Schedule of press briefings in Ukraine Crisis Media Center for November 3, 2015

9-00 Topic: “Ministry of Defence of Ukraine: updates on the activities over the past week”
Oksana Gavrylyuk, Head of Communications and Press Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

09-15 Topic: “Dynamics of hostilities in ATO zone in the last 4 days”
Captain I rank Leonid Matyukhin, ATO spokesman (via Skype)

10-00 Topic: “Results on lawsuit “Hlib Holovchenko vs. Russia 1st TV Channel”
Hlib Holovchenko, director of Press and Television College, general producer at “ТАК TV” channel

11-00 Topic: “Tour in support of the new novel by AndriyLyubka”Karbid” (Carbide)
Andriy Lyubka, writer, essayist, translator
Sviatoslav Pomerantsev, president at the International Literature corporation MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ
Yulia Pelepchuk, curator of the “Merezha” project (Network project)

12-00 Topic: “Employment and accommodation of IDPs in Luhansk and Donetsk regions.” UCMC pilot project”Spokesperson of peaceful life”
Olha Lishyk, deputy head at the Luhansk regional military-civilian administration
Valentyn Rybalko, director at the Donetsk regional employment center

12-30 Col. Olexandr Motuzyanyk, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues

14-00 Topic: “Presentation of the roadmap for usage of contemporary art to build dialogue as well as a series of workshops to popularize the document in Slavyansk, Severodonetsk and Mariupol”
Leonid Maruschak, curator of Ukraine Crisis Media Center’s art initiative and author of the “Upon Boh” project
Olha Honchar, assistant at UCMC art initiative, communications manager at the “Upon Boh” project
Yevhenia Molyar, art manager and curator at the “Upon Boh” project
Alina Yakubenko, artist and curator at the “Upon Boh” project