Top Hybrid Influences of the Week in Ukraine

The new reports of Russian military aircraft and heavy weaponry being transferred to the border with Ukraine appeared this week. The pro-Russian forces reacted by portraying such accounts as artificial panic mongering and explained the appearance of the news as the West “raising the stakes” for the negotiations in Geneva. From the experience of Ukraine’s resistance to the Russian hybrid aggression, it is known that panic incitement is the traditional tactic Russia has used in a wave-like manner to blackmail Ukraine and its allies. This is exactly what it has been doing as part of the past months’ military build-up to pressure the West.

Vaccination with Russian Sputnik Light that has not been authorized by Ukraine or WHO has intensified in the occupied territories of Ukraine, while the proxies of Russian propaganda have stepped up discrediting of the Western vaccines. Russia’s worldwide disinformation campaign of pushing Russian vaccines and simultaneously undermining trust in the alternatives continues. The occupied territories of Ukraine are its special target taking into account the vulnerability of the isolated citizens and the fact that the Russian hybrid forces block the movement between the government-controlled Ukraine and occupied Donbas.