Russia attacks Ukraine: live update, February 2022

On February 24, 2022, Russian Federation started a full-scale military invasion in Ukraine.

LIVE UPDATE, February 2022


23:42 President Zelenskyy: I believe that the complete closure of the sky for Russian missiles, planes and helicopters should be considered. In five days, 56 missile strikes have already been launched on Ukraine. 113 cruise missiles were fired. This is “fraternal friendship”. And the world knows what needs to be done. I talked about this with my partners today.

A state that commits war crimes against civilians cannot be a member of the UN Security Council. The entrance to all ports, canals, airports around the world must be closed to such a state. Such a state should not receive hundreds of billions for energy exports. To buy Russian goods now is to pay for killing people.

Today, at the initiative of the Russian side, the first round of talks between Ukraine and Russia took place. These talks took place against the background of bombing and shelling of our territory, our cities. The synchronization of the shelling with the negotiation process was evident. I believe that Russia is trying to put pressure on in such a simple way. Don’t waste time. We do not accept such tactics. Fair negotiations can be when one side does not hit the other side with rocket artillery at the time of negotiations.

22:32 Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov: The first batch of StarLink satellite Internet stations has arrived in Ukraine! Thank you Elon Musk and all the partners of free Ukraine! We continue to fight on all fronts!

21:57 Shell intends to exit equity partnerships held with Gazprom entities. On February 28, The Board of Shel announced its intention to exit its joint ventures with Gazprom and related entities, including its 27.5 percent stake in the Sakhalin-II liquefied natural gas facility, its 50 percent stake in the Salym Petroleum Development and the Gydan energy venture. Shell also intends to end its involvement in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.

“We are shocked by the loss of life in Ukraine, which we deplore, resulting from a senseless act of military aggression which threatens European security,” said Shell’s chief executive officer, Ben van Beurden in a company’s press release.

21.54 CinC AF of Ukraine: Since the beginning of an uncovered invasion, Russia launched 113 cruise missiles of Iskander and Kalibr types on peaceful cities, towns and villages of Ukraine.

This bloody crime of Putin’s regime is a blatant violation of the international humanitarian law violation that needs International Criminal Court investigation.

21:50 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Operational information as of 20.00 28.02.2022 on the Russian invasion

During the day, the aggressor’s troops regrouped and accumulated armored vehicles and missile and artillery weapons in certain areas, primarily to surround and capture Kyiv and major cities of Ukraine, including Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Odesa, Kherson and Mariupol. A significant part of military equipment comes from the territory of Belarus and through the occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Some units of the most combat-ready units of the Armed Forces of Belarus have begun moving to the State Border of Ukraine in the Volyn direction. In addition, the territory of Belarus continues to be used for combat sorties of army, operational, tactical and special aircraft of the RF Armed Forces to perform tasks on the territory of our country. The planes of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation resumed conducting air reconnaissance of objects on the territory of Ukraine from the airspace of the Republic of Belarus.

The enemy, losing offensive potential, loses with him and the human face. Numerous cases of violations of the laws of war and international humanitarian law by the Russian aggressor have been recorded along the entire offensive line.

The most common war crimes of the Russian occupiers: 

  • the use of weapons against civilians, bombing, rocket and artillery shelling of residential areas, which led to the destruction of civilian infrastructure. 
  • the enemy, for cover, uses state symbols and uniforms of the Armed Forces, the National Guard and the National Police of Ukraine. Ukrainian flags are hung on columns of Russian military equipment. Such cases have been observed in the settlements of Peremoha, Nova Basan (Kyiv region), and on the Krasnostav-Nizhyn highway in Chernihiv region.

During the advance of a column of tanks and armored personnel carriers, the aggressor fired on the homes of local residents in Chernihiv region, from Talalaivka to Nizhyn.

Tanks from the Russian occupation forces on their way through the village of Borodyanka, on the orders of their commanders, began to deliberately destroy infrastructure and housing, and a separate group of tanks opened chaotic fire on high-rise buildings.

In addition, there have been cases where the enemy hangs a white flag on his vehicle, ostensibly to surrender. However, after approaching the Ukrainian positions, the occupiers began to open fire on the defeats.

According to the available information, the commanders of the Russian tactical groups received an order to destroy the mobile communication towers in the course of advancing deep into the territory of Ukraine.

All this indicates that the Russian occupiers are terrified, because they did not receive any bread and salt promised by the propagandists. They received only the hatred and contempt of the civilian population and a worthy repulse of the Ukrainian army.


21.43 Ukrainian Pravda – The European Parliament on Tuesday will adopt a resolution calling on the EU institutions to work on granting Ukraine candidate status, while continuing to work on integration into the EU single market.

21.26 – FB Roman Semenukha Deputy Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration

The situation in Kharkiv as of the evening of February 28. The Ukrainian military controls the city. The occupier continues to fire on residential neighborhoods (New Homes). During the day, Russian saboteurs surrender en masse and drop their military uniforms. Residents are actively helping to identify the attackers. Today is a terrible day for Kharkiv, because the enemy deliberately fired on residential neighborhoods: Saltivka, Pavlovo Pole, Aleksiyivka. The number of dead and injured is being clarified. The regional military administration works, the management of the regional council works, the mayor works. Victory will definitely be ours!

21.14 – HB – The Norwegian government has decided to send 2,000 M72 anti-tank grenade launchers to Ukraine to protect against Russian aggression. This was reported by Reuters. “Norway has a strict policy on the export of military equipment, but Ukraine is currently facing an emergency,” said Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Hahr Stere.

21.12 – European Pravda – France evacuates Embassy from Kyiv

The Head of the Ministry of Legislative Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian stated in a comment to BFM. Le Drian confirmed that at the request of President Emmanuel Macron, the French Embassy was moved to western Ukraine. “Because of the risks and threats to the capital, the embassy is being moved to Lviv, the ambassador remains in Ukraine to support our citizens. The threats are significant enough to move.”

20:50 State Emergency Service of Ukraine: As of 20:30, a rocket attack in Bila Tserkva destroyed a three-story dormitory without further burning.

The SES unit released 2 people, 1 more person is suspected to be under the rubble.

The work continues.

In the town of Vasylkiv, a 5-storey dormitory was destroyed with further burning on an area of 15 square meters.

Information on the presence of people in the building is being clarified (preliminary it was evicted).

20:21 Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov: Today has shown that this is not just a war, this is the murder of us, the Ukrainian people. For the first time in its long history, the city of Kharkiv has experienced this. Shells that hit apartment buildings, killing and maiming innocent civilians. To date, there are 37 wounded, including 3 children. 4 people came out of the bomb shelter to collect water and died. The family, two adults and three children, burned alive in the car. 

Для твіттера: Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov: We offer Russian soldiers a choice: to die in an unjust war or a full amnesty and 5 million rubles in compensation. If they lay down their arms and surrender voluntarily. Funds to support this campaign are raised by leaders of the global IT industry.

20:15 Reuters reports that Norway will donate up to 2,000 M72 anti-tank weapons, the government said in a statement.

“Norway has strict policies regarding exports of military equipment, but Ukraine now faces extraordinary circumstances,” Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said.

19.57 – Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov:

Dear Ukrainians!

In 4 days, the losses of the Russian occupiers killed and wounded amounted to more than 5.3 thousand people. Hundreds of enemy soldiers and officers were taken prisoner.

Many of them are very young. The Kremlin turns them into criminals, makes them murderers.

Some of them were deceived, some were zombied by propaganda or intimidated. In general, it is clear that the motivation of most invaders is low.

It becomes utterly insignificant when they face the resistance of our heroic defenders. And they feel the power of Ukrainian weapons.

When they see that no one meets them with flowers. On the contrary – calls them Nazis and demands to get away!

For Ukraine, human life is the highest value. To save the lives of Ukrainians, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine supported the initiative of the international IT community. It is very simple.

We offer Russian soldiers a choice: to die in an unjust war or a full amnesty and 5 million rubles in compensation. If they lay down their arms and surrender voluntarily.

Funds to support this campaign are raised by leaders of the global IT industry.

We invite the Russian military to start a new life.

Anyone who refuses to be an occupier will bring peace. For those who choose the path of the occupier – there will be no mercy!

Glory to Ukraine!

15.22. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine – Online briefing by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba for the Russian-language media on the ongoing invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine

15.15 – Kyiv City State Administration 

The curfew in Kyiv will last from 20:00 to 07:00

At this time, only those who have special new-style passes of the Military Commandant of the Kyiv city can move around the city.

Passes issued before are revoked.

We emphasize that passes are issued only for transport. It is strictly forbidden to walk during curfew!

Civilians who will be on the streets during the curfew without a special pass will be considered members of the enemy’s sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

During curfew, you can leave your home in case of an air alarm to follow to the nearest shelter

14.57. Security Service of Ukraine

Emails allegedly on behalf of the Security Service of Ukraine about electronic evacuation plans are FAKE

Today we received information that the enemy is sending such emails to Ukrainian users. He allegedly asks them for evacuation plans.

In this way, the aggressor country is trying to install virus software on the computers of Ukrainians and collect confidential information.

We urge you not to open such letters and not to follow the links provided! The Security Service of Ukraine did not make any mailings! We inform citizens exclusively through official communication channels.

Be vigilant!

14.15 – source Ukrainian Pravda

Shoigu reported to Putin that in accordance with his order, regular changes in the control points of the Strategic Missile Forces, the Northern and Pacific Fleets, and the long-range aviation command have begun to carry out combat duty with reinforced personnel.

Source: Russian-controlled media, RIA Novosti

14.11 State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine

link to the post – Attention! Especially important!

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine states:

Representatives of the Central Executive Authorities began receiving calls for information allegedly from the Security Service of Ukraine. Such messages are fake and are a cyber attack.

In no case:

– do not click on the link,

– do not reply to messages,

– Do not fill in any forms

Maximum repost!

Let’s fight #infoteror together!

14.02 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

“Russian occupiers massively fired on residential areas of Kharkiv. Dozens of dead and hundreds of wounded Ukrainian citizens. “

This was reported in the Telegram by Anton Gerashchenko

(video below at 12.57)

13.34 Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – sea soldiers from Island Zmiiny alive

Regarding the actions of the Russian Federation near the Island Zmiiny 

On February 26, a civilian ship, the Sapphire, was sent to assist the victims in carrying out a humanitarian mission on Snake Island when information was received that our defenders might be killed or wounded. Fathers Vasyl Vyrozub, Oleksandr Chokov and their assistants agreed to leave together with the crew. But they were illegally captured by the Russians. The illegal seizure of a non-combatant civilian ship that did not carry out any military tasks is a violation of the rules and customs of war and international humanitarian law.

We appeal to the world community, to the faithful of all churches with a request to take all possible measures to influence the Russian Federation for the return of our citizens.

As for the sea-soldiers and frontier guards captured by the Russian occupiers on Island Zmiiny.

We are very happy to learn that our brothers are alive!

But Russian propaganda is trying to promote the “news” that the Ukrainian authorities have “forgotten” and “buried” their subordinates.

At the same time, the sea-soldiers bravely twice repulsed the attacks of the Russian occupiers. Due to the lack of BC, they were unable to continue defending the island.

In turn, the occupiers “forgot” to report that they had completely destroyed the island’s infrastructure: lighthouses, towers, antennas, etc. Accordingly, communication with Island Zmiiny was cut off. Repeated attempts to contact the staff and find out their fate were in vain. And the constant shelling by warships and aircraft of the Russian Federation did not allow to deliver aid to the sea-soldiers.

Summing up, we want to add that the enemy has once again demonstrated its essence. And again he proved that there is no faith and truth in his actions and words.

And we look forward to our brothers and sisters with all our souls.

Public Relations Service

Command of the Navy

Of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

13.34 Radio Svoboda

On Monday, February 28, Volodymyr Kovalenko, the Mayor of Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson region, confirmed to Radio Svoboda’s correspondent the information about the organization of a “green corridor” for people of Kozatske and Vesele villages near the Kakhovka HEP. 

According to him, the corridor should take place on February 28. People from Vesele and Kozatsky are to be transported to Nova Kakhovka.

“Practically an agreement has been reached, we are now moving the buses from one company to another, where the Red Crosses will be placed on them. After that, we will load water and food and transport it to the other side through the hydroelectric power plant, and leave it to those people who will stay there, because not everyone wants to move here. And those who agreed to come here will be placed in buses and will come here. There is almost 95% of such an agreement, ” Kovalenko said.

“Here we have several student dormitories and prophylactics, ready to accept these people and accommodate them. The distance from one village council and from another to Nova Kakhovka is exactly two kilometers. I pray to God that this will happen” he added.

13:00 Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar: We are creating an international legion.

President Zelenskyy announced the formation of a new unit – the International Legion

We already have several thousand statements from foreign nationals who want to join the resistance to the Russian occupiers and protect world security from the Putin regime.

12:13 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Operational information as of 11.00 on 28.02.2022 regarding the Russian invasion.

The enemy continues the offensive operation against Ukraine with the support of operational-tactical and army aircraft using high-precision long-range weapons.

During the previous day, the Russian occupiers fired 6 missile attacks (up to 30 missiles) and 4 air strikes, mostly from the airspace of the Republic of Belarus.

Since the beginning of the open aggression, the enemy has used about 180 Iskander cruise and operational-tactical missiles.

The air and space forces of the RF Armed Forces are on duty in the airspace of the Republic of Belarus. The airfield network of the Republic of Belarus is used for transportation of personnel and cargo. There is a high probability of using the armed forces of Belarus.

In Polissya, the enemy suffered significant losses and is trying to replenish them at the expense of airborne troops of the RF Armed Forces.

The enemy has completed the regrouping in the Siverskyi direction and is trying to continue the offensive in the Chernihiv-Kyiv direction. Three BTGs in the areas of Khomutovka, Hlukhiv,  Baturyn are stopped.

Motorized Rifle Unit 14 of the RF Army Corps of the Northern Fleet on the border of Sumy – Okhtyrka – Poltava suffered significant losses and lost offensive potential.

The enemy was stopped in the Slobozhanskyi direction.

In the Donetsk operational area the enemy with forces of 1 and 2 army corps with artillery support of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation tries to conduct offensive actions. The goal of the aggressor to reach the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions has not been achieved.

In the Tavriya direction, the enemy, after regrouping, tried to organize an offensive on Mykolaiv and did not stop trying to land a naval landing in the area of ​​Mariupol. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending the borders.

Despite significant losses and slowing down the offensive in some areas, the enemy does not abandon its main goal – to gain control of Kyiv. The capital’s defense forces have taken measures to counter the enemy.

A group of diverse Navy forces continues to fight in the southwestern part of the Black Sea. Carries out defense of bases and ports of Odesa, Pivdennyi, Ochakiv, Chornomorsk from the sea direction.

The Air Force Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine covers from the air units and subdivisions of operative groups of troops throughout the territory of Ukraine.


10:50 President Zelenskyy: Ukraine appeals to the European Union to join the EU immediately under a new special procedure, stated President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his address.

“Europeans are aware that our soldiers are fighting for our country and, therefore, for the whole of Europe. For peace for all European countries, for the lives of children, for equality, for democracy. And this gives us the full right to do so. We appeal to the European Union to join Ukraine immediately under a new special procedure,” the President stressed.

The President thanked Ukraine’s partners for being close to Ukrainians, but at the same time noted that Ukraine’s goal is to be together with all Europeans and, most importantly, to be equal.

“I am convinced that this is fair. I am sure we deserve it. I am sure that all this is possible, “Volodymyr Zelenskyi said.

​​​​​​10:31 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ukrainian diplomacy has mobilized an unprecedentedly broad anti-Putin coalition to support Ukraine in the People’s War against Russian invasion. It currently includes 84 countries and 13 international organizations. Russia is already suffering unprecedented losses. And this is just the beginning” – Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Military assistance

During the first 100 hours of our country’s defense against Russian invaders, Ukrainian diplomacy mobilized more than $1 billion of partners’ assistance to purchase modern weapons and ammunition for the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

The United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, the EU and other countries provide us with a large number of portable anti-aircraft missile systems, anti-tank systems, small arms, ammunition, demining equipment, bulletproof vests, helmets, medical kits, fuel for military equipment.

The issue of transferring fighter jets to our state is currently being resolved to more effectively repel enemy attacks in the air.


The anti-Putin coalition of states has imposed three packages of painful sanctions against Russia: the list of Russian banks to disconnect from SWIFT is being finalized, half of the financial reserves of the Central Bank of Russia are frozen, Sberbank of Russia is restricted, the sale, supply, transfer and export of oil refining technologies is banned, the dual-use export licenses are suspended, in some countries the issuance of visas for Russian citizens has been suspended.

The Russian ruble has already collapsed to an all-time low.

For the first time in modern history, sanctions have been imposed on incumbent President Vladimir Putin.

Ukrainian diplomacy is conducting an active diplomatic offensive in the direction of imposing a full embargo on Russian oil and gas.

32 countries have closed their airspace for Russian airlines and planes.

Russian disinformation channels RT and Sputnik are being shut down in Europe.

The coalition is developing a sanctions attack on the aggressor state. Preparations for a fourth package of sanctions against Russia have begun, which will include the expulsion of some Russian diplomats and further tightening of sanctions against the banking system and Putin’s orbit. The EU is considering the creation of a so-called “Register of Russian Corruptors”, which will include both government officials and businessmen close to the Kremlin, who will not be able to have financial relations or do business with the civilized world.

Financial Aid

Our partners have decided to provide financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of more than $1.5 billion.

Humanitarian aid

We have raised more than $160 million to meet the priority humanitarian needs of Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression. The amount of this assistance is increasing daily.

Ukrainian defenders hold the front on Ukrainian soil, and Ukrainian diplomacy continues to counterattack on the diplomatic front. International support is helping Ukraine in the People’s War against Russian invaders. Glory to Ukraine!

10:26 Presidential Office of Ukraine: The Ukrainian delegation arrived in the area of ​​the Ukrainian-Belarusian border to take part in talks with representatives of the Russian Federation.

The delegation included David Arahamiya, MP, Servant of the People faction, Oleksiy Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Mykhailo Podoliak, Adviser to the Head of the Presidential Office, Andriy Kostin, First Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Delegation to the Tripartite Contact Group, Rustem Umerov, MP, and Mykola Tochytsky, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. 

The key issue of the talks is an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine.

10:08 Head of Donetsk military administration Pavlo Kyrylenko: In the evening of February 27 and the morning of February 28 (as of 09:00), Russians killed 3 people in Donetsk region, including one child, and wounded 32:

– 1 dead (child) and 15 wounded  in Mariupol ;

– 2 dead and 5 wounded in Sartana;

– 11 wounded in Volnovakha;

– 1 wounded in Lebedynske.

As of 09:00 of February 28, Mariupol and Volnovakha remain the hottest spots in Donetsk region, Pavlo Kyrylenko reports. According to the military, battles are being fought for these cities.

“I am working on providing a green corridor for the delivery of humanitarian aid, medicines, food, water to Volnovakha, as well as for the evacuation of residents”, said the head of Donetsk military administration.

 09:11 Ukraine’s State Emergency Service: Chernihiv region – On February 28, starting at about 02:00, as a result of enemy shelling in the city of Chernihiv (periodically the enemy fires at a certain interval at one point, possibly shooting at the radio and telecentre), the following happened:

– hitting ammunition in the foundation of a five-storey residential building on Remisnycha street with the subsequent burning of two apartments on the first and second floor. The fire was extinguished by the SES unit;

– hitting ammunition in the store building in the central market on Rynkova street. The fire was extinguished by the SES unit on the area of ​​70 square meters.

hitting ammunition in the building of the kindergarten on Remisnycha street with subsequent fire.

There are no victims.

08:33 Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar:  Total estimated losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 28.02 as of 6.00

  • Aircraft 29
  • Helicopters 29
  • Tanks 191
  • Armored combat vehicles 816
  • Cannons 74
  • SAM BUK 1
  • Grad rocket launchers 21
  • Automotive 291
  • Fuel tanks 60
  • UAV of tactical level 3
  • Ships / boats 2
  • Air Defense Means 5
  • Personnel approximately 5300 (to be specified)

Information is indicative and can be clarified, as it is extremely difficult to obtain after the battle, because commanders primarily focus on fighting.

In addition, we can get information only after the battle, and the battles are extremely long in time. Data can be received the next day, and sometimes every other day.

In addition, if the battle lasted at night, and began on one calendar date, and ended on another, it is quite difficult to separate on what day the losses occurred.

7.58 Ukrainian Pravda

Russian occupation forces temporarily captured the Berdyansk region on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov.

Source: Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration in a comment to Ukrayinska Pravda

Details: This is the latest update as of 7:00 a.m. from the Berdyansk District State Administration.

It is reported that hostile equipment is observed in different territorial communities. In the evening, locals of the Osipenko territorial community reported about “raids” by the occupiers on homes in search of telephones.

In Berdyansk, two people were injured during seizing the city: one was killed and another was wounded. According to available information, the victims are security guards of the  enterprise “Berdyansk Harvesters”.

The Police department of the Berdyansk city disbanded. The city authorities refused to cooperate with the occupiers. Some utilities are working. Public transport stopped.

During the night, locals recorded the movement of equipment through the town. In the morning, a movement also began in the Osipenko territorial community.

7.35 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Operational information on 06:00, February 28, 2022 regarding the #russian_invasion 

❗️Video will be in the next post

The russian occupiers have reduced the pace of the offensive, but are still trying to develop success in some areas in the offensive against Ukraine.

During the air-offensive operatopn, the enemy continued to inflict fire on military and civilian airfields, military command points (forces), air defence facilities, important critical infrastructure, settlements and units in defence areas.

In violation of international humanitarian law, the occupiers insidiously launched a missile strike on residential buildings in the cities of Zhytomyr and Chernihiv.

At the same time, all attempts by the russian invaders to achieve the goal of the military operation failed.

It is possible to successfully repel the attacks of battalion-tactical groups on the approaches, forcing the enemy to abandon the offensive. As of today, artillery fire of only one of the Ukrainian brigades destroyed more than 5 lines of enemy equipment and enemy manpower.

The enemy is demoralized and bears heavy losses. Frequent cases of desertion and disobedience were noted. The enemy realized that propaganda and reality were different. The occupiers are afraid of us.

Defenders of Ukraine continue to maintain a stable defence.

Glory to Ukraine! Let’s win together!


7.11 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians!

96 hours of resistance.

4 days of victory, courage, devotion and faith.

It’s time to admire our citizens who keep the line.

Pain for those who lost their lives for Ukraine.

Anger at the enemy, who kills our women and children, destroys peaceful cities.

And confidence that he will be punished! Definitely punished! Hard, inevitable!

After all, there was a real break yesterday. The war became European. It was finally realized that way.

Half of Europe is assembling, packing, transporting weapons and armor. The number of countries that provide real aid has increased significantly. Its scale has increased.

Europe has already provided temporary shelter to tens of thousands of those we want to preserve the most – our children  and their mothers. Without any formalities. As their own.

Now in the west we really have no borders. There is support in the South, in the Far East, and across the Atlantic.

All this is the merit of our defenders, the entire Ukrainian people. Who refused to obey the enraged tyrant. And who will definitely win.

Ukraine will win!

Glory to Ukraine!

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov


5.40 Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Today, the enemy continued to try to break through the defenses of Kyiv

Columns of Russian troops repeatedly tried to storm the outskirts of the capital. All movements of enemy forces were under control, and timely decisions were made. The situation in the capital of our Motherland is under control.

– All attempts to achieve the goal by the Russian occupation forces failed. Columns of occupier’s equipment were destroyed. The enemy suffered significant personnel losses. Russian troops are demoralized and exhausted. We have shown that we know how to protect our home from uninvited guests. – Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Commander of the Defense of Kyiv, Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrsky

5.29 HB

During the shelling of the occupiers, a rocket hit a residential building in the center of Chernihiv. A fire broke out on the first two floors.

Updated at 5:29:

The speaker of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Chernihiv region Oleksandr Ivchenko said that the fire had already been extinguished. One woman suffered minor injuries.

4.29 Channel 24 with reference to Bloomberg

On February 28, the European Union officially banned operations related to the management of reserves and assets of the Central Bank of Russia.

The move was called by the EU as part of efforts to isolate Moscow’s economy and financial system. It is known that Russia has reserves of about 640 billion dollars.

The decision to punish the Central Bank of Russia and to exclude some Russian banks from the SWIFT system, which is used for trillions of dollars in transactions around the world, was made in response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

01.46 Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) stressed the unconditional support of the Ukrainian people and the democratic Government of Ukraine, and condemned the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.

The OECD has decided to increase its support for Ukraine. Further assistance to Ukraine will be developed over the next few days and weeks.

The OECD Council will continue to assess the economic and social consequences of Russia’s current full-scale aggression against Ukraine.


01.26 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Operational information on 00:00, February 27 regarding the #russian_invasion The enemy continues the air-to-ground offensive operation against Ukraine.

During the air-to-ground offensive operation, enemy continued to inflict fire on military and civilian airfields, military control points (forces), air defence facilities, important critical infrastructure, settlements and units in defence areas.

In Polissya in the direction of KYIV, the enemy is trying to resume the offensive by launching a pontoon crossing over the Irpin River in the area of ​​DEMIDIV.

Another attempt by the occupier to capture the city of Irpin was unsuccessful. Ukrainian defence forces destroyed new enemy equipment.

In all directions, tank and mechanized units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the support of artillery maintain the defence of certain borders.

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulses enemy air strikes.

The grouping of the defence forces of Kyiv has deployed a dense and multilevel system of defence of the capital.

There is a systematic struggle against a small number of sabotage-reconnaissance groups (SRG) numbering 3-15 people with weapons, in the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but in bulletproof vests of the russian federation.


21:50 According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Health, as of February 27, Russian occupation forces killed 352 civilians, including 14 children

This was reported by Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

1,684 people were injured due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including 116 children.

21:20 Russian occupiers shield armored vehicles with children and women. Operational information of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Operational information as of 18:00 on February 27 regarding the Russian invasion

The Russian Federation continues to accumulate aviation equipment and intensify special forces on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. More than 50 planes, 10 helicopters and 2 An-124 planes are concentrated at Machulishi airfield. Transport planes are constantly taking off from Baranovychi and Machulishchi airfields in the direction of Ukraine.

The Belarusian command has brought some of its units into combat readiness.

Conducting an offensive operation in Ukraine, the Russian occupiers use methods of combat prohibited by international humanitarian law: 

  • seize social infrastructure, wear the uniform of the Ukrainian military, police and SES;
  • sabotage special forces use ambulances and police cars stolen from doctors and ambulance stations; 
  • terrorists occupy children’s camps and schools, enemy artillery and MLRS are deployed on sports grounds. 

Three ambulances with conditional markings of invaders were recently spotted in Kyiv. 

In Henichesk district of Kherson region, the Russian occupiers deployed MSTA-S artillery units in residential buildings.

 A column is moving in the direction of Makariv – Kyiv, and to shield their armored vehicles, the enemy has placed on it children and women.

However, the moral and psychological condition of the occupying forces is low. Near Koriukivka in Chernihiv region, conscripts of the Russian Armed Forces are ready to lay down their arms and surrender.

Hundreds of disabled armored vehicles and tanks have been abandoned all over Ukraine.

As of 18:00, the loss of enemy personnel amounted to about 4,500 people. Destroyed and damaged aircraft – 27 units (to be specified), helicopters – 26 units, tanks – about 150, AFVs – more than 700 units, guns – about 50, one anti-aircraft missile complex BUK, four MLRS BM-21 Grad, 60 fuel tanks, 2 UAVs of tactical level, ships, boats – 2 units.

There will be more. The calculation is complicated by the high intensity of hostilities.

20:00 EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell: the European Union will ban broadcasting of the Russian propagandist Russia Today and Sputnik TV channels in all EU countries. 

He noted that the Kremlin is involved in a massive disinformation campaign in Ukraine and the European Union.

“Today we are taking a decisive step to turn off the tap for Russian information manipulation in Europe. We are banning Russia Today and Sputnik from broadcasting in the European Union,” Borrel said.

“Putin not only wants to seize the land, he also wants to seize people’s souls with toxic messages, lies,” he added, reports European Pravda.

19:32 UN Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu: The raising of nuclear alert levels by the Russian Federation only increases the risk of catastrophic miscalculation. There are no victors with nuclear weapons. Only victims. Restraint, de-escalation and risk reduction are urgently required for the sake of all our security.

19.21 European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen: the EU will impose new sanctions on another aggressor against Ukraine, the regime of Alexander Lukashenka. The restrictions will affect the most important sectors of the Belarusian economy, reports RBC Ukraine.

“We will strike at another aggressor in this war (against Ukraine – ed.), The Lukashenko regime, a new package of sanctions, hitting their most important sectors,” – said the head of the European Commission.

She stressed that these measures will complement the powerful package of sanctions against Belarus, presented yesterday and agreed with partners. Ursula von der Leyen added that the Lukashenko regime will suffer from the new restrictions, as they will affect the most important sectors of the Belarusian economy.

19:20 The head of Luhansk military administration Serhiy Haidai: Shchastya and Stanytsia Luhanska are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe

The settlements were occupied and almost destroyed, the Russian occupiers almost razed them to the ground.

Private and apartment buildings and infrastructure facilities were massively damaged by the occupiers’ shelling.

People are constantly in the basements.

We cannot evacuate the population or even bring people bread and water.

There are no communications and no opportunity to restore them.

I appeal to international humanitarian organizations for help. @the Red Cross of Ukraine

Russian troops must stop shelling and enable the legitimate Ukrainian authorities to help the population and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe!



18:27 State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine: The missile strike from the Belarusian territory was inflicted on the airport in Zhytomyr.

18:22 Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhailo Fedorov: We continue to receive incredible news. Dmarket, a trading platform for NFT and In-game Metaverse items, froze all accounts of users from Russia and Belarus. The funds were sent to support the Ukrainian army. And this is $ 4.5 million. Real allies!

17.22 More than a hundred thousand people protested in support of Ukraine in Berlin

In the center of the German capital, more than a hundred thousand people took part in peaceful rallies – they filled the central square near the Brandenburg Gate and stretched further along the street near the monument to a Soviet soldier, reports

17.00 – The Security Service of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military units continue to destroy the enemy throughout Ukraine

The special services perform combat missions with other military units, as well as engage in their “classic” counterintelligence work.

Here are just some of the recent counterintelligence operations of the Security Service of Ukraine:

– In Mariupol: a group of Russian spies was detained. It consisted of three people. It was established that they were gathering intelligence on the deployment and relocation of Ukrainian troops in the region.They planned to pass the information to their curators through closed communication channels. During the search, the attackers found: 8 laptops, flash media, hard drives with evidence of reconnaissance and sabotage.

During the investigative and operational actions, the Security Service of Ukraine received important information that will be used to destroy the invaders.

– In the Nikolaev area:

the enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group of the Russian Federation was neutralized. The invaders tried to break into the strategic objects of the state in the south of Ukraine.

Earlier, another 15 Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups were liquidated in the region.

– In Vinnytsia:

detained a saboteur of the military intelligence of the Russian Federation, who put up marks for enemy targeted shelling and missile strikes.He disguised himself as an “ordinary passerby.” At the same time, he had special equipment and automatic weapons.

– In the Carpathians:

the informant of the Russian special services is detained. According to the Security Service of Ukraine, he was collecting information on the movement of Ukrainian military equipment in the region.

The attacker was detained near one of the military facilities where the invaders fired missiles on the first day of the war.

In addition, comprehensive measures are being taken throughout our country to test citizens’ appeals against suspects, detect and eliminate hostile labels, as well as counter-sabotage work in the information and cyber spheres.

We work 24/7!

Let’s win together!

16.51 – State Concern “Ukroboronprom

The Russians destroyed the An-225 “Mriya”.

At the time of the AN-225 invasion, Mriya was under repair at Gostomel Airport, so it did not have time to leave Ukraine. It is estimated that it will take more than $ 3 billion and more than 5 years to restore the aircraft. Our task is to ensure that these costs are covered by the Russian Federation, which caused intentional damage to Ukrainian aviation and the air cargo sector.

Russia has destroyed our “Mriya”, but the dream of a Ukraine free from the occupier cannot be destroyed. We will fight for our land and our home to a victorious end. And after the victory, you see, we will definitely finish our new “Dream”, which has been waiting for this in a safe place for many years. Everything will be Ukraine! ”Said Yuriy Gusev, General Director of State Concern “Ukroboronprom”.

16.53 – the Ministry of Internal Affairs – In Mykolaiv a squad of National guard of Ukraine, together with the city commissioner, stopped trucks with marks of the ATB network. During the inspection, the occupying forces were identified. The battle began. All Russian troops were disarmed16.50 – Ministry of Internal Affairs – In Kryvyi Rih, the National Guard of Ukraine detained five people who videotaped the positions and locations of Ukrainian military equipment and sent it in messengers to various numbers.

16.18  – Epiphany’s letter on the website of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine – “- Show at least mercy to your fellow citizens and flock. If you can’t raise your voice against aggression – at least help take away the bodies of Russian soldiers whose lives have become a payment for the ideas of the “Russian world” – yours and your president’s”

16.00 – National Police of Ukraine 

# Poltava region

Two journalists from Denmark, injured in the shelling of the Russian occupiers, were hospitalized in Poltava. Foreign journalists were injured in the shelling in Okhtyrka, Sumy Region. Currently, Danish citizens are provided with the necessary medical care at the Poltava Regional Clinical Hospital. Doctors assess the condition of the wounded as moderate. Representatives of the Danish Embassy were informed about the state of health of foreign journalists.

It is impossible to react calmly to the actions of the invader. The civilian population suffers – children, women, retirees.

Journalists who show the whole world the crimes of the Russian army against Ukraine and its citizens are suffering.

But we Ukrainians are a strong nation. Ukraine is indivisible, sovereign and independent.

Glory to Ukraine!


15.31 Presidential Office of Ukraine: Ukrainian delegation will meet with Russian delegation on Ukraine-Belarus border

Oleksandr Lukashenka phoned Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The politicians have agreed that the Ukrainian delegation will meet with the Russian delegation without preconditions at the Ukraine-Belarus border, in the area of the Pripyat river.

Oleksandr Lukashenka, having taken responsibility that all aircraft, helicopters and rockets, deployed on the Belarusian territory, stay on the ground during the time of transportation, negotiations and return of the Ukrainian delegation,

15:26 Secretary of the Chernihiv City Council Oleksandr Lomako:  The enemy aimed at the Chernihiv City Council. Children’s and adult dentistry, administrative buildings and multi-storey residential buildings were affected. This is an attack on the civilian population of the city.

14:42 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Operational information as of 13:00 on February 27, 2022 regarding the Russian invasion

An air offensive is underway, during which the enemy continues to shell military and civilian infrastructure. From 00:00 on February 27, the Russian occupiers fired 5 air strikes and 16 missiles.

Another center of concentration of the occupying forces was the Republic of Belarus:

– 10 helicopters from the 15 antiaircraft artillery brigade, based in the settlement of Ostrov, Pskov Region, Russia,  as well as 2 An-124 aircraft of the Air and Space Forces were transferred to the Machulyshchi airfield; four Su-34 fighter-bombers – to the Baranovychi airfield.

Having regrouped troops, the enemy carried out offensive operations in the direction of Kyiv. The defense forces of the capital are successfully defending the city. The commander of the defense of Kyiv is Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrskyi, the commandant of the defense of the city is the Hero of Ukraine, Colonel Serhiy Sobko.

The enemy continues to commit war crimes, shelling the peaceful Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv and Balaklia.

The desperate defense of the city of Kherson continues.

Groups of the Black Sea Fleet of the RF Armed Forces were withdrawn from naval bases with the task of striking the surface forces of the Ukrainian Navy.

The enemy attempted to land a naval landing party in the Black Sea area. Enemy landings destroyed.

Units of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Armed Forces are also involved in hostilities.


14:31 State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine: Disconnect Russian operators from roaming in EU countries.

Address by the Chairman of NCCIR Oleksandr Zhyvotovskyy to the Head of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications.

To protect Ukraine, Europe and the whole democratic world and bring Russia to justice, I urge you, as the Director of BEREC, together with the national regulatory authorities of the EU member states to take measures to block Russian roamers and roaming services for Russian telecommunications providers within the European Union.

14:06 National Police of Ukraine reports that in Kyiv the enemy group of saboteurs was eliminated. The criminals navigated the city in an ambulance car. 

13:30 the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Yevhen Moisyuk: Address to the Russian servicemen:

We give you the opportunity to return to your family without losing your life and dignity. Unload your weapons, raise your hands so that our servicemen and civilians can understand that you have heard us. This is your ticket home. Go defend your homeland, not destroy ours!

13.27 Head of Kharkiv Regional Civil-Military Administration Oleh Syniehubov:

Control over Kharkiv is completely ours! The Armed Forces, the National Police, and the Defense Forces are working, and the city is being completely cleansed of the enemy.

Russia’s enemy is completely demoralized. Directly in Kharkiv, throwing enemy vehicles in the middle of the road, whole groups of 5-10 people surrender to Ukrainian troops. As soon as they see at least one representative of the Armed Forces, they surrender.

Regarding the situation in the region as of now: Chuhuiv is completely controlled by Ukrainian troops, Ukrainian flags are hung on administrative premises.

The offensive of the Russian aggressor continues in the Lypetsk direction, Vovchansk and Bielhorod. We fix separate columns of the Russian equipment. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively fighting in their positions.

13:24 Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine: Ukraine has received humanitarian aid from Germany, China and France

Germany has provided more than 20 tons of humanitarian aid to Volodymyr-Volynskyy and 5 tons to Lviv, about 9 tons to Uman has been provided from China, more than 13 tons to Zaporizhia from France, and 5 tons to Berdychiv from Germany.

In the coming days, several thousand tons of goods needed for territorial defense will arrive in Ukraine: bulletproof vests, walkie-talkies, helmets, tents, blankets, mats, sleeping bags, blankets, dry toilets, rubber gloves.

13:21 State Border Guard Service of Ukraine:  Russian warships pirate two Ukrainian civilian ships

Yesterday, announcing illegal “counter-terrorist operation” in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, ships of the Russian Navy captured two more civilian Ukrainian ships.

Once again, the aggressor country ignores all the rules and conventions of international shipping.

The Athena tanker, located in the territorial sea of ​​Romania, 22 miles from the Zmiiniy Island, received an open channel of communication and safety of navigation, a command to approach the Russian warship for inspection. The shipowner of the tanker “Athena” immediately informed all the competent authorities in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, monitoring the movement of ships in the area, maritime border guards recorded a sharp and illogical change of course by another ship under the Ukrainian flag. The Princess Nicole dry cargo ship from Romanian waters was also headed for Zmiiniy Island. Almost as soon as both civilian ships approached the Russian warships, the AIS was turned off and they stopped communicating. And this morning, the automatic identification systems of ships showed their stay 18 miles from the occupied Crimea.

Thus, commanders and officers of the Russian Navy once again defiantly violating the rules of international maritime law, under the guise of a self-proclaimed counter-terrorist operation turned into ordinary unscrupulous pirates, not worthy of the noble title of MARINE OFFICER. The pirate seizure of two Ukrainian-flagged ships with nearly 50 civilians, thousands of tons of diesel fuel and grain humiliates and turns them into primitive robbers, effectively depriving them of shoulder straps and honor.


13:15 Administration of Seaports of Ukraine: as of 08:00 26.02.22: entry / exit to the ports of Skadovsk, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Olvia, Odesa, Black Sea, South, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Izmail, Reni, Ust-Dunaisk – closed, to the ports of Mariupol, Berdiansk – open.

Cargo operations are suspended, with the exception of the ports of Chornomorsk, Pivdennyy, Mykolayiv, and Reni, where cargo operations are partially performed. Channels: Bistre, KhMK, BDLK – open.

13:00 Mariupol City Council: Another shelling of Russia by civilians in Mariupol

Today at around 12:00 the Russian army fired again at civilians of the Livoberezhnyi district of Mariupol. Several bombs were dropped on apartment buildings. Information about the victims is being clarified.

“The enemy, represented by the regular troops of the Russian Federation, inflicted another deliberate blow on the civilian population of Mariupol. Obviously, their goal is ordinary people. We are forming an evacuation plan for residents living in the area of ​​the former Leninhrad region. The main thing is to protect people as much as possible,” – stressed Mariupol mayor Vadym Boychenko.

13.00 Kyiv City State Administration – Sandbags, other means for organizing barricades on the street, medicines are urgently needed for the defense of Solomyanska Regional State Administration. According to the Solomianskyi District Territorial Defense Forces, fierce battles were fought at night with enemy sabotage reconnaissance groups using grenade launchers. A new assault is possible.

12:45 President Zelenskyy: Ukraine has officially filed a lawsuit against Russia at the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague. We demand that Russia be held accountable for distorting the concept of genocide to justify aggression. We ask the court to immediately order Russia to cease hostilities and schedule a hearing next week.

12.25 – “European Pravda” publication with reference to the Head of the Sumy Regional Administration Dmitry Zhyvytsky in Telegram – In Sumy region Russian troops shot a bus with civilians and do not allow ambulances

12:21 National Bank of Ukraine: The Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Kyrylo Shevchenko, as the Head of Ukraine at the IMF, together with the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Serhiy Marchenko asked the Fund to initiate additional funding for Ukraine under the Fund’s Emergency Support Program for its member states – Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI) .

12.15 – State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine

The network is spreading information that people in Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities are being added to chats, ostensibly to help each other.

There are threats that such channels are created for saboteurs to mislead people.

Also, we remind you that if someone you do not know, especially those who are not oriented to the area, ask you about plans or any other information – do not communicate with them, and if possible, take measures to detain them.

Be attentive!

12.05 – An EU official said that 3/4 of EU country-members have closed their airspace to Russia. And he confirms that the issue of closing EU ports for ships from Russia is also being considered – “Radio Svoboda” correspondent Ricard Jozwiak wrote on Twitter, reported “European Pravda”

11.50 – Air Force Command of the UA Armed Forces has good news!

“Our Western partners for the aviation of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have received a large batch of air-to-air missiles, which are already under the wings of our fighters.

The pilots assure that there will be enough for all the occupiers!

We thank the #allies_of_the_anti-Putin_coalition for their strong support of the Ukrainian army!

11.43 Ministry of Defense of Ukraine


On Sunday, February 27, 2022, at 16:00, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba will address the international press about the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The online briefing will be in English and will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

11.42. – Irpin mayor reports that the city was repulsed! – video – Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

11.33 – “Hromadske” with reference to Andriy Sinyuk, the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. 

Former servicemen who have expressed a desire to defend the country during martial law are being released from prisons and remand centers. 

He noted that the issue is still being agreed upon for most of them: their combat experience, merits before the state and sincere repentance are taken into account.

11.34. – State Emergency Service of Ukraine – Information on the Russian invasion

The pyrotechnic division of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Mykolaiv region renders the help in liquidation of consequences of enemy attacks.

From the place of combat collision on 259, Central Avenue, Mykolaiv near shopping center “Delicates”  23 units of artillery shells of caliber of 122 mm and 2 anti tank grenades which were destroyed in a specially taken place were withdrawn.

️Rescuers of the Mykolaiv region appeal to all residents! If possible, stay in shelters in case of going outside, be vigilant, look around so that hostile “gifts” do not cause an explosion and injury!

11.23 – source “Ukrainian Pravda”, the original source of the portal

️The self-proclaimed President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, confirmed that missiles had been fired at Ukraine from his country and threatened to invade Ukraine by the Belarusian army.

11.20 – Anna Malyar – Total estimated losses of the enemy for the previous three days (February 24, 25, 26) of the war of aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

  • Aircraft 27
  • Helicopters 26
  • Tanks 146
  • Armored fighting vehicles 706
  • Cannon 49
  • Anti-aircraft missile system “BUK” 1
  • “Grad” 4
  • Automotive vehicles 30
  • Tankages 60
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles OTP 2
  • Ships / boats 2
  • Personnel approximately 4300 (to be specified)

11.13 Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

“Look for owns” …

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has created a website where relatives of the occupiers can see captured Russian soldiers, or what is left of them… https: //

11.09 Dnipro Mayor Borys Filatov: Hunting shops will reopen in the Dnipropetrovsk region on February 27, Suspilne media reports. Weapons and ammunition for self-defense can be bought without hindrance. 

According to the mayor, this is a decision of the regional military administration, which was signed by its Head Valentyn Reznichenko.

As of 11 a.m the situation in Dnipro remains unchanged, the official said.

11.02 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Latest update on February 27, 2022, 10:00 AM due to Russian invasion

The enemy continues its aggression against Ukraine. Its main efforts are focused on the Polissya and Seversky operational areas in order to block the city of KYIV.

In Polissya, the enemy continues to grow its group. Units of the 36th General Army of the Eastern Military District of the RF Armed Forces are moving in the directions of Bucha, Kapitanivka and Belogorodka.

Engineering units are being moved from the territory of Belarus in the direction of Chernobyl to build crossings across the Teteriv and Irpin rivers and to provide material and technical support to the occupiers’ units.

The Russian army is experiencing an acute shortage of fuel and food, so the railway infrastructure of the Republic of Belarus is being actively used to deliver military cargo to the Russian occupation forces on the territory of Ukraine.

Units of the Central Military District of the RF Armed Forces continue to move in the directions of Boryspil and Ichnia. Reserves are being raised.

The enemy set up a pontoon crossing in the area of ​​the Komarin settlement across the Desna River and in the Orane area across the Teteriv River.

The Russian Federation relocated a tactical aviation group of Su-34 aircraft from the Moscow region to Baranovichi airfield in Belarus.

In the northern direction, the Russian occupiers with forces of up to 14 BTGs (consisting of 90 tank divisions and 41 all-military armies) completed the regrouping and continued the offensive to block KYIV from the northeast.

After an unsuccessful attempt to seize Chernihiv, the occupiers bypassed the city in the direction of Ivanivka and Kozelets.

In the direction of Sumy, Pryluky, the enemy wedged to a depth of 200 km, but was stopped.

Part of the forces of the Northern Fleet of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the composition of two battalion tactical groups continued the offensive in the direction of Kremenchuk, wedged to a depth of 120 km. The enemy is stopped.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted significant losses on units of the 20th All-Military Army of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as a result of hostilities. Destroyed BTGr 4th Panzer Division. Due to significant losses, the division was disorganized.

According to intelligence, preparations are being made for the deployment of units in the Belgorod region. The decision on urgent introduction of reserves is considered.

On the Tavriya direction the enemy continues offensive actions, regroups for offensive in the direction Kherson – Nikolaev. Forces of up to two BTGs from the 20th Motorized Rifle Division of the RF Armed Forces are conducting offensive operations in the direction of Melitopol – Vasylivka, part of the forces – in the direction of Berdyansk – Mariupol.

Ships of the Caspian Flotilla and the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Armed Forces, in particular the frigates Admiral Makarov and Admiral Essen, launched Caliber cruise missiles.

In the northern direction, the operational group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine restrains the advance of the enemy in the direction of Konotop – Poltava – Kiev and conducts defensive battles on certain borders.

Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!

11.00 – The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is grateful to the People, the President, the Seimas, the Government, the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Lithuania for military assistance to Ukraine. 

“The first logistic operation has just been completed, in which Lithuanian soldiers handed over a large amount of automatic rifles, guns, helmets and bulletproof vests to the Ukrainian army. Lithuanian and Lithuanian army are among those countries that provide military aid to Ukraine already in war. Thank you to the Lithuanian soldiers who successfully carried out the operation for their professionalism and carriers, who dedicated their equipment to transport large loads. This is only the end of the first such operation.”

10.43 – National Police of Ukraine

In Dnipro, criminal investigation officers detained a sabotage and reconnaissance group

The individuals were identified during a check of information from citizens about suspicious residents who have lived in Dnipro since December last year.

On the night of February 26-27, police detained five members of the group, including four men and a woman. Their identities have been established. All of them are natives of Donetsk region. One of the detainees is a 27-year-old man who was previously convicted.

The saboteurs were deprived of cards with the markings of our military facilities, two pistols, special equipment, draft records, suspicious correspondence, T-shirts with the symbols of the so-called DNR and other material evidence.

In general, the situation in the region is stable and under control.

10.40 Ukrzaliznytsia

Dear passengers!

Due to the introduction of curfew in Kyiv and the region until 08:00 on Monday, February 28, disembarkation of passengers from all trains in the direction of Kyiv is allowed without the right to leave the station.

Boarding trains only for passengers who are already on the territory of Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi station.

All waiting areas are open to passengers.

Please keep this in mind when planning your trip.

10.39 video State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection

The enemy fired on the capital’s housing estate Troieschyna.

“Rashists from Belarus and Russia are again shelling residential areas of Ukrainian cities,” the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection said in a statement.

10-38 Kyiv City State Administration 

 In Kiev on Lavrukhina Street there was an explosion in the yard of a 16-storey building: 7 private cars caught fire, the Kyiv City State Administration reports.

  🚒Evacuation of people from 1 entrance is carried out. According to preliminary data, no casualties were found, the victims – previously with minor injuries.

🔺 7 private cars were destroyed and set on fire. The blast damaged windows and balconies from the 1st to the 15th floor.

10.29 Ukraine is not ready for talks in Belarus, as aggression against Ukraine is also coming from its territory.

“That’s why we are now saying no to Minsk. Other cities can become platforms for negotiations. Of course, we want peace. We want to meet, we want an end to the war. Warsaw, Bratislava, Budapest, Istanbul, Baku. We offered all this to the Russian side. And any other city suits us in a country where missiles do not fly. Only in this way can negotiations be fair and can really end the war, ” said President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

10.09 The President’s Office named the conditions for negotiations with Russia: the format, location, content and fair outcome must be agreed

Mikhail Podoliak noted that this is possible if Russia stops organizing its manipulative performances around the talks.

Russia is trying to put Ukraine in the ultimate conditions for negotiations to end its war. Ukraine has abruptly abandoned these ultimate conditions.

Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to the Head of the President’s Office, commented on the information that a group of negotiators from Russia had arrived in Belarus and were ready to talk to Ukraine.

“At the same time they are trying to tell the world that they are most ready for negotiations, arrange an obvious perfomence called “we are going to Gomel” and… begin to destroy our infrastructure with heavy bombers and large-scale shelling of residential areas with cruise missiles. The Russian side, even in the issue of negotiations, can clearly count on an even more negative reaction from the West and even tougher sanctions packages. “Agreed format, agreed place, real content and fair result. This is possible if Russia stops organizing its manipulative performances around the talks,” he said.

Podoliak believes that Russia is manipulating the negotiation process and humiliating Belarus by using it.

10.02 – Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On the suburb of the city of Koryukivka, Chernihiv region, people are blocking the movement of enemy occupation vehicles

9-50 As of Sunday morning, February 27: Kyiv, Chernihiv, Mariupol and Kharkiv remain completely under Ukrainian control.

“The enemy tried to break into our cities. But Kyiv, Chernihiv, Mariupol, Kharkiv are completely under Ukrainian control – Vadym Denisenko, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, said.

9.49 – The Security Service of Ukraine has released secret documents of Russian invaders

Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine seized secret documents of the Russian military, which were bombed by Ukrainian security forces near Gostomel.

Now the Ukrainian special services and armed forces have received personal data on the Russian invaders, as well as secret passwords and ciphers used by the aggressor country.

This will allow you to understand the essence of the intercepted conversations of the enemy.

Among the documents are also:

– combat calculation with call signs of soldiers and commanders;

– schemes of actions of the invaders: ways of attack, retreat, refueling, etc .;

– Symbols of the enemy, in particular the decryption of control commands.

The obtained documents will be the evidence base for the court. They will control every name of the enemy occupiers. All of them who survive will be punished.

9.47 – Ministry of Internal Affairs 

Kyiv region: on February 27 at 08:20 in the city of Bucha on Vokzalna Street 101 a shell hit a nine-storey residential building with subsequent fire. The fire is localized. There are no previous victims.

9.46 Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

📢Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk addressed the @International Red Cross:

“Help us remove the bodies of dead Russian soldiers from Ukraine. These are thousands of the bodies of the occupiers. This is a humanitarian need. We ask that the bodies of the Russian occupiers leave Ukraine! “

9.30 Kyiv City State Administration

🔹 On the left bank of Kyiv, the radiation background is normal!

As of 7:00 am, the radiation background of 0.14 – 0.16 μSv / h at the norm of 0.26 μSv / h was recorded on the left bank in Kyiv.

9.09 Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported:

❗️ Appeal to foreign citizens to help Ukraine in fighting against Russia’s aggression❗️

Early in the morning of February 24, 2022, Russia launched a new military operation against Ukraine, an unjustified criminal and cynical intrusion. The Russian army is using very vile tactics with all elements of war crimes under Geneva 1949 Convention, killing civilians and destroying their homes with missiles and artillery.

Ukrainians have manifested the courage to defend their homeland and save Europe and its values from a Russian onslaught. This is not just Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This is the beginning of a war against Europe, against European structures, against democracy, against basic human rights, against a global order of law, rules and peaceful coexistence. 

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy is addressing all citizens of the world, friends of Ukraine, peace and democracy. Anyone who wants to join the defense of Ukraine, Europe and the world can come and fight side by side with the Ukrainians against the Russian war criminals.

According to Regulation on Military Service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine by citizens of their countries and stateless persons approved by Decree of the President of Ukraine # 248 of June 10, 2016, foreigners have the right to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine for military service under Contract of a voluntary basis to be included in the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forced of Ukraine. A separate subdivision is being formed of foreigners entitled the International Legion for the Territorial Defense of Ukraine. There is no greater contribution witch you can make for the sake of peace. 

For enrolment and details please contact the Defense Attaché of the Embassy of Ukraine in your country (contact information – on the website of the Embassy). 

Give Peace a chance by protecting Ukraine and stopping the criminal invaders!

9.05 State Border Guard Service of Ukraine: The situation regarding the Russian invasion

In the Sumy region, border guards and the National Guard engaged in a battle with a sabotage and reconnaissance group.

Law enforcement officers receive information about the identified persons who put up signs in the city during the patrol.  To verify this information, a group of intelligence officers consisting of border guards and National Guardsmen left. On one of the streets, servicemen found a burning car and stopped to check for people in the car and get help.  However, they were fired upon by a sabotage and reconnaissance group.  Border guards with the National Guard entered the battle, in which two border guards were killed and one National Guard was wounded.

Car border guards were also damaged.  The area where the sabotage group is likely to be located is currently being investigated.

Border guards, along with representatives of other security forces, continue to resist the Russian invasion and counter sabotage.

We ask the local population to help Ukrainian soldiers free Ukrainian land from evil spirits.  Together to victory!

8-34 Mykolaiv Regional State Administration

Vitaly Kim, the Head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration informs “There is no one in the city, everything is calm. The municipal regional guard will be created. We already have about 100 people willing to fight looters and patrol the streets. We will put things in order so that villains do not wander near us at night “

8.22 – State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU)

latest update on the fire of the oil storage in Kyiv region

On February 27, at approximately 1:00 AM, a fire broke out at a KLO oil depot as a result of shelling near the village of Kryachky in the Fastiv district. Currently, the burning is within the embankment, there is no spread of fire. There is no threat to people.

SESU units are ready and will be put out for firefighting after the shelling at the earliest opportunity. In addition, a reserve of Kirovohrad and Cherkasy regions of up to 200 people and 50 units of SESU equipment has been created.

Information on victims and injured is being clarified.

(Comment by Oleksandr Khorunzhy, SESU Press Officer)

7.51 Ministry of Defense of UkraineEmployees of KLO oil depot rescued cars with diesel fuel and gas after a missile strike

Within minutes of a Russian missile strike and an explosion among burning fuel tanks at the KLO oil depot, 15 diesel cars and 8 gas cars were rescued.

With this fuel KLO will be able to refuel the Armed Forces, the Defense Forces, medics, Kyivenergo, Kyivpastrans and others who do not allow Kyiv to fall and “hold the sky”!

7.47 “Suspilne” media: In the Kherson region, Russian troops took control of Nova Kakhovka.

“Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region is completely under the control of Russian troops, they seized the City Executive Committee, removed all Ukrainian flags from buildings. The most difficult situation is in the villages Kozatsky and Vesely, they are practically destroyed,” said Mayor of Nova Kakhovka, Volodymyr Kovalenko.

#StopRussia #StopRussianAggression #StandWithUkraine #UkraineWillResist

“The situation in Vesely and Kozatsky is worrying. People without electricity, water, food, without mobile communication. Relatives and friends are trying all night from various sources to get to know about the fate of those who are now in these two settlements on the right bank. After 5.00, residents of village Vesely reported: “There were fierce battles. We hid in the basements. At 22.00 they moved into the house. Today at 5.00 cannon shots began. The line of fire went farther from the house. There will be no electricity for a long time, Poleva street, Vesely.” wrote correspondent Victoria Raevska, Nova Radio Kakhovka .

7.43 Kyiv City State Administration

Kyiv is completely controlled by the Ukrainian army and territorial defense units. The situation in the capital is calm.

“The situation in Kyiv is calm, the capital is completely controlled by the Ukrainian army and territorial defense. There were several clashes with sabotage groups at night, ”said Mykola Povoroznyk, First Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration.

7:42 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Russian occupier has reduced the pace of the offensive, but still continues to try developing success in some areas in the offensive against Ukraine. 

The third day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine is going on. 

Columns of armored vehicles of the Russian aggressors slowed down the pace firther into Ukraine. Enemy troops, deprived of timely replenishment of fuel and ammunition, stop on the roads and in the cities. 

The personnel of the occupying forces, the vast majority of whom are young conscripts, are exhausted by previous military exercises and have a low moral and psychological condition, according to available information, there are facts of desertion, refusal of servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces to take part in hostilities against Ukraine and yielding themselves prisoners.

The main tactics of the occupiers remain the movement and capture of small towns, villages and highways. Due to strong resistance from the civilian population, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and the National Police, enemy’s attempts to take control of large cities were unsuccessful.

The main goal of the enemy is to block the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kyiv. It remains unfulfilled. The enemy moves to the active use of sabotage and reconnaissance groups that destroy civilian infrastructure and the population of large cities. Ignoring the norms of International Humanitarian Law, the enemy damaged the oil base in Vasylkiv and destroyed the gas pipeline in Kharkiv. The occupier continued to insidiously damage multi-storey residential buildings.

In order to intimidate the local population, military units and subdivisions are used, staffed mainly by people of Caucasian appearance, with poor knowledge of the Russian language, sending targeted mailing.

During the day, the Russian occupiers used ballistic and cruise missiles and aircraft from the territory of the TOT of Crimea and the Republic of Belarus in Kyiv and other cities.

In the Mozyr district of Belarus the invader has formed a strike group of Russian combat helicopters for damaging critical infrastructure of cities and our troops. The use of Ukrainian railway infrastructure by destroying the railway lines with the aggressor country is not allowed.

The Joint Forces are conducting a defensive operation, holding positions along the line of demarcation. Enemy is not successful in any of the areas.

 The losses of the occupying forces at the end of the third day of armed aggression were:

  • personnel over 3,000 people and more than 200 prisoners of war;
  • aircrafts – 16;
  • helicopters 18;
  • tanks – 102;
  • armored vehicles of different types – over 540 ;
  • anti-aircraft missile system BUK – 1;
  • automotive equipment over 20 units.

7.14 reported the publication “EUROPEAN PRAVDA”

Finland has joined countries that are closing their airspace to Russian aircraft in response to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

#StopRussia #StopRussianAggression #StandWithUkraine #UkraineWillResist

This was announced on 27 by the Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka.

“Finland is preparing to close the airspace for Russian aircraft,” he wrote on Twitter, without specifying when to wait for the final decision and from what date the ban will take effect.

3.00 State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine

As of February 27, 2022 at 01:20 Kyiv time as a result of the mass bombing of Kyiv with all types of anti-aircraft and missile weapons available to the Russian Federation, the missiles hit the radioactive waste disposal site of the Kyiv branch of the State Specialized Enterprise “Radon”. Notification was announced by telephone by Radon personnel, who are in the shelter. As a result of the mass shoting, which is still ongoing it is currently not possible to assess the extent of the destruction. The automated radiation monitoring system failed. But the surveillance cameras recorded the falling missiles. Assessment of the radiation situation will be carried out by portable devices after the shooting termination.

According to the preliminary assessment of the SNRIU, there are no threat of radioactive protection for people outside the sanitary protection zone of the RWD Radon.

1:40 Russian occupiers fired a missile at an oil depot in Vasylkiv not far from Kyiv. The fire will last for a long time.  The consequences for the environment will be enormous.

00:51 Elon Musk has announced that he is launching the Starlink service in Ukraine!  Starlink is a global satellite system being deployed by SpaceX to provide high-speed broadband satellite Internet access in places where it has been unreliable, expensive or completely inaccessible. In 2020, SpaceX began providing commercial Internet access services in the northern United States and Canada.

23:30 NATO Allies have been boosting their support for Ukraine 

Allies Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, United Kingdom, USA have sent or are approving military aid such as guns, ammo and missiles, including air defence and anti-tank equipment. 

🇮🇹 is preparing financial support and 🇪🇸 humanitarian aid. 🇹🇷 is deepening defence ties with our Ukrainian partners.

22:50 Russia has lost more than 3,500 troops during the invasion of UkraineMinistry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on enemy’s losses – equipment and manpower as of February 26 (picture)

22:35 Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: There are already 37,000 reservists of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhnyy.

22:20 State Border Guard Service of Ukraine: Situation about Russian invasion

On February 24, the day of the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, after an ultimatum from the aggressor’s fleet and threats of destruction, contact with  Zmiiniy Island was lost. The search and rescue vessel “Sapphire” went out to evacuate the dead and wounded if necessary. However, it changed course due to the need to provide assistance to a civilian ship that was shelled by the Russians.

Today, February 26, during a humanitarian mission in the area of ​​the Zmiiniy Island, a ship under the flag of the Russian Federation blocked the passage of “Sapphire” and made a request for inspection.

After that, communication with the crew of the ship “Sapphire” was lost, the AIS system was turned off on the rescue ship.

Such actions of the warships of the occupying country are a direct violation of international maritime law and the International Convention on Safe Seas.


22:03 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that as of 20:00, Ukraine’s defense forces are repelling the aggressor in all operational areas.

Thus, in the Polissya direction, the enemy’s offensive was stopped at the border of Horodianka, Bucha, and Vyshhorod. Enemy units partially lost their combat capability.

In Sivershshyna, the occupiers completed the regrouping and continued the offensive to block Kyiv. Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine restrain the invader. In Chernihiv region, state defenders blew up an echelon transporting 56 tanks of diesel fuel.

The enemy continues to try to capture settlements in Slobozhanskyi operational district, advancing from Belgorod to Starobilsk.

The enemy is conducting demonstrational acts in Volyn operational district.

Due to the decisive rebuff of the Joint Forces, the goal of the Russian Federation to reach the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions has not been achieved.

In the southern direction, the enemy managed to reach the border of Skadovsk and Hola Prystan. The State Defense Forces, together with the Territorial Defense Forces, are fighting fierce battles to prevent consolidation on the left bank of the Dnieper River. We call on volunteers of defense of  Kherson and Mykolaiv regions to resist the aggressor!

A Russian Su-30 CM fighter was destroyed by an anti-aircraft missile unit of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Black Sea. 

Contrary to the Geneva Conventions and the rules of war, Russian special forces and saboteurs use civilian infrastructure to cover up their actions.

The fighting spirit of Ukrainian soldiers is high! Instead, enemy troops are demoralized, running out of fuel and food. The enemy suffers significant losses. Thus, the estimated loss of personnel – more than 3,000 people, tanks – about 100, armored combat vehicles – about 540, guns – 15, anti-missile system “Buk” – 1, aircraft – 16, helicopters – 18.

Also, the Russian occupiers are leaving the equipment en masse and fleeing.

21:56 State Border Guard Service of Ukraine:

“Attention to all ships! Russian warships commit terrorist acts” – a message of this content was sent today by the Commander of the Marine Guard of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine for all, without exception, ships and warships at sea.

The commander of the Ukrainian ship transmitted messages in three languages ​​via the International Maritime Frequency (156.8 MHz) communication and security channel.

“Me, the commander of the ship of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. To the attention of commanders of Russian warships. You continue to commit acts of armed aggression against the sovereign state of Ukraine. The blood of innocent Ukrainian citizens is on your hands. You are child killers. All your criminal actions against humanity are documented. You, as war criminals, will be prosecuted by an international tribunal. Your crimes have no statute of limitations. We demand an immediate end to the aggression against the state of Ukraine, as well as violations of international maritime law, “the ship’s commander said, addressing Russian ships first.

He also addressed the captains of ships in the Black Sea.

“Attention to all ships! Russian warships are committing terrorist acts against civilian vessels sailing peacefully in the territorial waters of the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine, “said the commander of the Ukrainian ship.

It should be noted that the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and all components of the security and defense sector, all Ukrainian people continue to oppose the enemy by all available forces and means.

We call on the world community to assist Ukraine in our desperate fight against the bloodshed unleashed by Russia, inter alia by banning ships under the flag of the aggressor country from entering the ports of all countries

21:53  Radio Liberty journalist Ricard Jozwiak reports that EU foreign ministers will meet tomorrow to reach a political agreement on SWIFT sanctions.

The European Union does not exclude the possibility of disconnecting Belarus from the international payment system SWIFT.

“EU foreign ministers will meet tomorrow via videoconference to seek political agreement on SWIFT sanctions”, he wrote.

21:50 The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine: Ukraine closes checkpoints on the border with Russia and Belarus

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to temporarily close the checkpoints across the state border with Russia and Belarus. Despite this, the citizens of Ukraine will be able to return home without restrictions.

Respective decision was made on February 26.

“The government has decided to temporarily close the checkpoints across the state border with Russia and Belarus,” the document reads.

According to Shmygal, Ukrainian citizens who are in Russia and Belarus and want to return home will be able to enter Ukraine safely and without restrictions.

“We urge you to come back, prove that you are on the light side” he said.

21.17 Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko:  Russia is killing Ukrainians. In Kyiv, since the beginning of the attack on Ukraine, 6 civilians have been killed including one child, 14 military and territorial defense fighters. 

71 people were injured. 25 of them are civilians, in particular three children. Russia is also destroying the infrastructure of our cities. This is barbarism and savagery! Russia is destroying our right to determine the fate and future of our country and our children! We are defending ourselves! The armed forces are heroically defending our land. It will be difficult. But we must withstand!

21.08 Ukraine’s Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko: The Energy System of Ukraine conducted a test of operation in isolation from the Russian and Belarusian power systems.

“The autonomous operation of the Ukrainian power system during February 24-26 was successful and proved our ability to work in isolation. And all this in the context of rocket fire, fierce fighting and attempts by the enemy to attack critical infrastructure.

The Ukrainian power system has proven its ability to maintain the required frequency of 50 Hz in various modes of operation and the reliability and security of energy supply to Ukrainian consumers even in conditions of military aggression.

The return of Ukraine’s energy system to the joint network with Russia and Belarus after the tests was scheduled for February 27. At the same time, the enemy adjusted our plans.

An order of the Ministry of Energy to refuse to connect to the Russian occupiers’ electricity grid was signed today.

I plan to appeal to the energy ministers of European countries to help speed up the decision to join the Ukrainian energy system to the European one.

Technically and technologically, we have proven our ability. Politically – it is for the governments of European countries to decide.

21.04 Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov: Ukrainians have transferred 355 million hryvnias for the needs of the army under the eSupport program

21.00 Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Germany has approved the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine.

Namely: 1000 units of anti-tank systems, 500 Stinger MANPADS

Thank you to our German partners for their support!

20-37 The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine announced that on February 26, the Russian military seized the civilian rescue ship “Sapphire”

Today, on February 26, 2022, during the humanitarian mission in the area of ​​Zmiiny Island, the rescue ship “Sapphire ” was captured and detained by Russian warships.

Communication with the rescue ship “Sapphire” is currently lost.

The actions of the warships of the occupying country are a direct violation of the International Maritime Law and the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea.

Punishment for all these crimes will come into force.

20.23 Germany has decided to change its policy on arms exports and provide lethal military assistance to Ukraine. This was announced by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on his Twitter

20-22 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

During the day, the occupiers lost three SU-30 CM, 11 helicopters, two SU-25, two IL-76MD, a column of equipment and a fuel train.


This is only about the Air Force Command of the UA Armed Forces.

More: The Air Defense continues to inflict significant losses on the occupiers’ aircraft, armored vehicles and enemy manpower.

During the current day, the Russian occupation forces lost at least 11 helicopters of various types, three Su-30 SM fighters, 2 Su-25 attack aircraft and another military transport IL-76 MD with the occupiers’.

Enemy equipment was destroyed by: Su-27 fighters, combat calculations of S-300 and Bu-M-1 anti-aircraft missile systems.

The front-line bomber of the Ukrainian Air Force Su-24M in one fell swoop defeated a column of 20 units of military equipment.

The crew of the Bayraktar TB-2 unmanned aerial vehicle destroyed an entire railway echelon with fuel and lubricants.

19:41 Press service of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: “Kyivstar, Vodafone and Lifecell mobile operators have blocked access to their networks for subscribers in Russia and Belarus,” the statement said.

19:33 FINANCIAL TIMES reported that Lithuania, Latvia and Slovenia announced on February 26 the closure of airspace for Russian airlines. In total, nine countries have already taken this step.

19:25 President Zelenskyy: We will fight as long as it takes to free the country. If children are already born in shelters, even when the shelling continues, then the enemy has no chance in this undoubtedly people’s war.

Summary of the briefing:

  • The President spoke with Mario Draghi, Prime Minister of Italy and Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, who voiced their full support.
  • It was agreed with Recep Erdoğan that the passage of Russian warships to the Black Sea should be banned.
  • Raised concern on shortage of oil to Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijan’s President. It will be no more.
  • Both Recep Erdoğan and Ilham Aliyev suggested arranging negotiations with Russia.
  • Russia’s expulsion from the SWIFT financial messaging system is a strong and fair decision that would cause billions of losses for the invader.
  • Church and religious community leaders, including Pope Francis, pray for Ukraine.

19:11 Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov: Ukraine creates an IT army. We have a lot of talented Ukrainians in the digital sphere: developers, cyber specialists, designers, copywriters, marketers, targetologists, etc. There will be tasks for everyone. We continue to fight on the cyber front.

19:06 Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia) terminated all relations and interaction with Russian Railways:

“We offered the railways of the Russian Federation peace and stop the war, but they continued to bring tanks and other military equipment to Ukraine and its borders.

Railroad crossings between the countries that used to transport thousands of goods and bring millions of dollars to the economies of both countries have been destroyed. Dispatch communication with the Russian Federation has also been suspended. RZD’s request to reconnect with JSC Ukrzaliznytsia had nothing to do with the humanitarian mission, it was a futile attempt to resume the supply of military equipment. They received a response from our dispatcher – this is the position of the whole company.

Ukrzaliznytsia will completely reorient freight traffic to Europe and will continue to develop the “Silk Road” bypassing Russia. The company is ready to become a full member of the logistics chain of the European Union.

Ukrzaliznytsia will also continue to develop transportation with Asian countries, including China, and provide high-quality and fast logistics between Asia and the EU, but without Russia’s participation”.

18:40 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has decided to allow other countries to send German-made weapons to Ukraine, Der Tagesspiegel writes. On February 26, the German federal government approved the supply of 400 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine that are located in the Netherlands. For the first time, Berlin has allowed the export of lethal weapons to Kyiv

17:51 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine seized several Russian tanks near Chernihiv. Now they will serve the good of Ukraine. What was to happen happened to others.

The locals are helping us beat the invader! People make Molotov cocktails for Russian “brothers”, drain fuel from gas stations and destroy railway bridges!

17:44 Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Oleh Syniehubov: Russia continues to attack Ukraine’s civilian population. The enemy fired at a bus with civilians on the section of the Izium-Kharkiv highway. 14 wounded, 1 dead – said the Izium rayon state administration Stepan Maselsky in a commentary to Suspilne TV channel

​​17:42 Command of UA Armed Forces: Russian Su-30 fighter aircraft shot down over the Black Sea

17:29 Security Service of Ukraine: SBU exposed Russia’s “war botfarm”: 7,000 bots from Russia spread fakes about hostilities in Ukraine. Main platforms of misinformation were Telegram, WhatsApp and Viber. Some of the exposed accounts have been turned off, others are currently being blocked.

16:25 Adviser to the Head of the President’s Office Mykhailo Podoliak: Any war inevitably ends with negotiations. Ukraine heard the negotiating position outlined in Moscow. They know our view on the negotiating format and our negotiating position. Therefore, their comments that we allegedly refused to negotiate are just part of their tactics. They are trying to drive negotiations into a dead end before they even begin. It is clear that a different approach is needed. Negotiations must be based on common sense and be such that a fair solution can be worked out in the interests of the people and the national statehood of Ukraine. By their resistance, Ukrainians have proved that driving us into a dead end is an unrealistic ambition. The lie of Russians that they allegedly had the order to stop is refuted by the very reality that the whole world saw on Saturday night. And this morning. The fighting was fierce, at maximum intensity. Precisely because President Zelenskyy categorically does not accept any unacceptable conditions and ultimatums for Ukraine. Only full-fledged negotiations

16:11 Minister of Defence of Latvia Artis Pabrics: I just got out of box proposal how to end the Russian aggression. West announces that every Russian soldier which surrenders to Ukrainians will receive asylum in the West! I think its victorious idea from artist Aigars Bikše. Countries which do not give weapons to UA give asylum.

16:47 State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine reports on successful cyberattacks against Russia: “The website of Roskomnadzor is down like Russian soldiers on Ukrainian fields. This is the same Roskomnadzor that recommended not calling Russia’s war against Ukraine a war. But the best thing is that Russians can learn Ukrainian language, because Russian television airs Ukrainian songs”

16:37 Ukraine’s Border Guard Service: We got strong beliefs that all Ukrainian defenders of Zmiiniy Island may be alive

The Border Guard Service and the Armed Forces, like the whole of Ukraine, have received hope that all of Zmiiny’s defenders are alive.

Russian media reported that Ukrainian servicemen on the island, who were temporarily occupied by Russia in Sevastopol, had been sent to Sevastopol.

Preliminary information that border guards may be dead came before the defenders lost contact.

As previously reported, on February 24, the aggressor fired from naval weapons and used combat aircraft on border guards and soldiers of the Armed Forces on the island of Zmiiny.

According to available information at the time, the infrastructure was destroyed and the island captured.

Prior to that, the enemy repeatedly tried in vain to intimidate Ukrainian defenders with demands to surrender and received only one correct answer – no one will surrender. 

We understand that Russian propagandists know how to make the necessary information attacks and use them, noting that Ukrainian defenders have surrendered.

Border guards and fighters of the Armed Forces bravely defended themselves, especially in the face of the overwhelming means of defeat and enemy forces.

Work to learn about the fate of Ukrainian defenders continued in all possible directions.

Currently, after receiving information about their probable location, the SBGS together with the Armed Forces is working to identify our soldiers, which is common in open networks.

We sincerely hope that the boys will return home as soon as possible, and the information received at the time of the attack on the death will not be confirmed.

Glory to Ukrainian defenders !!!


15:54 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: In the Black Sea, the ship of the Black Sea Navy Fleet of the Russian Federation in a “friendly fire” destroyed its own military aircraft

15:30 President Zelenskyy: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan confirmed that he would close the Bosphorus and Dardanelles, which connect the Black Sea with the Mediterranean, to Russian ships.

15.14 Ukraine’s Border Guard Service: Situation about Russian invasion

Today, on the border of Ukraine in the area near the village of Poznan, in the Rivne region, from Belarus, most likely, a mortar shell arrived.

The ammunition exploded on the route of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. It should be noted that it is on this section of the state border that the border guards have already noticed several times traces of missile launches from the territory of a country that officially renounces complicity in Russian aggression against Ukraine. Perhaps, in this way Belarus wants to limit the number of witnesses to its criminal activities.

It will be recalled that the Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Serhiy Deyneko sent a letter of contempt to the person who is responsible for guarding the Belarusian border in Lukashenko’s team. In the letter, the leader expressed the attitude of the entire border department of Ukraine to the insidiousness of their vis-a-vis (it is difficult to call them colleagues) from Belarus.

WE WILL WIN!  Burn in hell, rats! –

Sergei Deineko summed up his letter to General Lukashenko’s regime.

14:35 Ukraine’s Security Service: We have intelligence information from the temporarily occupied Donetsk.

There, the occupiers are handing out gas masks to local militants and the Russian military. There is a possibility of provocation – blowing up industrial tanks with chemicals.

It is planned to accuse the Ukrainian military of this sabotage against the civilian population. We declare that, unlike the Russian occupiers, Ukraine does not resort to such methods.

We urge our citizens to be vigilant in the temporarily occupied territory!

13.14 – Ukraine’s Border Guard Service:  Two Russian saboteurs were caught near the «Kuchurgan» checkpoint

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has just detained two Russian saboteurs in the direction of Transnistria.

Russian attendants photographed military facilities and infrastructure at the “Kuchurgan” checkpoint. They were captured by border guards. During the detention, the saboteurs broke the phone. In the minibus they arrived in, they found sleeping bags and other items that testified to their sabotage activities. Russian accomplices had passports of unrecognized Transnistria, the criminals were handed over to the police.

12.49. Ukraine’s Border Guard Service:  The aggressor’s fleet reports a “counter-terrorist operation” in Ukrainian waters

The aggressor country’s navy closed the area in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, ostensibly for a counter-terrorist operation. “The presence of ships and vessels in the area will be regarded as a terrorist threat,” – said in a statement issued by the Russian Navy through open channels of security of navigation. It should be noted that in the northwest of the Black Sea is the Ukrainian, not the Russian coast.

It will be recalled that last night an enemy drone attacked the ship of the Marine Guard of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine “Hryhoriy Kuropyatnikov”. The drone was later shot down on the approach to the Black Sea, and the ship continued to serve. In addition, in the morning, border guards of the Izmail detachment observed the activity of enemy drones. The aggressor’s unmanned aerial vehicles explored the Black Sea coast and the Danube River from a height of about 1 km.

Border guards together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other security and defense forces continue to defend Ukraine.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the open invasion of Ukraine, Russia has hit at least three civilian ships in the Black Sea.

12:10 – General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: Operational information as of 11:00 AM on Russian invasion

The enemy continues its offensive in selected directions. The main efforts are concentrated in Polisskyi, Siverskyi, Slobozhanskyi and Tavriyskyi operational districts. The main purpose of the occupiers’ operation is to encircle and block Kyiv, to “demilitarize” and “denationalize” Ukraine, and to force the Ukrainian leadership to change its political course on Russian terms.

Units of the Russian occupiers are losing the offensive pace, waiting for the introduction of additional units in the battle and are forced to stop to replenish supplies.

Up to 7 battalion tactical groups of the enemy were stopped in the Polissya direction in the areas of Borodianka, Bucha, Vyshhorod. The Russian invaders have partially lost their combat capability and are trying to regroup.

The Russian occupiers attempted to land an airborne landing party in Tomylivka area and at the Vasylkiv airfield (the landing party was destroyed).

In Siverskyi region, the Russian occupiers continued their offensive with forces of up to 14 BTGs to block Kyiv from the northeast, but were stopped by units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the cities of Nizhyn, Velyka Doroha, and Obychiv. During this operation, 17 BTGs were introduced in this direction. The occupier had no reserves left.

In Slobozhanshchyna, up to 12 battalion tactical groups of occupiers from 1 tank and 20 all-military armies were stopped in front of Okhtyrka and in the districts of Bohodukhiv, Derhachiv, Pechenehy.

In Tavriyskyi direction, the enemy continues its offensive operations and is forced to introduce second echelons in the direction – up to 3 BTGs from the 58th General Army of the Southern Military District.

In total, the invaders lose dozens of tanks, hundreds of armored vehicles and thousands of Russian soldiers every day.

The Slobozhansk group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to conduct a defense operation. Stopped and held the predominant forces of the Russian occupiers.

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulses enemy air strikes. Continues to conduct systematic combat operations. During the past 24hrs, the aircraft of the Air Force performed 34 flights / departures for fire damage to clusters of manpower and equipment in the area of ​​Horodnya railway station of Chernihiv region and a road bridge in the area of ​​the settlement of Kherson. Bayraktar – TB2 hit targets south of Gostomel airfield.

The combined forces are conducting a defensive operation, holding positions along the line of demarcation. The opponent has no success in any of the areas.

11:25:  Take the bodies of Russian soldiers to Russia: Ukraine has appealed to the Red Cross

Ukraine turned to the Red Cross for help in removing the corpses of Russian servicemen who died trying to seize Ukraine. 

“We appeal to the International Committee of the Red Cross. We ask them to help take the bodies of Russian soldiers to the Russian Federation,” – said Iryna Vereshchuk, Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine.

“Red Cross, hurry up! Soon the corpses of Russians will be even more!”

According to the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 3,500 Russian occupiers have already been killed.

10.04 It’s now also possible to make charitable donations for the logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in foreign currency:

Beneficiary Customer – Name The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, 6, Povitroflotskiy Pr., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03168

IBAN UA963223130000025307010029738

Currency of Bank Account, only US dollars; Euro; British Pound sterling; Swiss francs; Canadian dollars; Polish zloty; Czech crowns; Russian rubles; Australian dollars.

Bank Name:


Bank Address: 127, Antonovycha Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03150


Setting of payment (Obligatory Remittance Information):

Donation for the logistic and medical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UA458201720313281002302018611)

09:49 The Russian occupiers tried to blow up the dam of the Kyiv reservoir

This morning at 3:50 AM Ukrainian air defense shot down a Russian missile, which was heading in the direction of the dam of the Kyiv Reservoir, located north of the city, reported Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure according to Ukraine’s waterways state enterprise.

If the dam is destroyed, the floods will cause catastrophic casualties and damage – including flooding of residential areas in Kyiv and the suburbs. The destruction of the Kyiv Dam could lead to the destruction of Kaniv, Kremenchuk and other cascade dams and even an accident at the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant.

6.26 – The situation regarding the Russian invasion

  • The enemy is trying to actively explore the Black Sea and Danube coasts by drones.
  • On the morning of February 26, enemy drones were observed in the area of ​​the Izmail border detachment.
  • The aggressor’s unmanned aerial vehicles from a height of about 1 km explore the Black Sea coast and the Danube River.  
  • Fire is opened against air violators as they approach, and the Air Defense Forces are informed about each of them. An enemy drone was shot down this night on the approach to Chonomorsk, which attacked the Marine Guard ship of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine “Hryhoriy Kuropyatnikov”.
  • Currently, the ship continues to serve in the Black Sea.
  • Border guards together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other security and defense forces continue to defend Ukraine.

20.11 Dmytro Zhyvytskyy, Head of Sumy Regional State Administration:

“Official information on territorial defense in Sumy! The military remains in the city! No one surrenders to the enemy! Don’t be fooled! Sumy and other district centers of the region are under our control! Local authorities.”

18.08 – Council of Europe according to the publication “European Pravda”

In accordance with the Statute of the Council of Europe, the Committee of Ministers suspended the right of the Russian Federation to be represented in the Committee of Ministers and in the Parliamentary Assembly, with immediate effect due to the armed attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine”.

17.54 – Ministry of Defence 6 downed Russian aircrafts in 30 hours

This is a result of high combat prowess of the Ukrainian fighting jet pilot.

Glory to heroes!

17.18 – Vadym Denysenko, Adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Sabotage groups have been destroyed in Kyiv and the Ukrainian military is entering the city.

“At the moment, all sabotage groups found in Kyiv have been destroyed and cleared. The situation in the city is more or less stabilized, there is no panic, there is tension. The Ukrainian military comes to Kiev to restrain defense of the city” – Vadym Denysenko, Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine  reported.

16.58 – Kherson Regional State Administration

The Russian occupiers overcame the defense of Kherson with considerable forces and heavy losses

Gennady Laguta, Head of the Regional Operational Headquarter and Head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, said:

The enemy overcame the city’s defenses with considerable force and heavy losses.”

16.52 – Victor Lyashko, Minister of Health of Ukraine

Russian occupiers shell Ukrainian hospitals.

“This is a direct violation of the Geneva Convention by Russian troops!”

And this is a shameful and sordid act of weakies!

Such actions of the occupiers pose a direct threat to the life and health of the civilians and are contrary to the norms of international humanitarian law” – stated the Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko.

16.05 – Interfax Ukraine – statement by Vadym Denysenko, Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine declares that the shelling by Russian troops of Okhtyrka, Sumy region threatens the critical infrastructure of Ukraine.

“In fact that the Russians are firing cruise missiles “Hurricanes” at us is a threat not only to the military and civilians but also a huge threat to the critical infrastructure of Ukraine,”  Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vadym Denysenko said on Friday in a video message posted on Facebook by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

He reminded that the main gas pipelines of Ukraine are located in Okhtyrka.

“This (shelling in Okhtyrka – Interfax Ukraine) poses a threat to the overall existence of main gas pipelines in Ukraine,” he said.

15.19 – Kyiv City State Administration – Vitaliy Klitschko: The capital of Ukraine has entered the defense phase

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko said that the capital has entered the defense phase.

Today (February 25, 2022) Kyiv was attacked by the Russian army. Missile strikes were fired on residential areas of Kyiv after four in the morning. A residential building at 7-A Koshytsia Street was badly damaged by the wreckage. Four residents of the house were injured. In addition the civilian (elderly man) was injured in a collision between Russian armored vehicles and his private car on Obolon. He is in intensive care in an ambulance. In critical condition.

“The city has entered the defense phase. Now shots and explosions are heard in some areas of the capital. The Ukrainian military neutralizes Russian sabotage groups. The enemy is in Kyiv. We must keep the capital that the enemy wants to bring to its knees and destroy! ” Klitschko said.

According to Vitali Klitschko, all who can defend the city must join and resist – to help Ukrainian soldiers.

15.10 General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Operational information at 13.00 25.02.2022 of Russian invasion.

The enemy continues its offensive operation against Ukraine in previously selected directions with the support of long-range operational and tactical aircraft and the use of high-precision long-range weapons.

There are no active actions of ground groups in the Volyn direction. Enemy aircraft continue demonstrations from the territory of the Republic of Belarus along the northern part of the state border of Ukraine.

In Polissia, the occupiers continue their offensive with significant forces in the direction of Kyiv.

Trying to maintain the pace of the offensive, the enemy introduces the second echelon of groups in some areas. The deployment of additional units in the direction of Skadovsk was noted.

After heavy fighting, the Joint forces stopped the enemy’s advance and maintained their positions. The bridge over the river Siversky Donets near the settlement of Happiness was destroyed.

Marine units were anchored on the right bank of the river Kalmius.

Other units of mechanized units were fixed at certain boundaries along the line of contact.

Our air defense system has destroyed several ballistic missiles and at least two aircrafts of the Russian Air Force.

14.17 -General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: The bunkering vessel MILLENNIUM SPIRIT sailing underthe flag of Moldova was damaged by the russian ship in 12 miles on the way to the Pivdennyi Seaport. Details are being confirmed, there is no communication with the vessel.

11.51, February 25 – Cyberpolice has created a special bot to report detected signs that the occupiers leave on the roads.Citizens can take photos of points and they will be included in a single database on Google Maps – telegram bot @ukraine_avanger_bot  

General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

10:21, February 25 The combat on the Crimean Isthmus was one of the most difficult on Ukraine’s map. A battalion of Ukraine’s Naval Force clashed with the Russian troops.    

To stop the advance of a tank column, the Ukrainian troops decided to blast the Henichesk road bridge. Battalion engineer, seaman Vitaliy Skakun volunteered to complete the task. Mines were laid on the bridge, but he did not step back in time and was killed. In an act of heroism he slowed the enemy’s advance, so that the unit could reposition and organize defense.

10:00, February 25 General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces:

Russian troops continue an offensive against Ukraine with the use of high-precision, long range weapons and operational tactical aircraft. 

A-50 aircraft direct and correct the aircraft from the Minsk oblast of Belarus’s air space and the occupied Crimea. The Russian troops hit civilian infrastructure and apartment blocks to intimidate Ukrainians.

Russia’s IL-76 aircraft landed on Gomel air field in Belarus, with the paratroopers on board. The runway of the airfield was damaged, and the troops headed from Gomel toward Chernihiv and Kyiv.

In Sivershyna, a cross-border area between Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, units of the 1st brigade of the territorial defense force stopped the advance of the Russian troops along the Bilous river. 

An attack of the Russian troops on Chernihiv was repelled, but they try to bypass the city and launch an offensive on the capital. The Russian troops aim to launch an offensive on Kyiv regardless of their losses, advancing on the direction Kozelets-Brovary, and Konotop-Nizhyn-Kyiv. Konotop was seized.

In the south, the Russian troops reached Kherson, Nova Kakhovka, and Kakhovka to maintain control over the dam of the North Crimean Canal to secure water supply to temporarily occupied Crimea. Ongoing combat for Melitopol.

No changes on the Donetsk direction. The Russian troops aim to seize all of Donetsk and Luhansk regions with no success, continue to shell Ukraine’s Joint Forces.   

Near Kharkiv and Valuyki, defense units of the Ukrainian troops stopped the Russian troops and secured the defense line.

Ukraine’s Air Force repels Russia’s air strikes and conducts air reconnaissance. 

Ukraine’s Joint Forces conduct a defense operation and try to stop the Russian troops all along the line of contact.

07:00 (02.25) General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the defense forces continued to resist a significant offensive group of Russian occupiers.

The enemy inflicted an air strike on units near the city of KROPYVNYTSKYI.

Significant activity of enemy helicopters was noted in the areas above Vilkovo and Tiraspol.

Airborne assault troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are fighting in the areas of the settlements of DYMER and IVANKIV, where a large number of enemy armored vehicles have advanced, and stopped the overwhelming enemy forces on the border of the TETERIV River. The bridge across the river was destroyed.

Another tactical group of the defense forces is holding the GOSTOMEL airfield, to which Russian airborne troops rushed yesterday.

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine protects the sky over Kyiv. Thus, after 04:00, the Ukrainian air defense system did not allow the two deadly gifts of the “brothers” to reach the capital.

4.25 (02.25) Ukraine’s Border Guard Service:   enemy attacked border guard unit in Zaporizzia region by rockets. As a result of attack there are casualties.

02:42 (02.25) General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: The Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to fight in the southwestern part of the Black Sea. 

The bases and ports of Odessa, Yuzhny, Ochakiv, and the Black Sea are being defended.

Certain forces and means were redeployed to the defense of Kyiv.

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulses enemy air strikes, conducts constant reconnaissance using UAVs, strikes on columns of occupation troops in the areas of Nova Zburivka, Kupyansk, Nova Kakhovka and enemy airborne troops near Gostomel airfield.

As a result of hostilities in some areas groups of the Joint Forces in Donetsk and Luhansk regions restored the position on the front line. 

In the area of responsibility of separate units the enemy is trying to wedge into the battle formations of our troops to the depth of platoon bases.

The estimated losses of the enemy: tanks – more than 30, armored combat vehicles – up to 130, aircraft – 7, helicopters – 6.

Keep calm! Follow the information on official resources!

Together to Victory!

23:34 Ukraine’s Border Guard Service: Due to the actions of the aggressor, the checkpoint of the State Border Guard School with enhanced military and physical training “Cadet Corps” named after by I.H. Kharitonenko of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine is on fire. There are no lyceum pupils (teenagers) in the educational institution.

23:14 Ukraine’s Border Guard Service: Regarding restrictions on crossing the state border to leave Ukraine by a certain category of citizens.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports that due to the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, the departure of a certain category of citizens from Ukraine is temporarily restricted.

In particular, male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60 are prohibited to leave Ukraine.

Such a rule will apply for the period of martial law.

We ask citizens to take this information into account

22:00 Ukraine’s Border Guard Service: Infrastructure of Zmiiniy Island was destroyed after shelling by the ship artillery.

Besides, connection lost with border guards and warriors of the Ukrainian armed forces.

According to last information Zmiiniy Island was captured by the enemy.

During the day enemy tried to scare Ukrainian defenders of the island with the requirements to surround.

It should be noted, the SBGSU together with the Ukrainian armed forces  and the National Guard of Ukraine continues to fight actively against enemy.

21:52 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: As of 20:00 on February 24, the enemy continues to conduct full-scale aggression against Ukraine. At present, out of 90 BTGs, more than 60 battalion tactical groups have been deployed on the territory of Ukraine. The enemy focuses its main efforts on the Slobozhansky, Siversky, and Tavriyskyi directions.

With the permission of another “fraternal people” from the Republic of Belarus, demonstration actions are being carried out along the northern part of the state border of Ukraine by Su-25SM aircraft from Luninets airfield.

The insidious plan of the Russian invaders is already clear. The main purpose of the operation is to block Kyiv, create a land corridor to the Crimean peninsula and a self-proclaimed Transnistrian region.

To do this, an air tactical landing was landed: up to 200 Russian soldiers at the GOSTOMEL airfield.

Another goal of the aggressor is to inflict damage on critical civilian infrastructure, which is regularly hit by air and missile strikes.

Fighting is taking place on the approaches to Kherson. The enemy is trying to bypass the city from the east and continue the offensive in the direction of Mykolaiv. Two missile strikes were inflicted on Buyalyk.

The Defense Forces group continues to conduct a defense operation to repel armed aggression.

Mechanized and tank units are defending in the north along the Peremoha-Hlukhiv border. The column of Russian occupiers is stopped. One separate tank brigade continues the battle on the outskirts of Chernihiv.

In the suburban direction, the defense is conducted along the border.

The enemy has an extremely low morale. An eloquent example is the defense of Sumy and Okhtyrka. In Okhtyrka, a small supply unit, armed only with small arms, cleared the hometown of the Russian assault battalion.

The military appeals to citizens: every bottle of incendiary mixture from the roof on an enemy tank, every shot from a hunting weapon at the occupier’s car sharply reduces the offensive appetites of the invaders, gives a significant advantage to the defense forces in repelling armed aggression.

Keep calm! Follow the information on official resources!

Together to victory!

21:29 Ukraine’s Ministry of Health: 57 Ukrainians were killed in the Russian attack. Another 169 were injured – Minister of Health Vicktor Liashko in a commentary to Hromadske.

20:51 Adviser to the Head of the President’s Office Oleksiy Arestovych: The Russian landing at Gostomel airport was completely destroyed.

The facility is under the full control of the Armed Forces.

20:48  Joint Forces Operation: as of 20:00 the situation in Donetsk operational district is tense, but controlled by the Joint Forces. The shelling by the Russian occupation forces continues.

All military units are fiercely resisting the Russian invasion, and Ukrainian soldiers are showing unprecedented courage and heroism. Allied forces were able to thwart the Kremlin’s plan of rapid offensive.

Despite numerous enemy attacks, aircraft, artillery and missile strikes, as well as a large number of armored vehicles, the enemy was unable to advance deep into Ukraine in the eastern direction. Ukrainian defenders managed to repel attacks, defend and hold all key settlements and infrastructure.

In Luhansk direction during the day the fiercest battles were fought for Shchastya, Stanytsa Luhanska, Lobacheve, Bilovodsk, Starobilsk. In the battles for Shchastya, two enemy tanks were destroyed and one tank and one ZU-23-2 AD system were captured.

In the area of ​​occupied Sentyanivka, our artillerymen stopped an enemy mixed column of armored vehicles, hailstones and automobiles.

In Donetsk direction, the hottest was in the areas of Novotroitske, Novohnativke, Pavlopiv and Pishchevyk.

As of now, no new attempts to break through by the the enemy have been recorded, there is a decrease in fire activity in some areas.

Ukrainian soldiers firmly hold their positions and inflict losses on the aggressor.

19:07  Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security: Russian troops captured Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the staff of the station is held hostage

18:13 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: As of 17:00 on February 24, the enemy continues to act aggressively along the entire line of the common border.

From the airfields of the republic of belarus performs demonstration activities along the northern part of the state border.

In the Siverskyi region, the enemy was stopped on the Uzh River in the Velyki Osnyaky and Rivne regions, and a tank battle was being fought.

Units of the first separate tank brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped columns of enemy armored vehicles near Baturyn and on the outskirts of Chernihiv.

The enemy attempted to land a tactical landing along the Kiev reservoir.

20 helicopters KA-52 and Mi-8 of the Russian Federation landed at Gostomel airfield. There is a fight.

The National Guard of Ukraine entered the battle near the city of Pripyat. The enemy landed a tactical landing in the Besarabian and Tavriya operational areas.

After an unsuccessful landing attempt and an unsuccessful missile strike, the enemy missile cruiser Moscow began shelling Zmiyiny Island.

The mixed column of vehicles up to 300 units approached the settlement of Konotop. Mechanized units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the battle. Enemy troops have been stopped in the areas of Gremyach and Krolevets.

In the Donetsk operational area defenders of Ukraine restored position on all line of collision. Fighting is taking place in the direction of Mariupol.

The forces of the “South” group of troops organized the defense of Melitopol and conducted a defensive operation on the border of the settlements of Abrikosivka, Rykove, Azov.

17:16 Ukraine’s Border Guard Service: The aggressor using aviation against Ukrainian border guards and soldiers of the Armed Forces on the Zmiinyi Island. as well as continues shelling from ship weapons

Ukrainian border guards and the Armed Forces hold the defense.

17:01 President Zelenskyy: Russian occupation forces are trying to seize Chornobyl nuclear power station. Our defenders are sacrificing their lives not to repeat the tragedy of 1986. This is a declaration of war to the whole Europe.

16:53 General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: On February 24, according to the Joint Forces Command, in the Hlukhov area, the military used Javelin anti-aircraft missiles and neutralized a column of russian vehicles – 15 T-72 tanks.

16:00 President Zelenskyy: the enemy suffers losses, there will be even more.

Ukraine is attacked from three sides. The national main weapon of Ukrainian statehood. But not the only one: we will give weapons to anyone who is ready to defend Ukraine. To do this, you need to come to the points of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

15:40: Joint Forces Operation: As of 15.00, fighting continues along the entire line of contact. No breakthrough. Now fierce battles are going on in the area of ​​the settlement of Pishchevyk. Russian occupation forces tried to break through the defenses by using 16 tanks. Three enemy tanks were destroyed.

15:37: Chief-in-Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: From the territory of the Republic of Belarus 4 ballistic missiles were launched towards Southwestern direction.

15:12 – Chief-in-Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in the intense fighting on the enemy’s lines of advance. The situation is tense on the Northen and Southern directions. There is a fight for Hostomel Airport, as well as Henichesk, Skadovsk, Chaplynka.

13:40 – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: As of 13:00 on February 24, the armed forces of the aggressor state the russian federation launched more than 30 strikes with “Caliber” cruise missiles, MLRS, aircraft and artillery on Ukrainian civil and military infrastructure. The enemy continues the offensive with the support of army aircraft crossing the Ukrainian border in the directions of Armyansk – Kherson, Chaplinka – Kakhovka.

The work of sabotage and reconnaissance groups in the Besarabian operational area and in the Black Sea operational zone is noted.

13:19 – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: According to the Joint Forces Command, two russian helicopters were destroyed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Hostomel.

13:10: The National Bank of Ukraine has decided to open a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The number of the special account: UA843000010000000047330992708.

13:00State Border Guard Service: In Zhytomyr region, Russian troops attempted a breakthrough of the state border.

Russia’s military vehicles broke through the Vilcha border crossing point. Ukraine’s border guards and service members are in combat. Mlachivka border guard unit (Zhytomyr region) was hit by A Grad attack. Units of border guards join forces with the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard. 

12:59 – Chief-in-Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: The Ukrainian troops (the 93rd mechanized brigade) took captive two Russian troops of the Yampol motor rifle regiment, military base no.91701 – Chief Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces 

12:42 Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security: Russian helicopter Ka-52 downed over Mezhyhirya, Kyiv region – Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security

12:10:  Two more attacks on Brovary, Kyiv region with Kalibr missiles. Updates on attack sites to follow

10:30 General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: The Ukrainian Armed Forces stopped the adversary in Chernihiv region. There are reports of intense fighting toward Kharkiv and in the Joint Forces Operation area where the Russian troops incurred losses of personnel and materiel.

The Ukrainian troops regained full control of Mariupol and Shchastia. They destroyed six aircraft, two helicopters, and dozens of hostile armored vehicles. Tense situation in the area of Kherson. The Ukrainian troops are fighting back the attack.

10:18 General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: 4 tanks of the #russian_occupiers were burned on the bypass road of Kharkiv. Also, according to the Joint Forces Command, today, February 24, about 50 russian occupiers were killed in the Shchastya area. In addition, another plane of the armed forces of the russian federation was destroyed in the Kramatorsk region. This is the sixth aircraft. The Joint Forces give a worthy rebuff to the armed forces of the russian federation. Ukrainian military units in their positions. #enemies_bear_losses.

Ukrainian Officials:

17:30 President Zelensky: Today we don’t just hear explosions – it’s the sound of a new “Iron curtain”! Our task is to ensure that this curtain does not pass through Ukraine.

The most problematic situation in the south, the battles near Kherson and in the direction of Melitopol. Paratroopers in Gostomel near Kyiv are blocked, is issued an order to destroy them.

We have losses. However, Russian soldiers were captured, many planes and armored vehicles were destroyed.

Russians, your military has started a war in our state! Go to Red Square in Moscow and address Putin! Not only on Instagram.

Russia is becoming an analogue of the DNR for the world. Russia will already receive the first sanctions from the package of sanctions, the most powerful in world history.

No one will force us to give up sovereignty. But Russia is trying to do so at the cost of its economy. It burns everything that was created after 2000.

Ukrainians! Join the ranks of the Territorial Defense! Be volunteers, donors, help life support systems.

Dear European leaders, leaders of the free world! If you do not help Ukraine strongly, tomorrow the war will knock on your door.

17:17 Office of the President of Ukraine: American actor and film director, Oscar winner Sean Penn arrived to Ukraine.

The director came to Kyiv specifically to record all the events taking place in Ukraine as a documentary filmmaker and to tell the world the truth about Russia’s invasion of our country.

Today, Sean Penn is among those who support Ukraine within Ukraine. Our country is grateful to him for such a display of courage and honesty.

This morning, the director visited the Office of the President and attended a press briefing by Iryna Vereshchuk, Adviser to the Head of the Office of the Head of State and Vice Prime Minister – Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine.

He talked to journalists, to our military, saw how we defend our country.

Sean Penn demonstrates the courage that many others, including Western politicians, lack. The more such people in our country now, true friends of Ukraine, who support the struggle for freedom, the sooner it will be possible to stop Russia’s treacherous attack.

The director has already arrived in Ukraine in November 2021. As part of the preparation of the documentary, he visited the Azov Sea and talked with the Ukrainian military.

17:01 President Zelenskyy: Russian occupation forces are trying to seize Chornobyl nuclear power station. Our defenders are sacrificing their lives not to repeat the tragedy of 1986. This is a declaration of war to the whole Europe.

16:50 Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podoliak: we have control over all civilian security systems. There are some interruptions to mobile communications and the Internet, but everything is being repaired quickly.

The Russian Armed Forces are attacking not only military infrastructure, but also civilian ones. In Vuhledar the hospital was shelled, “Grads” attacked the districts of Mariupol.

Russia’s “coercion to peace and denazification” did not succeed as intended – a shock, the positional fighting continues.

Unfortunately, the territory of Belarus is used for attacks against us. The launch of ballistic missiles from there is proof of a powerful war against us.

There is evidence that several DRGs attempted to carry out the Chernobyl terrorist attack, provoking a large-scale environmental disaster.

It is important that Russia’s aggression begins to be condemned by the Russians themselves.

16:00 President Zelenskyy: the enemy suffers losses, there will be even more.

Ukraine is attacked from three sides. The national main weapon of Ukrainian statehood. But not the only one: we will give weapons to anyone who is ready to defend Ukraine. To do this, you need to come to the points of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

14:00 Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk: We are organizing “green corridors” from Donetsk and Luhansk regions. We appeal to the international community to put pressure on Russia and allow women and children to leave.

We want everyone to know: the president, the parliament, the government are working here, in Kyiv.

And let’s say to the Russians: despite all the ideology, international conventions are the only possible instruments. Women and children are being shelled, they must be evacuated.

Russia’s goal is to instill fakes, sow fear and panic so that the government can run to a safer place. Nobody will go anywhere! We are on our land, the truth is behind us.

12.40: President Zelenskyy has submitted a bill to the Verkhovna Rada on the general mobilization of citizens.

12:38 Ukraine’s Ombudsman Liudmyla Denysova: The Russian invasion of Ukraine has violated the right of children to life, health care and decent living and development conditions guaranteed by Article 6 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. A 17-year-old boy died during the shelling of the village of Semikhatky, Henichesk district, Kherson region. A minor died in a shelling of a 5-storey residential building in Chuhuiv, Kharkiv Region. According to the operative data of the head of Donetsk regional state administration, a child died in Mariupol, Donetsk region.

12:19: Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovych: according to our data, there are no losses, but the data are being clarified.

A wave of air strikes on the territory of Ukraine is possible, in particular, on the military facilities in Kyiv.

It may be up to 3-4 such waves of blows. It is unlikely to be worse than we experienced this morning.

12:15: Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podoliak: roads are functioning normally, there are no excesses.

If there Is a stir at gas stations, we will solve the problem with the gasoline supply.

Proven food stocks are for 15-20 days in the large warehouses. If there is speculative demand, complications are possible, the authorities will respond quickly.

UZ: trains to the west and the center run, evacuation trains from Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts are organized.

There is a full-fledged invasion using all the armed capabilities of the Russian Federation.  

11:30 AM: President Zelenskyy: 

Ukraine’s National Bank and the banking system are fully-equipped to protect the Ukraine citizens. 

I thank all Ukrainians, there are no opponents. Be ready to support your state on the squares of your cities.

We’ll lift the sanctions imposed by Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council from all those ready to defend Ukraine with weapons. 

We cut diplomatic relations with Russia. Russia attacked us in a mean, self-destructive act early in the morning, just the same as the Nazi Germany did. Russia is down on the path of evil, yet much depends on the people of Russia. Russians will decide which side to take. Those of them who are still conscious, must protest the war.  

Ukrainians, those of you who have relatives in Russia, appeal to them with the truth!

11:00 AM: Ukraine’s President Zelenskyi endorsed the decisions to provide for Ukraine’s defense. The Ukrainian Armed Forces fight back the attack by Russia’s troops – advisor to Ukraine President Mykhailo Podolyak at a news confernce in Kyiv