How Russian war resulted in Ukrainian healthcare emergency. Part 2

628 health care facilities were damaged by the Russian occupiers during the war. More than 100 were completely destroyed. These data were announced by the Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko during his visit to Chernihiv region together with the Director of the WHO Regional Office for Europe Hans Kluge. They talked to medics who held on heroically while the region was surrounded by occupying forces.

In the week ending May 18, the total damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure during the Russian war rose by $ 3.1 billion to $ 97.4 billion.

According to the Deputy Minister of Health Oleksandr Komarida, the Russian occupiers destroyed more than 500 pharmacies in eastern Ukraine.

Thus, we see how Russian aggression and the unleashed war that is part of it are destroying Ukraine’s humanitarian infrastructure, and thus provoking a catastrophe on a much larger scale in Europe and the world.


  • Inna Ivanenko, Head of the Civil Control Council of the National Health Service of Ukraine
  • Fedir Lapii, head of the National Technical Expert Group on Immunization
  • Ihor Prus, head of the non-profit organization “Salym”
  • Borys Mankovsky, corresponding member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (provided by “Diabetes.Help Together”).
  • Olena Neskorodiana, PR& Communications Manager LoveHasNoBorders.

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