The Countdown to Collapse: Identifying Indicators in the Russian Federation

The Russian state is one of the last land empires of modern times, and keeping many enslaved peoples in colonial dependence is trying to continue to grow. However, one of the consequences of an aggressive war against Ukraine may be the empire’s disintegration into several independent entities.

The internal tension caused by the unjust war against Ukraine, in which Russian soldiers are killed even from the most remote subjects of the Russian Federation, the economic crisis, which allows only regions with a military-industrial complex to stay afloat, as well as the terrible demographic crisis, are taking a toll on Russia’s internal stability. This tension could result in an open confrontation between the regional and national elites against Moscow’s colonialist policy.

The people enslaved by the Kremlin are potential allies of Ukraine against Putin’s regime and Russian imperialism. However, to effectively use this resource, it is necessary to understand what divisions exist in Russian society and why internal ethnonational tension is essential.

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