Food security of municipalities during the war in Ukraine

Food security of municipalities during the war in Ukraine

Key points of the discussion – watch in the video!

Today, municipalities are entrusted with the responsibility not only to fulfill their immediate duties, but also to cope with the new challenges brought by the war. Territorial communities are a reliable rear of the Ukrainian army that defends Ukraine.

– How do Ukrainian municipalities cope with the challenges of war and take care of food security?

– What support programs does the state offer?

– What decisions help local self-governments to guarantee food security for citizens?

– How did the food market in Ukraine change because of the war?

Find the answers to these questions in the video below.

Representatives of the Government of Ukraine, local self-governments and their associations, and experts discussed the issue of food security of municipalities during the wars. The discussion was jointly organized by the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine and the USAID HOVERLA Activity.

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