Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian army recruiting offices launch pilot version of e-register of citizens liable for military service

In May 2017, a number of Ukrainian army recruiting offices will launch a pilot version of e-register of citizens liable for military service in order to test the system, announced Colonel Maksym Prauta, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesman, at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “The register will list citizens aged 18-60 liable and non-liable for military service. The database will be regularly updated,” he noted. The e-register is expected to improve the work of army recruiting offices.

The register was created on the basis of the Unified register of voters of Ukraine and register of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. Operations with the database will be available only for mandated staff members using special e-keys.  The full-scale launch of the system is scheduled for 2019. Preliminary testing of the system is aimed to spot and remove possible bugs in the.

To repair damages caused by fire on the military stocks in Balaklia city, the MoD allocated UAH 99 million, including UAH 9 million for demining action in the affected area. Additional UAH 200 million were allocated from the reserve state budget to improve resilience and safety of military stocks.

The MoD spokesman also reported that recommendations of internal auditors concerning draft procurement contracts of the Ministry of Defense have helped to save about UAH 145 million since the beginning of this year.  “As of today, operational audits and preliminary monitoring of risk operations of the MoD encompass 213 packages of documents amounting to a total of UAH 1.7175 billion,” he added.

As of today, 81 Ukrainian servicemen wounded in the conflict zone in the east of Ukraine are undergoing treatment in medical facilities of the MOD. Seven servicemen receive treatment abroad: three in Hungary, two in Portugal, one in Germany, and one in the USA.

Maksym Prauta added that over the last week Ukrainian military engineers found and defused 175 explosive devices, thus demining 7,5 hectares of land in the conflict zone.