The Role of Belarusian Regime in Russia’s War

Since February 24, the Belarusian regime has played an important role in enabling Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, including the most horrific war crimes. It has served as a bridgehead for launching air strikes across Ukraine and deploying about 30,000 Russian troops.

Despite the fact that the Belarusian army did not directly take part in the invasion, there are enough reasons to believe Belarus is a co-aggressor state complicit in the atrocities of the Russian bloody war. Watch our video to learn more about how the Belarusian regime and the country’s nation acted in regard to the Russian aggression:

  • the crimes and acts of terrorism that became possible thanks to the Belarusian involvement;
  • the scale of the air missile attacks from the Belarusian territory;
  • the resistance movement of the Belarusian people.

Belarusian regime must be held responsible!