Drinking water problem, collapse of buildings, improvised pools: Mariupol chronicles

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Collapses of residential buildings

In Mariupol, the affected houses began to collapse, Petro Andryushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, said on his Telegram channel. This happens due to the basements full of water because of water supply experiments. The incident took place at 30 Zelinsnskoho Street. There was a woman in the basement, who luckily managed to get out from under the rubble. 

“Water finishes what the occupiers’ bombs have started. There are no safe houses left in Mariupol, but people continue to live here. Because there is nowhere else to live,” Andryushchenko said.

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Russians are stealing the harvest in the Mariupol district 

The occupiers have started harvesting in the Mariupol district. Harvesting is allowed only to those who are actively involved in the collaboration. For others, there is only direct blackmail with the demand to use it only for their own needs. Mariupol port is preparing for the transshipment of stolen grain. A fourth vessel has already been spotted in the water area of ​​the port. Ukrainian authorities’ sources report on the scheme of exporting metal and grain from Mariupol through Syria. 

“Everything stolen by river-sea class small vessels will take the loot to transshipment points (de facto large cargo platforms with cranes) standing in “neutral” waters near Kerch. There, small ships are transshipped onto large ships that are heading to Syria on fictitious documents of loading in ports of other countries, in particular, Turkey (the information needs clarification). The travel time from Mariupol to the platform is about 8 hours, which makes it possible to ensure a high speed of transportation,” the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol explains on his Telegram channel.

Improvised pools and street kitchens 

In occupied Mariupol in July, people wash on the street and cook food there. Due to the collapse of medicine and the lack of an ambulance, the number of deaths is increasing rapidly. 

“Mariupol needs the immediate intervention of humanitarian missions. Russia brought death, destruction, and propaganda here, putting the lives of the Mariupol people under even greater threat because of the window dressing,” Andryushchenko reports.

Drinking water problem 

Drinking water remains the number one problem in Mariupol. The water is not available, even of low quality. The Russians say they have connected 502 homes, including private ones, to the water supply. 

A total of 2,280 apartment buildings and 48,000 private houses (50,280 in total) are registered in Mariupol. More than 40% of buildings were damaged: 1,368 high-rise buildings and 12,000 private homes. 36,912 houses remain relatively intact. People live in them. 

In general, up to 3% of Mariupol residents have access to water.

Teachers’ trip to Russia

The Russians send teachers from Mariupol to Russia to take the certification, and the graduates are forced to enter the peripheral universities of Russia, Petro Andryushchenko, the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, told on his Telegram channel. 

“They will not be allowed to work without a certificate of knowledge of the fictional history of Russia and propaganda in Russian from September. The eradication of Ukraine is a constant goal of the Russians in action,” Andryushchenko reports. Mariupol graduates are offered “preferential entry” to universities in Russia – not in the capital, but in depressed regions.

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