How Russian army treats captured Ukrainian women

Russia could not care less about international humanitarian law, and the way it treats Ukrainian prisoners confirms this again and again. The stories of Russian captivity told by released captives frequently include reports of physical and psychological torture and horrible conditions of detention, which both male and female prisoners face.

Ukrainian NGO Media Initiative for Human Rights (MIPL) analyzed the reports of female prisoners released from Russian captivity and established the key circumstances when the Russian occupying forces and their proxies detain Ukrainian women. They also learned that women are held mostly in basements and facilities of penal colonies and discovered new places of detention as well as conditions there.

The representatives of MIPL present the results of their analysis of Ukrainian female captives’ reports and shed a light on the process of their release, and this episode of Ukraine in Flames covers their key points as well as a personal story of a Ukrainian woman that underwent illegal detention.


  • Tetiana Katrychenko, coordinator at Media Initiative for Human Rights NGO
  • Olha Reshetylova, coordinator at Media Initiative for Human Rights NGO
  • Olena Bubnova, former captive
  • Nataliia Okhotnikova, researcher at Human Rights Centre Zmina

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