How to be captivating and influential media: tips for regional media from Kateryna Kobernyk

On April 16-17, a series of webinars for regional media “How to be captivating and influential media: what and how to write (non-obvious topics, simple formats, departure from templates)” took place. Kateryna Kobernyk, editor-in-chief of The Babel, shared her experience.

Here are some important tips for media from Kateryna:

  • adapt world formats, find your style and stand out from the rest;
  • use plain language, be easy and simple;
  • be useful to your reader;
  • write succinctly and check the text for unnecessary words;
  • understand the logic of your reader’s questions and structure your material accordingly;
  • present traditional formats in a new way;
  • ask the right questions to heroes – our task is to get the facts they don’t want to talk about.

The webinar was part of the Contemporary Regional Media Project – a pledge of quality in a media-competent democratic Ukraine, which is being implemented by the Ukraine Crisis Media Center with the financial support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs represented by the Norwegian Embassy in Kiev.