Vovk. General Manager of Enzym
  • Olexander Kotolup. Founder and ideological inspirer of Figaro-Catering

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