Civil heroes of war: Ukrainian maternity hospitals

While the Armed Forces defend Ukraine with weapons in their hands, doctors are fighting on the medical front, and maternity hospitals remain one of the toughest spheres to work in wartime. In cities close to the frontline, such hospitals are now facing numerous problems, and one of the major ones is a decrease in the number of employees.

Ukrainian hospitals lack not only physicians and nurses but also technical personnel who left for safer places or even were forced to flee Ukraine for an indefinite time. Due to the fuel crisis provoking high prices for petrol and even its deficit, transportation of employees has also become problematic, especially at night because of the curfew restrictions.

However, against all odds, Ukrainian doctors and nurses keep on working in extreme conditions, even in cities close to the frontline, under the constant danger of airstrikes or artillery shelling. Even working in the bomb shelters, these people remain Ukraine’s true heroes, giving newborn Ukrainians the right to live and make their own contribution to Ukraine’s victory.Andrii Hrybanov, chief medical officer at Mykolaiv maternity hospital #3


  • Andrii Hrybanov, chief medical officer at Mykolaiv maternity hospital #3
  • Vasyl Husak, general director of a maternity hospital.

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