Ukraine in Flames: Not Just Putin. Unmasking the Russian world

Public opinion polls show that 71% of Russians are proud that their state is at war with Ukraine. Despite potential difficulties caused by sanctions and economic blockade, the Russian population is empowered by the illusion of grandeur and fearsomeness that Putin has methodically developed by the Soviet and ultra-conservative textbooks. In the Russian world, Russia is a fortress that is under siege: no hardships, human rights violations and loss of individual dignity matter when collective security is threatened. In the Russian people’s mind, their inability to deal with their dictator is everyone’s problem, but their own. The few “good Russians” are borderline offended when Ukrainians refuse to support, inform, empathize and welcome them as the war goes on. The war is not the right time for Ukrainians and their allies to empathize with the Russian public, moreover, to reestablish any dialogue with the aggressor. Ukraine deserves as much time, as it needs, away from its manipulative Northern neighbor and its colonialist treatment of Ukraine and its people. Military action and legal proceedings are the only morally justifiable domains for Ukraine and its friends to deal with the Russian world at the moment.


  • Yuriy Makarov, journalist and producer, former radio and television host
  • Oleh Pokalchuk, military and psy ops expert, social psychologist
  • Olga Tokariuk, independent journalist Ihor Todorov, professor at Uzhhorod National University, department of International Relations
  • Iryna Eihelson, phD in social psychology, conflict psychologist/

UKRAINE IN FLAMES project is created by Ukraine Crisis Media CenterUkrainian Catholic University’s analitical center and NGO “Euroatlantic Course”.  We are aiming at searching a loud support for Ukraine in the war started by Russia on the 24th of February 2022.

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