An exhibition Prominent Ukrainians opens in Kyiv International Airport

On April 18, an exhibition opened in Kyiv International Airport.   This is a project about prominent Ukrainians aimed to promote Ukrainian history and culture through the language of contemporary graphic art. The first exhibition took place in the Presidential Administration of Ukraine within an art project “Second Floor Art Center”. Kyiv International Airport is the third airport to host the exhibition, preceded by Boryspil and Lviv airports.

“Nearly 30 artists, members of Pictoric club from various cities of Ukraine, participated in the project. They selected for their illustrations outstanding Ukrainian personalities which they recognized as kindred spirits. Travelling throughout the country for two years, the project has already become a significant contribution to promotion of Ukrainian history and culture,” noted Oleg Hryschenko, project curator, at a solemn opening of the exhibition.

“Here the picture encompasses not only a visual image, but also important messages. It should be analyzed not only on the level of color, composition and harmony, but also as information. “Prominent Ukrainians” is one of the best examples of transition to a new information era, where the picture carries information”, says Pavlo Hudimov, co-author of the exhibition.

“We expect that during Eurovision Song Contest 2017 thousands of selfies will spread information about bright Ukrainian culture throughout the globe,” summarized Hennadiy Kurochka, co-author of the project, co-founder of Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

According to the authors, the exhibition of personalities’ portraits on posters is a contemporary alternative to cliché portraits from schoolbooks.

The exhibition will be opened by July 2017. Every month it will inspire about 100 thousand passengers and hosts of Kyiv International Airport. So now the visitors can use the opportunity and come in advance to have enough time to see an inspiring exhibition.