Ecocide as an element of Russian war against Ukraine

Three months of large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine is three months of undisguised ecocide. The Ukrainian environment has suffered unprecedented damage. In general, ecocide is the mass destruction of flora and fauna, poisoning of the atmosphere or water resources, as well as other actions that could cause an environmental catastrophe (according to Article 441 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Since February 24, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine has been closely monitoring and documenting all crimes committed by the occupiers. Russia will definitely be responsible for them. The Ministry of Environment aims to compensate as much as possible for all damage to the environment.

More than a quarter of all ecosystems have been damaged. To date, 254 cases of ecocide have been confirmed and 1,500 cases of destruction of the Ukrainian environment have been reported. 34 cases were registered in the Kyiv region – this is the largest figure today. There are 28 such cases in Donetsk region, 22 in Dnipropetrovsk region and 22 in Luhansk region, said Minister Roman Strelets. Everyone can personally join the collection of information on environmental crimes via an authorized mobile application – “EcoZagroza”.

Russia is confidently playing with the nuclear threat. It almost started a new nuclear catastrophe by letting the formerly occupied Exclusion Zone of almost 14,000 hectares to burn. Zaporizhzhya NPP continues to work in the occupation under the control of the Russian military. Nuclear safety is constantly under threat during occupation, as the station’s staff does not have full freedom to carry out technical protocols or to work in organized shifts. Workers live under threat of unmotivated assault: doctors are fighting for the life of power plant repairman Sergei Shvets who was shot in his home by the Russian soldiers on May 23.

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