Decentralization reform: key to food security?

The decentralization reform in Ukraine has facilitated the development of local communities and undoubtedly contributed to the fact that hromadas, basic units of administrative division in Ukraine, similar to municipalities, became the foundation of resistance to Russian aggression and the backbone of Ukraine’s home front in the darkest hour.

Ukrainian entrepreneurship showed itself from a very strong side in the last months: businesses continue their work to support the economy, even under the incredible challenges of war. The world is impressed by Ukraine and its resilience, and decentralization in this context appears as an excellent platform for local business development and cooperation.

Local agriculture cooperatives have widely provided for the needs of locals when Russian large-scale aggression ruined large companies’ logistics, threatening with a food crisis in many Ukrainian communities. Thus, close cooperation between hromadas and businesses is vital in not only facilitating the development of local entrepreneurship in general but also responding to particular crises, especially to ensure food security.


  • Viacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine
  • Ihor Vishtak, Director of the Department of Agrarian Development of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine
  • Andrii Remizov, Deputy Director for Entrepreneurship Development – Acting Director of the State University “Office for Entrepreneurship and Export Development”
  • Mark Ellingstad, Director of the Democracy and Governance Promotion Department of the USAID Mission in Ukraine

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