Day 100: Russia fails to achieve strategic goals, battle for Severodonetsk rages, how western weapons will help

President Zelenskyi addresses Ukrainians marking 100 days of war. President Zelenskyi addressed the nation marking 100 days of Russia’s full-scale invasion. “One hundred days of our fight. One hundred days of unity and unbreakable spirit. The enemy failed to achieve any of its strategic goals. Instead it devastated civilian infrastructure and terrorized people trying to compensate for its weakness. In those 100 days, Ukraine did what seemed impossible and what many did not believe was real. We stopped ‘the second most-powerful military in the world’ and liberated some of our territories. We continue to repel the occupying forces. I thank everyone thanks to whom Ukraine holds out and continues to defend itself 100 days on. Victory shall be ours!” the President said.   

In 100 days of full-scale invasion, Russia fails to achieve a single strategic objective – UK Defense Intelligence 

Russia failed to achieve a single objective of invasion in 100 days of war, an update by the British Defense Intelligence marking the 100th day since the invasion reads.

“Russian forces failed to achieve their initial objectives to seize Kyiv and Ukrainian centres of government. Staunch Ukrainian resistance and the failure to secure Hostomel airfield in the first 24 hours led to Russian offensive operations being repulsed.”

“Following the failure of the initial plan, through false planning assumptions and poor tactical execution, Russia adapted its operational design to focus on the Donbas.”

“Russia is now achieving tactical success in the Donbas. Russian forces have generated and maintained momentum and currently appear to hold the initiative over Ukrainian opposition. Russia controls over 90% of Luhansk Oblast and is likely to complete control in the next two weeks.”  

“Russia has achieved these recent tactical successes at significant resource cost, and by concentrating force and fires on a single part of the overall campaign.”

“Russia has not been able to generate manoeuvre or movement on other fronts or axes, all of which have transitioned to the defensive.”

“Measured against Russia’s original plan, none of the strategic objectives have been achieved. In order for Russia to achieve any form of success will require continued huge investment of manpower and equipment, and is likely to take considerable further time,” the bulletin reads.

Battle for Severodonetsk. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty journalists released a video of Severodonetsk where fighting with Russian forces rages. Ukrainian troops are assisted by the foreign legion.

Russians continue to storm Severodonetsk. Fighting rages inside the city. Ukrainian troops try to secure positions and prepare for counterattacks, journalists said.

Foreign nationals volunteered to enlist in Ukraine’s foreign legion. They fight on Ukraine’s side, particularly in Severodonetsk. Journalists talk to volunteers from Australia and Georgia. 

Foreign fighters say they support the right side to help push the occupying force back to Russia no matter how long it takes. They will come back home to their families afterwards. 

One hundred days of the full-scale war – don’t expect it will end soon

100 days of the full-scale war, eight years since Russia’s first invasion in 2014: the war does not seem to end soon. We draw some conclusions from the 100 days and analyze how it can proceed in the future. Hosts: Volodymyr Yermolenko, Ukrainian philosopher and journalist, chief editor at, and Tetyana Ogarkova, Ukrainian scholar and journalist in charge of international outreach at Ukraine Crisis Media Centre.

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Archil Tsyntsadze, military expert

Inna Sovsun, Member of Ukrainian Parliament