A torture chamber for civilians was found in Balaklia, liberated from the Russians

Фото: Олександр Хоменко / hromadske

In Balaklia, Kharkiv region, liberated from the Russian military, Ukrainians discovered concentration camps where the Russians tortured and held local residents. Serhii Bolvinov, head of the investigative department of the State Police of the Kharkiv region, reported this.

Balaklia was under Russian occupation for half a year. One of the concentration camps was in the basement of the local police station, right under the headquarters of the Russian army.

According to him, the Russians always held at least 40 people captive. They were found through local collaborators. The occupiers were looking for those who served or had relatives in the ATO, or helped the Ukrainian army. When they released a lot of people and there were no new ones, they grabbed people on the street near the police station.

According to him, one man spent 46 days in such a “prison” – the Russians found a photo of his brother in a Ukrainian military uniform.

“According to the witnesses, they were tortured in different ways. I will not describe all the tortures, I will only say that the “easiest” was when they were electrocuted. Also, the investigators have information about the killed residents of the city. It is known about the dead that they were shot at the checkpoint by the Russians on the last day of the occupation. All the details of the event are still being clarified,” said Serhiy Bolvinov.