EU mission and WHO express their support to healthcare reform in Ukraine – Head of EU Delegation to Ukraine


International partners voice their continuous support to the healthcare reform in Ukraine. Among the first successful steps they named adoption of the law on autonomization of medical institutions. Another important law, the one on state financial guarantees for medical services, is to follow.

Mission of the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO) express their support to the healthcare reform in Ukraine, particularly to its components that concern public healthcare and financing system. The statement was made by representatives of the mission that paid a week-long visit to Ukraine. “We witness support of the entire government towards health system reform and in particular the leadership of Prime Minister Groysman and acting Minister Suprun. We praise their efforts. […] We hope that these policies will start being implemented in the nearest time. I reassure you that we will do our utmost to support the Ukrainian authorities in that,” said Hugues Mingarelli, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, at a press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Among the reform achievements Hugues Mingarelli noted establishing of the up-to-date Center for public health and adoption of the draft law “On state financial guarantees for provision of medical services and medicines” by the Cabinet of Ministers. “It provides a solid foundation for a modern health system which works for the people of the country and offers the full range of services both in treatment and prevention”, said the Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine. He added that the changes in question contribute to decentralization and democratization of the healthcare system. Building efficient and accessible healthcare system is also Ukraine’s commitment within the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

“We will urge the government to focus efforts on these historic changes as it moves towards closer integration with the EU and, more broadly, with the international community. We know that you will have to overcome a lot of huge obstacles, starting with the vested interests which on a daily basis try to block the work of Minister Suprun, but the EU will stand by you and support you in this ambitious endeavor which is crucial for the well-being of Ukrainian people,” emphasized Mingarelli.

Ulana Suprun, acting Healthcare Minister of Ukraine, expressed gratitude for support and for technical assistance to Ukraine on the part of the EU, the WHO, and other international partners. She also thanked the government and the MPs for having supported the law no.2309 on autonomization of medical institutions that has been adopted today by 280 votes. “It is the first step towards considerable changes in the paradigm of financing our healthcare system. […] It shows that there is political will, there is an understanding that we need to move forward with these reforms and Ukraine is ready to implement the reforms, implement the changes that are required of Ukraine in the Association agreement, but also in the social contract that Ukraine has with its citizens,” the acting Healthcare Minister noted.

Ulana Suprun expressed hope that the law on the state financial guarantees for medical services will be registered at the Parliament next week and will be voted in the first reading. “We hope that by Wednesday we will have voted [the law on financial guarantees] in the first reading and will present it at the National Reforms Council on April 12. When the Parliament is back after the Easter holidays we will be able to vote these important laws,” she said.

Hugues Mingarelli emphasized that deep reforms always require a consensus from political forces. “We will keep our eye on the radar. Nobody should delay the passage of this law [on financial guarantees] to the Rada (the Parliament) and we will make sure that on a daily basis Rada members will keep this in mind,” the Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine said.