Russia attacks Ukraine: live update, April 2022


22:52 Centre for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine

Centre for Countering Disinformation collected fakes and manipulations that the enemy spread on April 5, 2022:

  • Fake: commenting on the situation in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that “the reason for the blatantly false provocation in the city of Bucha is an attempt to disrupt the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations”;
  • Manipulation: representatives of the Russian military and political leadership, in particular Dmitry Peskov, do not rule out “the emergence of new fakes, similar to the shooting in Bucha, and Russia will insist on what is true and what is fiction”;
  • Fake: in the evening update, the Russian Defense Ministry said that “nationalist battalions are intensively shelling the area of the humanitarian corridor adjacent to Mariupol, thus disrupting the evacuation of civilians and foreigners from the city.”

21.30 Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

As a result of Russia’s war against Ukraine, 1,480 civilians were killed and another 2,195 wounded

At the same time, the UN believes that the real numbers are much higher, as information from some places where fightings still are taking place is delayed, and many reports need to be confirmed. This applies, in particular, to the following settlements: Mariupol and Volnovakha (Donetsk region), Izium (Kharkiv region), Popasna (Luhansk region), and Borodyanka (Kyiv region).

20.53 British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

The West needs to increase pressure on Putin and help Ukraine to victory, because the Russian leader understands only force.

“In order to achieve peace, we must be firm. This means that we, our allies and partners, will double what has already put Putin in an awkward position – sanctions against his regime and significant weapons for Ukraine. Power is the only thing Putin understands. This is what should continue to determine our response. We need to continue to hit his regime hard with additional sanctions. We must make sure that Putin will never be able to threaten Ukraine again,” Liz Truss said.

19.06 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The operational update regarding the Russian invasion on 18.00 on April 5, 2022. 

The forty-first day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a Russian military invasion continues.

  • Measures to regroup the troops of the Russian federation continue. The enemy did not abandon the purpose of the operation to establish full control over the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Russian enemy is trying to improve the position of units in the Tavriya and South Buh operational districts.
  • Russian troops, defiantly ignoring the rules of international humanitarian law, continue to use aircraft and artillery to strike at civilian infrastructure and industry. Thus, as a result of the shelling of the city of Rubizhne, Luhansk oblast, the occupiers damaged a tank with nitric acid.
  • In the western military district of the Russian Federation, in order to recruit units that have suffered losses on the territory of Ukraine, covert mobilization measures are being carried out. In addition, the command of the armed forces of the Russian Federation is trying to make up for the loss of personnel by involving representatives of military schools. The Chita Suvorov Military School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia conducted a written survey of teaching staff on their readiness to take part in a “special operation” outside the Russian federation. Many teachers have given up on possible involvement in the “performance of tasks” and are ready to be discharged from military service.
  • The export of military equipment of the armed forces of the Russian Federation from the territory of the Republic of Belarus by rail and military transport planes continues in the Siversky direction. At the same time, the movement of certain units of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus in the direction of the state border of Ukraine was revealed. The rotation of units involved in strengthening the protection of the state border of Belarus is not ruled out.
  • In the Slobozhansky direction the blockade by the Russian enemy of the separate area of ​​the Kharkiv region proceeds. In the settlements of Velykyi Burluk, Prykolotne, and Fedorivka, the Russian occupiers are searching for pro-Ukrainian residents and illegally detaining them.
  • In the city of Izium, the Russian occupiers are fabricating evidence of the alleged crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To this end, they are shelling the settlement and creating a kind of “documentation”.
  • In the Donetsk direction, the enemy, with the support of aircraft and artillery, continues to storm the city of Mariupol.
  • In the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporizhzhya region, in the city of Berdiansk, local residents are being detained.
  • In Tokmak, medical staff at local health facilities are being forced to sign so-called “contracts” with the Russian Ministry of Health.
  • Ukraine’s Defence Forces continue to carry out tasks to liberate the occupied territory from Russian occupation forces.

Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!


19.01 Volodymyr Trush, Head of the Ternopil Regional State Administration

In the Ternopil region, 6 tanks with organic fertilizers were damaged due to falling fragments of an enemy cruise missile on Tuesday night, and chemicals leaked. Water pollution in the Ikva River also occurred. Residents of settlements near the river are advised to limit the use of water from wells. Clean water is delivered to settlements.

19.00  Commissioner for Human Rights of Ukraine Liudmyla DenisovaFemale servicemen recently released from Russian captivity have been tortured and humiliated

16:58 Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration Serhii Haidai

On April 4, police documented 51 enemy shelling of residential areas in the Luhansk region. The Russians fired mortars, artillery, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and used aircraft. During the evacuation from Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk, an evacuation convoy came under fire in Novodruzhesk – one bus was damaged.

16:27 President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen

European Commission proposed the 5th package of sanctions against Russia:

1 – An import ban on coal from Russia, worth €4 billion per year, cutting another important revenue source for Russia. 

2 – A full transaction ban on 4 key Russian banks, among them VTB, the 2nd largest Russian bank.

3 – A ban on Russian & Russian-operated vessels from accessing EU ports and a ban on Russian and Belarusian road transport operators. 

4 – Further export bans, worth €10 billion, in crucial areas: advanced semiconductors, machinery, and transport equipment.

5 – Specific new import bans, worth €5.5 billion euros. 

6 – Targeted measures, such as a ban on participation of Russian companies in public procurement in the EU and exclusion of all financial support, EU or national to Russian public bodies.

“Russia is waging a cruel, ruthless war, also against Ukraine’s civilian population. We need to sustain utmost pressure at this critical point,” stated Ursula von der Leyen. 

16:12 Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Russia is preparing a large-scale provocation in Mariupol to accuse Ukraine of it. 

The main task of Russian propaganda today is to divert the attention of the audience, both international and domestic, as much as possible. According to available data, the occupiers are preparing a large-scale falsification: they plan to gather in one place the bodies of Mariupol residents killed by the Russians and present them as mass victims of Ukrainian troops.

To this end, false theses have recently been circulating that “Ukrainians use civilians as human shields.” This is an outright delusion. It is the Russian troops who are destroying the residents of Mariupol – in early March the city was already forced to bury the dead in mass graves.

14:14 Ukrinform citing CNN The film crew of the American CNN TV channel came under artillery fire near the settlement of Oleksandrivka, not far from Mykolaiv. The shelling began at the time of filming.

14:05 Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security and the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy

Russia is spreading propaganda that Ukraine as a state has never existed, and is trying to convince other states of this disinformation.

However, as early as 1710, the Ukrainian hetman Philip Orlyk created the first model of a free, independent state in Europe. He created the Constitution, which enshrined the concept of “free people”, the foundations of democracy and justice, anti-corruption, and social principles.

13:25 Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine

The Ministry published a screenshot of one of the announcements from the Russians about the sale of items looted in Ukraine.

12:47 Ukrinform 

Ukrainian mobile communications and the Internet have disappeared in Berdiansk in the Zaporizhzhia region, which is temporarily occupied by Russian invaders.

12:46 Commissioner for Human Rights of Ukraine Liudmyla Denisova

Residents of the temporarily occupied Izium in the Kharkiv region are forcibly deported by Russian occupiers to the territory of the Russian Federation.

The enemy creates filtration corridors and camps, through which he deports Ukrainian citizens to Russia.

Currently, Russian media report that they have deported 615,000 people from Ukraine, including 121,000 children.

Such treatment of civilians is a crime against humanity and a war crime as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

12:14 State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Ukrainian defence forces have regained control of the state border in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.

11:36 Ukrainska Pravda

According to the Russian propaganda media agency RIA Novosti, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev continues to call the atrocities of Russians in Bucha and Mariupol fake. He added that “the goal is for the peace of future generations of Ukrainians and the opportunity to finally build an open Eurasia – from Lisbon to Vladivostok.”

11:33 Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The 64th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade of the 35th Combine Arms Army, whose servicemen committed the massacre of civilians in Bucha, will be returned to Ukraine. The Russian command will not rotate the personnel in this unit and will throw them back to the front.

11:32 Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration Serhii Haidai

Russians hit a tank with nitric acid in Rubizhne. 

11:20 Ukrinform

Ukraine is working to ban Russian channels on the French satellite platform Eutelsat. The Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko announced it on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel. 

11:09 Security Service of Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine has released another video of captured Russian occupiers.

One military volunteer says that the task of his battalion was to get from Belarus to Kyiv in 5 days and capture 3 bridges in the capital. Instead, to survive, he surrendered after 40 days of roaming. Russian says that his colleagues “broke away” on outrages and looting, having no achievements on the battlefield. He admits that he saw them stealing equipment, inflatable boats, and jewelry.

The feeling of uselessness does not leave the other captured Russian soldier – a paramedic: “I provided medical assistance to a colleague, but no one came after us – we were simply forgotten. After that, there was nothing left to give up.” The only thing he understood from his military experience was that here “people live their lives and do not want our liberation.”

The occupier shares his insight with his mother: “We are not liberators. We invaded another’s land, and when we felt free… some individuals burned houses, leaving people homeless… I can’t explain to myself what I forgot here.”

11:02 State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

A civilian ship fired by the Russians is sinking in the port of Mariupol. At night, during another shelling of the city from the sea, the enemy hit a ship under the flag of the Dominican Republic, which was located near one of the berths.

10:57 State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of UkraineThe government’s Computer Emergency Response Team CERT-UA, which operates under the State Service, has found that hackers who attack government agencies in Ukraine also attack EU countries.

10:48 European Pravda 

A new conflict is erupting between Georgia and Ukraine over possible goods transit for the Russian army.

Georgia has rejected statements by Ukraine’s Central Intelligence Agency that the Russians are establishing channels for smuggling counterfeit goods through Georgian territory.

“To circumvent the sanctions, Russian agents are setting up smuggling channels, which pass, in particular, through Georgia. At the same time, representatives of the Georgian special services have been instructed by the political leadership not to interfere with smugglers,” the intelligence said.

10:47 Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration Serhii Haidai

In Sievierodonetsk, Russians hit the gas pipeline. Maloriazantsevo and part of Novodruzhesk were also left without gas.

36 settlements of 131,944 residents in the Luhansk region remain without gas supply (30 – completely and 6 – partially).

30 settlements of 95,938 residents remain without electricity (13 – partially and 17 – completely).

There is no water supply in Rubizhne, Popasna, Sievierodonetsk, partly in the Hora community and Lysychansk.

9:04 Air Command “West” of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On the night of April 5, a pair of Su-35s from Belarus struck cruise missiles across Ukraine.

The targets of the Russians likely were to be objects of civil infrastructure in several western regions.

Three cruise missiles were destroyed by air defense means, and the fourth was damaged, which did not allow it to hit the target.

The enemy fired missiles and conducted reconnaissance of the results of the strike by two operational-tactical UAVs, which were also destroyed by anti-aircraft missile units of the West Air Command.

8:52 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 05.04 were approximately:

personnel ‒ about 18500,

tanks ‒ 676,

APV  ‒ 1858,

artillery systems – 332,

MLRS ‒ 107,

anti-aircraft warfare systems ‒ 55,

aircraft – 150,

helicopters – 134,

vehicles ‒ 1322,

boats / cutters ‒ 7,

fuel tanks ‒ 76,

UAV operational-tactical level ‒ 94,

special equipment ‒ 25,

mobile SRBM system ‒ 4.

Data are being updated. The calculation is complicated by the high intensity of hostilities.

8:41 Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

Russia continues to use the former US military to spread disinformation about Ukraine.

Former US Army officer David Payne has worked with the Kremlin for many years. During Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, this “expert” spread in foreign media the following theses: “The West should stop supplying weapons to Ukraine so as not to provoke Russia to even greater aggression” and “Ukraine must give Russia Crimea and Donbas to avoid World War III.”

This American “analyst” also says that NATO may exclude Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia from the alliance.

All these statements have nothing to do with reality. For years, the Kremlin has built its propaganda campaign to discredit the civilized world by bribing and recruiting even Western officials.

8:16 Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine

As of the morning of April 5, 2022, more than 431 children suffered in Ukraine as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.

165 children were killed and 266 received injuries of varying severity during the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 

These data are not conclusive, as it is not possible to inspect the sites of shelling in areas of active hostilities and the temporarily occupied territories. In particular, in Mariupol, in some areas of Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Luhansk regions.

Children suffered the most in Kyiv – 77, Kharkiv – 61, Donetsk – 78, Chernihiv – 49, Mykolaiv – 35, Luhansk – 31, Zaporizhzhia – 22, Kherson – 29, the capital – 16, Sumy – 16, Zhytomyr – 15 regions.

7:41 Minister of Internal Affairs Denys Monastyrskyi

To date, law enforcement officers have recorded 1,200 facts of war crimes committed by the Russian military in the Kyiv region.

“More than 600 saboteurs have been detained during the war. The highest number of war crimes was recorded in the Kyiv region, now there are 1,200,” he said.

According to Monastyrskyi, many tripwires, unexploded ordnance, and explosives remain in the liberated cities. More than 5,000 items were found and neutralized by the State Emergency Service the day before.

Monastyrskyi urged citizens not to rush back to the previously occupied settlements, as “this area is still quite dangerous,” Monastyrskyi said.

7:38 Head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Serhii Haidai

The situation in the Luhansk region is difficult. Neither rescuers nor ambulance doctors can reach some districts of Popasna and Rubizhne. The shelling is very heavy, and street fighting continues. In Rubizhne, the dead are buried in the yards.

6:52 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The operational update regarding the Russian invasion on 06.00 on April 5, 2022. 

The forty-first day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion began. 

  • The enemy is regrouping troops and concentrating its efforts on preparing an offensive operation in the east of our country. The goal is to establish control over the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The enemy is trying to improve the position of units in the Tavriya and Pivdennobuzhsky operational areas.
  • The units withdrawn from Polissia and Sivershchyna are being relocated to new operational areas. The redeployment of troops of the Central Military District from the territory of Ukraine has been completed. After the restoration of combat readiness, the designated units will be moved to the area of the Valuyki settlement and included in the offensive groups of troops.
  • The movement of columns of armaments and military equipment on the territory of the Republic of Belarus in the direction of the railway stations Gomel, Yelsk, and Mozyr for loading on railway echelons is noted. A significant part of the aircraft and helicopters of the Air and Space Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were relocated from the airfields of the Republic of Belarus to the territory of Russia.
  • Separate units of the 6th and 20th Combined Arms Army, 1st Panzer Army, Baltic and Northern Fleets focused on preparing for the resumption of the offensive, as well as trying to encircle the Joint Forces. The enemy replenishes supplies of food, fuel and lubricants, and ammunition.
  • The Russian occupiers continue to blockade Kharkiv, continuing artillery shelling and further destroying the city’s residential neighborhoods and infrastructure.
  • In the direction of Slovyansk, the enemy is trying to resume offensive operations. In the direction of Barvinkove, the Russians advanced 7 km and took control of the village of Brazhkivka. Also, the battalion tactical group of the 1st Panzer Regiment advanced towards the village of Sulyhivka but unsuccessfully. To improve the movement of troops in the direction and ensure the crossing of the river Siverskyi Donets Russians are working to restore the bridge in the city of Izium.
  • In the Donetsk and Luhansk areas, the occupiers are focusing their efforts on taking control of the Popasna and Rubizhne districts, establishing full control over Mariupol, and preparing offensive operations near the Zolota Nyva settlement.
  • In the areas of Borivske, Novoluhanske, Solodke, Marinka, Zolota Nyva, the enemy continued artillery shelling of positions of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilian infrastructure.
  • Near the settlements of Novotoshkivske, Nyzhnie, Popasna, Kalynove, Stepne, Rubizhne, Troitske, Novobakhmutivka, Novoselivka, the second enemy carried out assault operations, had no success.
  • Russian invaders inflicted massive artillery and airstrikes on the city of Mariupol.
  • In the direction of the Pidennobuzkyi direction, the occupying forces carry out assault actions with the support of artillery for the purpose of taking control of the settlement of Oleksandrivka, having partial success. In the area of the settlements of Liubyne, Myrne, Kopani, the occupiers fired artillery at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • The Russian troops carried out attacks on Mykolaiv with the cluster munitions forbidden by the Geneva convention. Civilian quarters and medical facilities, including a children’s hospital, came under enemy fire. There are dead and wounded, including children.
  • The occupying forces continue to suffer losses. They have big problems with the staffing of combat units and support units. The personnel of the enemy was demoralized, which led to an increase in the number of cases of desertion and refusals of servicemen of the armed forces of the Russian Federation to take part in the war on the territory of Ukraine.

4:34 Head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration Dmytro Zhyvytskyy

At least three tortured Ukrainians have already been found in the Konotop district on the site of the former enemy camp. They were civilians.

1:29 Suspilne, Yle

Finnish Economy Minister Mika Lintilä said that Europe should completely abandon imports of Russian energy, even though it would worsen the living standards of Europeans.

“Russia needs to be energetically isolated because this is the only way to influence the Russian economy so much that it has an impact on their actions,” the official said.

In particular, according to the Minister, oil supplies from Russia to the EU should be banned.

“Oil is now turning red blood in Ukraine,” he said.

Mika Lintilä is convinced that it will be possible to compensate for the refusal of Russian oil with imports from other countries. He stressed that Finland is ready to give up Russian energy resources on its own.