How Russian cinema serves as a tool to justify Russian aggression

Russian cinema has been utilized as a powerful tool to propagate and justify Russian aggression through various historical and war-themed films. These films often depict Russia as the heroic defender of its interests while portraying Ukraine and the collective West as aggressors or villains, thus creating a narrative that rationalizes Russian actions.

The glorification of historical events and military triumphs in Russian cinema serves to reinforce nationalistic sentiments and cultivate support for aggressive policies. Moreover, the portrayal of external threats and the demonization of particular groups of people in Russian films help to shape public opinion and garner domestic support for implementing political repression.

Russia spares no money for propaganda films to justify its genocidal actions in countries where it uses military intervention and to glorify its war crimes. During the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia released a massive number of films on the theme of the war and even held a film festival to spread this propaganda product.

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