Russian occupiers fired on a column of tanks during the evacuation, two policemen were killed

© Maks Levin

In the Kyiv region, during the evacuation, the occupiers fired from tanks at a column of civilians, killing two police officers. 

The occupier, under the guise of “humanitarian corridors”, redeploys its forces and equipment. All rescue operations in the Kyiv region took place under enemy fire. 

This was announced by the Kyiv Region Police Chief Andrii Niebytov.

“A large number of hospitals, schools, and kindergartens are located in the Kyiv region, which is temporarily occupied. To save the people from the hell of war, all public authorities tried to deport as many citizens as possible. But the Russian occupiers did not provide such an opportunity. During the evacuation of people in the Bucha district, the occupiers fired tanks at the evacuation columns. One policeman was killed and another was injured. The same situation occurred in Irpin when a BM-21 “Grad” shell hit a police car. Only now we managed to take away the body of the policeman,” Andrii Niebytov said.

The Kyiv Region Police Chief stressed that after a successful attack by the Armed Forces in the direction of Irpin, Hostomel, Nemishaieve, an effective artillery strike was carried out, which allowed the Ukrainian military to advance. That is where the most active hostilities are going on right now.

“We note that the victorious mood of Russian soldiers has long since disappeared, because the Armed Forces and the entire power bloc, with the active support of citizens, are working to destroy as much as possible occupier’s food supplies. There is a guerrilla movement in the Kyiv region,” he said.

Andrii Niebytov stressed that the streets of towns and villages in the Kyiv region are currently littered with the bodies of both locals and occupiers.