Cherkasy region: save hub for people that run from Russian war

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, about 150,000 civilians who fled the war have moved to the Cherkasy region. These people needed all kinds of help, including accommodation, food, job, basic supplies, as well as legal, educational, and psychological support.

The region community organized a joint volunteer movement to help internally displaced Ukrainians get back to life. In particular, the local governments, public sector, and small and large businesses have all united with the support of donors and funds to conduct this mission. Many humanitarian headquarters and volunteer centers were organized in territorial communities.

Organizations such as NGO Cherkasy Youth Council, Cherkasy Human Rights Center, and NGO Active Zvenyhorodshchyna significantly changed their focus and activities to meet war-related challenges. The activists have constantly been providing the war-affected people coming to the Cherkasy region with humanitarian and hygiene kits, housing, and all necessary assistance for better integration.


  • Volodymyr Panchenko, Head of the NGO “Cherkasy Youth Council”;
  • Taras Shcherbatyuk, Head of the NGO “Cherkasy Human Rights Center”;
  • Vyacheslav Golikov, Head of the NGO “Zvenyhorodshchyna active”.

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