Why Holodomor of 1932–1933 Was a Genocide Against Ukrainians

25,000 – such was the number of Ukrainian peasants dying daily of man-made famine in 1933, according to Holodomor researcher Marko Tsarynnyk, who referred to demographers’ calculations.

Holodomor was a genocide by forced famine orchestrated by Joseph Stalin against the Ukrainian nation in 1932–1933, taking millions of lives and causing a transgenerational collective trauma. This trauma remained unexpressed for decades due to the Soviet regime’s denial of the Holodomor, and this policy is continued by the Russian Federation.

Russia was not among the 17 states that recognized Holodomor as an ethnic genocide against Ukrainians. In fact, it continues a systemic political stance to deny the artificial nature of the famine and the Ukrainian nation as its target. The Kremlin propaganda resorts to mockery and denigration, focusing on a key manipulation that everybody in the USSR was starving.

On #HolodomorRemembranceDay, learn the key arguments of why Holodomor was a deliberate act of genocide against the Ukrainian nation in our infographic.