Ukrainian Zhytomyr Stands Up to the Russian war

The north-eastern Ukrainian region of Zhytomyr has witnessed the initial wave of Russian attack in February, as it borders Belarus that has essentially become a proxy platform for the Russian invasion. Spring was a difficult time for the local residents; however, the Russian troops were soon driven out, living behind the heavily mined territories that are still not entirely safe for civilians – or anyone who isn’t extremely careful.

With the second phase of the war, major combat activities refocused on the eastern and southern fronts. However, life is far from peaceful in Zhytomyr that is consistently terrorized by the Russian missile strikes, more often than not targeting objects of civilian infrastructure and residential buildings. Zhytomyr is of particular importance due to being a major logistical link in supplying humanitarian – and military – aid on its path to the south and east of Ukraine.

Residents of the region became accustomed to the constant problems with gas and water supply due to the Russian missile strikes. However, in summer the situation has improved and people are getting ready for the winter – at the same time trying to rebuild at least some of the many heavily damaged buildings as a part of these preparations.

Ukraine In Flames #192 gathers testimonies from the region of Zhytomyr to talk about Russian occupation and the civilian lives against the backdrop of full-scale invasion.


  • Oleksiy Poberezhnyi, journalist from “First Studio Berdychiv”, Zhytomyr region
  • Iryna Kyrylovych, journalist from Zhytomyr 
  • Olha Bortnikova, journalist from Zhytomyr region

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