Russia attacks Ukraine: live update, April 2022


23:46 Serhii Hamalii, head of the Khmelnytskyi Regional Military Administration

There was a missile strike on an infrastructure facility in one of the territorial communities of Shepetivka district in the territory of Khmelnytsky region.

The fire was extinguished. Thank you to the staff of the SES.

The consequences of the strike are eliminated. There are no victims!

23:13 Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration

  • According to Vasylivka residents, the number of Russian servicemen has increased significantly in the city. They are located in residential areas to hide behind civilians and use them as human shields. It is also known that the occupiers distribute humanitarian aid and medicine only to those who support them and promote their criminal activities. Many residents refuse to cooperate with the Russians.
  • The situation in Polohy district remains tense. Due to the terrorist actions of the occupying forces, the number of destructions is increasing every day. Orikhiv and Huliaipole are under fire, as well as surrounding settlements.
  • In the villages of Botieve and Strohanivka in the Melitopol district, the occupation commandant’s office requires entrepreneurs to open shops, cafes, places of recreation and leisure. One of the conditions for safe work is the absence of Ukrainian goods on store shelves. Instead, Ukrainian entrepreneurs are being actively campaigned to trade in goods from the Crimea and introduce a “ruble zone.”
  • The prosecutor’s office has launched criminal proceedings over today’s air strike in Zaporizhzhia. The servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces used an X-55 air-to-ground missile in the private sector of the city. As a result of the enemy attack, residential buildings were destroyed. According to preliminary data, 5 people were injured, including an 11-year-old boy.
  • Another case was opened on the fact that the occupiers stole grain from the territory of Zaporizhzhia region. According to the investigation, on April 26, 2022, armed Russian soldiers, threatening to use physical violence, robbed a branch of one of the agricultural societies in the city of Kamianka-Dniprovska. The occupiers removed 61 tons of wheat and other property stolen from the enterprise by truck, which was also at the disposal of the branch.

23:01 State Emergency Service

According to preliminary data, 5 people were rescued, 10 were injured. The information is being clarified.

On April 28, at 8:13 p.m., the State Emergency Service in Kyiv received a report of a fire in the Shevchenkivskyi district of the capital. As a result of enemy shelling, a fire broke out in a 25-storey residential building with partial destruction of the 1st and 2nd floors.

At 9:25 p.m., the fire was extinguished on a total area of 100 square meters. Search and rescue operations are underway.

22:11 Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

Centre for Countering Disinformation collected fakes, manipulation, and disinformation that the enemy spread on April 28, 2022:

  • Manipulation. The head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to “initiate a criminal case on the fact of abduction of a priest by Ukrainian nationalists.”
  • Disinformation. Despite the fact that the Polish Ministry of Defense informed in advance about the conduct of military exercises on its territory, the head of Russian intelligence said about the plans of Poland to join the western lands of Ukraine.
  • Fake. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that “in Lyman, Ukrainian Armed Forces units from the suburbs are shelling residential areas with artillery, while journalists from safe places are filming destroyed civilian infrastructure.”

21:29 Oleksandr Pavliuk, head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration

Russian invaders launched a missile strike on the territory of the Fastiv community.

21:19 Oleh Syniehubov, head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration 

Today is another day of almost continuous shelling of Kharkiv region by Russian invaders. Civilians continue to die under the fire of the occupiers.

The enemy continued to fire from artillery on Kharkiv. Kyivsky and Nemyshlyansky districts were shelled today. 2 civilians were killed and 4 Kharkiv residents were injured.

The shelling of the settlements of Kharkiv district also continued. In Khroly – 1 wounded, in Kotlyary – 1 wounded, 1 person died. In Pokotylivka – 5 wounded and 2 dead.

Despite constant shelling and risk, utilitiy services are restoring critical infrastructure. Roofs are repaired every day, broken windows are closed, streets are cleared.

In Dergachi, utility services rebuilt a damaged gas pipeline and returned electricity to the homes of more than 1,500 residents. Water supply was restored in Chuhuiv.

Today, the occupiers made another attempt to advance from Izium in the directions of Brazhkivka, Dovhenke and Velyka Komyshuvakha. However they suffered heavy losses and were forced to retreat. Our defenders are heroically holding the line. The enemy suffers heavy losses.

21:15 Oleksandr Pavliuk, head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration

  • On April 28, two foreign delegations led by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria Kiril Petkov visited the Kyiv region. The Head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Pavliuk together with the Head of Kyiv Region Humanitarian Headquarters Oleksii Kuleba visited Borodyanka, Bucha and Irpin. 
  • During their visit, the delegations saw the consequences of the aggressor’s bombing of Borodyanka and Irpin residential areas, the place of mass civilians burial in Bucha. Oleksandr Pavliuk told the honored guests about the fighting that was in these areas and the killing of civilians by the Russian military. 
  • “The consequences of the Russian occupation are terrible. The enemy massively destroyed civilian infrastructure and killed civilians. The enemy deliberately shot at multistoried buildings, knowing that civilians lived there. The whole world must know about this. Surely, we will rebuild all localities affected by the occupation.  The only thing that we will never be able to bring back is the lives of people who were ruthlessly tortured and shot by enemy troops. This is our greatest sorrow. And we will cope with everything else. We are grateful to our world partners for their support and assistance,” said Oleksandr Pavliuk.

21:13 Viktoria Ruban, spokesperson of the State Emergency Servise of the Kyiv Region

In the Kyiv region, there was a hit on infrastructural objects. Rescuers are currently working there

20:36 Kyiv City State Administration

In the evening the enemy fired on Kyiv. Two hits in the Shevchenkivskyi district. All services are in place. Information about the victims is being clarified.

20:24 Novoye Vremya

Maksym Marchenko, head of the Odesa Military Administration,  announced that three cruise missiles had been shot down over Odesa, with which the enemy was trying to harm the civilian population.

The South Operational Command noted that strategic air strikes were launched in the Odesa region, launching three Kalibr cruise missiles. All the shells were destroyed by air defense forces.

19:15 Andrii Niebytov, head of the National Police in the Kyiv region

In the Makariv district of Kyiv region, a team of electricians blew up a mine. As a result of the explosion, one person was killed and two were injured.

5 more such mines were found near the place of detonation – a deadly trap left by the Russian military retreating from the territory of Kyiv region.

18:55 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The operational update regarding the russian invasion on 18.00 on April 28, 2022. 

Video (Spokesman for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Shtupun).

The sixty-fourth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues. A russian federation continues its full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine.

russian enemy continues to carry out offensive operations in the Eastern Operational Zone in order to defeat the Joint Forces, establish full control over the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and maintain the land route with the occupied Crimea.

The greatest activity of russian enemy is observed in Slobozhansky and Donetsk directions.

  • No significant changes in russian enemy’s activity have been recorded in the Volyn and Polissya areas. russian enemy aircraft continue to launch missile and air strikes on targets in Ukraine from the territory of the republic of belarus. According to available information, the aviation units of the Air Force of the russian federation continue to use the Baranovichi airfield. The air defense means of the Armed Forces of the republic of belarus continue to be on duty in an enhanced mode.
  • In the Siversky direction, there are no signs of enemy formation of the group to resume the offensive. russian occupiers are taking measures to strengthen the coverage of certain areas of the border. Thus, additional units of the rosguard were deployed to the border zone in the direction of Chernihiv and Sumy oblasts.
  • In the Slobozhansky direction, russian enemy deployed up to five divisions of the Iskander-M (SS-26 Stone) mobile short range ballistic missile system in the Belgorod region. russian enemy continues to regroup its forces. According to available information, russian enemy brought a battalion tactical group of airborne troops to the territory of the russian federation to restore combat capability due to significant losses in personnel and military equipment. In addition, a battalion tactical group from the 29th Combined Arms Army of the Eastern Military District was moved from the territory of the Belgorod region of the russian federation to the Kharkiv region. The enemy continues air reconnaissance with unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • russian enemy units attempted to attack the positions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine in the directions of Brazhkivka and Dovhenke. They were unsuccessful, lost and withdrew. russian occupiers also tried unsuccessfully to take control of the main objects of the Velyka Komyshuvakha.
  • The Defence Forces of Ukraine have restored control over the settlement of Kutuzivka in the Kharkiv region.
  • In the Donetsk and Tavriya directions, in order to bind our troops and hold the previously occupied frontiers, russian enemy fired on the positions of Ukrainian defence units using multiple rocket launcher systems and artillery almost along the entire line of contact.
  • russian enemy tried to completely capture Rubizhne, but was unsuccessful, suffered losses and retreated to previously occupied positions.
  • In the Kurakhiv direction, russian enemy unsuccessfully tried to advance in the directions of the settlements of Solodke and Novomykhailivka.
  • russian enemy continued to launch air strikes on Mariupol. The main efforts were focused on blocking our units in the area of ​​the Azovstal plant in order to prevent their breakthrough.
  • In the direction of Donetsk – Zaporizhzhia, the enemy launched an offensive in the direction of the settlements Neskuchne and Vremivka, and had no success. It continues to strengthen the grouping of troops.
  • Ships of the occupying fleet in the Black and Azov Seas continue to launch missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine, perform tasks to isolate the area of ​​hostilities and conduct reconnaissance.
  • Attempts to storm the enemy in the areas of the settlements of Oleksandrivka and Tavriyske were successfully repulsed in the Pivdenny Buh direction, Ivanivka and Zahradivka.

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!

17:59 Iryna Vereshchuk, Vice Prime Minister

Another exchange of prisoners of war took place.

Today 45 of our people have been released from Russian captivity.

13 officers and 20 soldiers (including 5 wounded).

We are also 12 of our civilians returning home.

17:47 Reuters

US President Joe Biden asked Congress on Thursday for $33 billion to support Ukraine – a dramatic escalation of U.S. funding for the war against Russia – as well as new legal tools to siphon assets from Russian oligarchs.

17:46 Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office

Russian troops fired on the village Kotliary of the Kharkiv district.

A 53-year-old man was killed as a result of the shelling, local woman was injured. Several houses were destroyed.

16:36 Ukrainska Pravda

The occupying administration of the Russian Federation does not have “extras” to stage the so-called “referendum” in Kherson on the establishment of the “Kherson People’s Republic”.

“They have no support from the population or local self-government. They will not be able to do even something like a referendum, because it is the opening of polling stations, preparation of voter lists, in other words a lot of work, which they will not be able to do in the future in Kherson region.

Some show is possible. I will not be surprised if they will shoot this show in the Crimea or in any other region,” said Iurii Sobolevskyi, first deputy chairman of the Kherson regional council on air of Suspilne TV.

15:35 Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Law enforcement officers have opened proceedings on the theft of 61 tons of wheat and other property from the territory of an agricultural enterprise in Zaporizhzhia region by the Russian invaders.

The armed Russian military, threatening to use physical violence, robbed a branch of one of the agricultural societies in the city of Kamianka-Dniprovska.

14:35 Azov Regiment

On the night of April 28, the Russian occupiers struck with multi-ton bombs at a military field hospital on the territory of the Azovstal steel factory in Mariupol – there are dead and wounded.

14:26 Pavlo Kyrylenko, head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration

Three dead, three wounded. All are civilians. These are the preliminary consequences of the morning air strike that the Russians inflicted on Niu-York.

Russian unguided missiles hit an industrial plant and residential areas. At least nine private homes have been damaged, but the exact number of destructions remains to be determined.

Again and again the Russians are beating civilians – they are waging a war to exterminate the Ukrainian civilian population.

We carefully document all crimes, we will have to answer for everything!

14:15 Ekonomichna Pravda

The share of Ukrainian migrants and internally displaced persons who returned home during the war is 25%.

This was reported by Forbes, citing data from the UN, Ukrainian and foreign governments, as well as analysis of the movement of Ukrainians from Vodafone Ukraine.

About 9 million Ukrainians remain far from their own homes – more than 20% of the total population. Including 5 million are within the country, 4 million – abroad, the most – in Poland.

14:01 Serhii Bratchuk, spokesman of the Odesa Regional Military Administration

In Yakymivka, Melitopol district, Zaporizhzhia region, a railway bridge was blown up, through which the Russian military delivered weapons and fuel from the occupied Crimea

13:44 Iryna Venediktova, Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Atrocities in Bucha – 10 Russian servicemen involved in tortures of civilians were exposed.

Their 64 separate motorized infantry brigade of the land forces of the Russian Federation was awarded by Putin the honorary title of “Guards”. Thanks from the Russian president for “mass heroism” and, in the language of the civilized world, for war crimes, are proof that the atrocities in Bucha were a task from above that they coped with. And most importantly – the joint responsibility of the commander in chief for the actions of soldiers.

  • Junior Sergeant Vyacheslav Lavrentyev
  • Private Grigoriy Naryshkin
  • Private Vasily Knyazev
  • Corporal Semyon Maltsev
  • Private Sergey Peskarev
  • Private Albert Radnaev
  • Corporal Mikhail Kashin
  • Corporal Andrey Bizyaev
  • Corporal Dmitry Sergiyenko
  • Sergeant Nikita Akimov. 

In a very short time, the investigation established that during the occupation of Bucha they took unarmed civilians hostage, killed them with hunger and thirst, kept them on their knees with their hands tied and their eyes glued, mocked and beaten. Fists and butts of rifles were used. People were beaten out for any information about the location of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces, and some were tortured for no reason at all. Russian servicemen threatened to kill the victims and even imitated the execution of their prisoners by firing in their direction.

We have evidence that, of course, these servicemen of the world’s first marauding army robbed the local population, taking away personal belongings and “trophy” appliances.

The role and participation of each of them in these crimes has been established through investigative and coordinated work of prosecutors and police officers, and their personal data have also been collected by Slidstvo.Info journalists. We are currently testing the mentioned ten for involvement in the Bucha massacre.

12:43 Oleh Syniehubov, head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration 

Once again, civilians in Kharkiv region are suffering from shelling by the occupiers!

In the Kharkiv district, Russians hit civilian infrastructure, streets of settlements, squares and even cemeteries.

As of now, there are 4 wounded and 1 dead in Kharkiv district. The information is being clarified.

Half an hour ago, the Russians struck one of the eastern districts of Kharkiv. 2 victims, 1 person, unfortunately, died.

12:36 Suspilne TV

The German Bundestag overwhelmingly voted in favor of supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine. This was reported by Deutsche Welle.

12:29 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has voted to suspend Russia’s membership.

Most of the 160 member countries supported this decision at an extraordinary meeting of the organization.

12:17 Ukrainska Pravda

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who arrived in Ukraine on a visit, visited Borodianka

“I imagine my family in one of these houses, now ruined and black. I see my granddaughters fleeing in panic. In the 21st century, war cannot be acceptable.”

12:11 Suspilne TV

In Popasna, the Russian army destroys all utilities, schools, and kindergartens, and continues to kill Popasna residents. Head of the Popasna military administration Mykola Khanatov reported about it on air of the Rada TV channel.

12:08 Mariupol City Council

Cholera, dysentery and colibacillus. About 100,000 Mariupol residents are in mortal danger not only due to shelling, but also intolerable living conditions and poor sanitation.

11:57 Center for Strategic Communications of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy

Russians say Ukraine seeks to invade Transnistria for “largest ammunition depot in Eastern Europe

Kovbasna is a small village located near the border with Ukraine. Its value is the presence of an ammunition depot – “the largest in Eastern Europe”, as propagandists write.

The Russians are convinced that his capture will allow Ukraine to fight for 10 years. Therefore, after the spam attacks on the local population, “Ukrainian saboteurs and drones” immediately appeared in and above Kovbasna.

In fact, these compositions are already 73 years old. The last time they were replenished was during the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the territory of the former “people’s democracies” in 1989-1994.

All this rubbish is stored under the protection of Russian troops. And so the Kremlin’s “geopoliticians” thought that Ukraine was so disarmed (despite the regular growing supply of modern weapons) that it “will not cope without Kovbasna.”

11:23 Security Service of Ukraine

Russian invaders continue to grossly violate the laws and customs of war. They are afraid to fight Ukrainian defenders, so they are preparing provocations that could affect the civilian population.

This is evidenced by the new telephone conversations of the occupiers, which were intercepted by the SSU.

The Russians rejoice and hope that TNT will destroy everything and everyone around it and it is not at all embarrassed by the presence of civilians in the village.

11:04 Ukrainska Pravda

The Azov Regiment said that last night the Russian occupiers launched about 50 airstrikes and dropped a large number of phosphorous bombs on Mariupol, and called on the authorities to take decisive measures to unblock the city or evacuate residents and defenders.

10:37 Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

According to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, officials of the Russian Orthodox Church have received instructions to agitate the parents and relatives of young Russians to encourage them to sign a contract for military service.

Propagandists in robes at the behest of the Kremlin preach the doctrine of “Russian peace,” which does not correspond to Orthodox teachings.

10:36 Suspilne

On April 28, three dead dolphins were found on the shores of the Tuzla Estuaries National Nature Park in the Odesa region. Ivan Rusiev, an ecologist and head of the park’s research department, told Suspilne correspondents about this.

According to him, there are no traces of nets or cut tails on the dead dolphins, which could indicate the actions of poachers. It is unknown how many animals have died in the Black Sea so far, because, he says, it is impossible to inspect all parts of the sea coast due to hostilities.

“The Russians have blocked shipping in the Black Sea and mined part of its waters. They are constantly firing powerful shells from the surface and submarines. Barbarians also use military sonar and this has a negative impact on animals,” said the ecologist.

Ivan Rusiev is convinced that Russian troops can use sounds at the level of 200 decibels and even higher, emitted by a special transmitter on board. As a result, dolphins cease to respond well to echoes and lose acoustic control over the environment. As a result, animals can be thrown ashore and die.

10:17 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 28.04 were approximately:

personnel – about 22800 (+400) persons were liquidated, 

tanks – 970 (+31), 

APV – 2389 (+47), 

artillery systems – 431 (+10), 

MLRS – 151 (+2), 

anti-aircraft warfare systems – 72 (+1),

aircraft – 187 (+2), 

helicopters – 155, 

vehicles – 1688 (+22),

boats / cutters – 8,

fuel tanks – 76, 

UAV operational-tactical level – 215 (+8),

special equipment – 31,

mobile SRBM system – 4.

The Russian enemy suffered the greatest losses of the past day in the Zaporizhzhia and Izium directions.

Data is being updated.

10:01 Centre for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine

Disinformation theses of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on the situation in Ukraine over the past day.

Russian propaganda is inventing new victorious terminology and reports that “there are signs of a local breakdown in Ukrainian defence in the Kramatorsk-Sloviansk and Sievierodonetsk-Lysychansk directions.”

The Kremlin media and the Russian Ministry of Defense do not explain what the signs are, but in the same context, they provide information on increasing the pace of Russia’s offensive and the pontoon crossing of the occupiers across the Siverskyi Donets River.

With the lack of tangible achievements in the goals of capturing the entire Donbas and southern Ukraine, Russian propaganda is resorting to inventing new terminology. Thus, “signs of a local breakdown of the Ukrainian defence” are nothing more than “negative buoyancy after the clap on the destroyed Moskva missile cruiser.”

9:48 Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration

In the morning, an explosion of an enemy’s missile was recorded in Zaporizhzhia. According to preliminary information, two houses in the private sector were damaged. The attack was carried out by racist aircraft, using X-55 air-to-ground missiles. It is currently known about three injured, one of them a child. The information will be clarified, details later.

9:46 Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

“To ensure employment” – the “Transnistrian region” announced a military training assembly.

The unrecognized “Transnistrian Moldavian Republic” is strengthening its army. The letter of the Ministry of Defense of Transnistria to the heads of local administrations reveals information on the drafting of citizens to the “special assembly”. It is noted that the purpose of the meeting is to “ensure 100% staffing of the Peacekeeping Contingent of the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic, as well as to provide employment for the working population of the republic.”

Men under the age of 55, who are guaranteed “financial and material security, accommodation and food”, can take part in the meeting. Financial support for unemployed citizens is promised from 2,800 “rubles of Transnistria”. The meeting itself will last 90 days.

Despite the formal voluntary participation in the meeting, there is information that the draft will be coercive.

It is noteworthy that the letter is dated April 21. That is, before the beginning of the last Russian provocations on the territory of “PMR”. This is reminiscent of the events in the so-called “LNR/DNR”.

9:41 Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine

The invaders fired on the Sloviansk resort. On April 26, 2022, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out an air strike on Sloviansk, as a result of which the buildings of the state enterprise Sloviansky Kurort (Ukrainian trade union’s resorts), namely the hospital buildings, were severely damaged.

8:45 Valentyn Reznichenko, head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration

We have an “arrival” in Synelnykove district. Aimed at the former factory. There was nothing there.

The orcs successfully “demilitarized” the abandoned industrial zone.

8:37 Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration Serhii Haidai

Three floors in the Sievierodonetsk hospital were damaged, and light and water disappeared. The Russians fired on the medical facility on April 27 at about 11:00.

“There are only two hospitals left in the Luhansk region that provide assistance to the affected population, in Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk. As you can see, the Russian army has somewhat limited the capabilities of one of them. Three floors were destroyed. On one of them, there was a direct hit of a shell in a hospital ward. The woman who was there died on the spot. By the way, she was hospitalised last week with shrapnel wounds to her legs,” Haidai wrote.

The boiler room and warehouses on the territory of the medical institution were also damaged. Light and water disappeared in the hospital after the shelling. Doctors continue to work.

8:31 Centre for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine

Centre for Countering Disinformation collected fakes, manipulation, and disinformation that the enemy spread on the morning of April 28, 2022:

  • Manipulation: Even though the world has recognized the events in the Kyiv region as genocide, Russian officials continue to claim that “to spread false information about the provocation in Bucha, the West is mobilizing existing non-governmental organizations”;
  • Manipulation: “Leaders” collaborators of the Kherson region stated that “the return of the Kherson region liberated from Ukrainian nationalists back under the control of Ukraine is excluded”;
  • Disinformation: Russian propaganda, citing obscure military experts, said that “the Kyiv regime has begun throwing territorial defence units from Western Ukraine at Donbas, as the Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering serious military losses on the battlefield.”

8:20 Energoatom 

Due to the damage to the 330 kV high-voltage line in the southern region of Ukraine, the Zaporizhzhia NPP was moved to a capacity level to ensure sustainable operation of the power system, at which only its own needs are provided.

8:08 Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine 

As of the morning of April 26, more than 610 children suffered in Ukraine as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. The death toll remains the same – 217 children were killed, but two more were wounded – 393 received injuries of varying severity. 

Children suffered the most in regions such as Donetsk – 129, Kyiv – 114, Kharkiv – 93, Chernihiv – 66, Kherson – 44, Mykolaiv – 43, Luhansk – 37, Zaporizhzhia – 27, Sumy – 17, the capital – 16, and Zhytomyr – 15. 

These data are not conclusive, as inspection of sites of active hostilities and liberated settlements and receiving information on the temporarily occupied territories are underway. 

7:05 Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration Serhii Haidai

Heavy shelling of Lysychansk destroyed 13 houses.

The city suffered from Russian fire throughout the day on April 27.

“Lysychansk is a large settlement. The easier it is for the Russians to hit somewhere, the harder it is for Ukrainian rescuers to react quickly. Ignition due to shelling occurs almost throughout the territory, which is almost 100 square kilometres,” Haidai wrote.

Two houses were hit last night. Firefighters extinguished the fire. The situation was much more complicated during the day when the flames engulfed eight houses at once. And in the evening the Russians hit three more.

Also, three houses in Novodruzhesk, a shop in Sievierodonetsk, a carpentry workshop in Hirske and a transformer that can no longer be repaired caught fire. The last object is destroyed, so people will be without light and mobile communication.

In total, 21 fires caused by shelling by the occupying troops of the Russian Federation were eliminated in one day.

7:02 General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The operational update regarding the #russian_invasion on 06.00 on April 28, 2022.  

Video (Spokesman for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Shtupun) 

The sixty-fourth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues. The russian federation continues its full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine.

russian enemy continues to carry out offensive operations in the Eastern Operational Zone in order to defeat the Joint Forces, establish full control over the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and maintain the land route with the occupied Crimea.

russian enemy increases the pace of the offensive operation. In almost all directions, the russian occupiers are exerting intense fire. The greatest activity is observed in Slobozhansky and Donetsk directions.

No significant changes in the activities of russian enemy units were noted in the Volyn and Polissya areas.

By maintaining an appropriate set of troops, russian enemy is trying to ensure the maintenance of the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the northern direction and prevent their movement to the Eastern Operational Zone.

  • In the Slobozhansky direction, russian enemy group continues to strike and fire artillery on the city of Kharkiv.
  • The main efforts of russian occupiers are focused on the Izium direction. russian enemy is trying to launch an offensive in the directions of Sulyhivka – Nova Dmytrivka and Andriivka – Velyka Komyshuvakha.
  • In order to strengthen the advancing group, russian occupiers additionally moved airborne units to the city of Izium, as well as up to 500 units of technic.
  • In the Donetsk direction, russian enemy group continues to take active action on the line of contact. The main efforts are focused on surrounding the Defense Forces of Ukraine.
  • To achieve this goal, in the Lyman direction, russian enemy has improved its tactical position, trying to develop an offensive on the village of Lyman. russian invaders are carrying out preparatory measures for forcing the Siversky Donets River.
  • In the Severodonetsk direction, russian enemy is attacking the settlement of Orikhove.
  • In the direction of Avdiivka, in order to capture Marinka and Ocheretyne, russian enemy exerts intense fire.
  • In the Kurakhove direction, with the support of artillery, russian occupiers are conducting an offensive in the directions of Staromayorske – Velyka Novosilka and Lyubimivka – Zelene Pole.
  • In the Tavriya direction, russian enemy units continue to conduct demonstrations and maneuvers in order to mislead and prevent the transfer of Ukrainian troops to other areas.
  • russian occupiers continue to use Melitopol airfield for the base and flight of Su-25 attack aircraft, Ka-52 attack helicopters and Mi-8 transport and combat aircraft.
  • In the South Buh direction, russian enemy’s group focuses on the Kherson-Mykolayiv and Kherson-Kryvyi Rih directions.
  • As a result of the assault, russian enemy established itself in the area of ​​the settlement of Tavriyske, trying to carry out a fire defeat on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the areas of the settlements of Oleksandrivka and Nova Zorya. In the areas of settlements Stanislav and Molodetske, there are the increases of  the russian units of jet and barrel artillery.
  • In order to correct and assess the results of the fire damage, russian enemy conducted air reconnaissance in the area of ​​the settlement of Zatoka.

During the previous day, eight air targets were hit by units of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Air Force and the Land Forces: one plane, one cruise missile and six UAVs of operational and tactical level.

russian occupiers continue to suffer losses on land. In the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts only, six enemy attacks have been repulsed in the past 24 hours, five tanks, one artillery system, twenty-two armored vehicles, one car and one anti-aircraft gun have been destroyed.

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!

6:45 Ukrainska Pravda referring to Kirill Stremousov, self-proclaimed “deputy head” of the occupiers’ administration of Kherson region

Starting from May 1, the occupiers are going to introduce Russian rubles in the Kherson region.

Stremousov says that the “transition period” will take up to 4 months: both the ruble and the hryvnia will go, and then there will be a full transition to the ruble.

5:25 Suspilne TV

Canada’s House of Commons unanimously supported a resolution recognizing Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide.

1:06 Operational Command “South”

In the area of ​​Molodetsky and Velyka Oleksandrivka, enemy ammunition depots were destroyed by double hits.

During the day in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, the enemy tried to improve their tactical position towards Mykolaiv, but didn’t succeed.

  • Our units, supported by artillery, repulsed the enemy’s attack near Novohryhorivka and two near Oleksandrivka.
  • Effective conduct of hostilities by our divisions broke enemy preparation for attack in the direction of Mykolaivka.
  • In the Novovorontsovka area air defense units “hunted” another “Orlan-10”
  • The total losses of the enemy for the day amounted to 49 persons and 14 units of equipment, of which 6 – armored, 3 vehicles, 3 units of missile, artillery, and anti-air weapons, as well as rear equipment.
  • In the area of ​​Molodetske and Velyka Oleksandrivka, enemy ammunition depots were destroyed by double hits.

Meanwhile, in the center of Kherson, on Svobody Square, the Russian occupiers threw light and noise and gas grenades at pro-Ukrainian protesters. There are wounded and detained. But Kherson residents chanted “Kherson is Ukraine!” Through smoke and pain.

Although the occupying power tried to speed up the referendum, the insidious plan failed.

Tensions are rising on the southwestern border of Ukraine. The influence of the Russian propaganda machine on the government of the self-proclaimed Transnistrian region continues. Provocations with explosions and shootings are carried out, information intrusions about rocket attack, threat of terrorist attack from Ukraine are systematically organized.

In the Black Sea Operational Zone, a naval group of Russian fleet with submarines remains ready to launch missile strikes on Ukraine.

1:05 Ukrainska Pravda referring to the legislature of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia

The Russian Krasnoyarsk Krai has decided to replenish its own fund of agricultural products through illegal supplies from the occupied territories of Ukraine.

“Deputies at the meeting almost unanimously supported the decision to import grain from the Kherson region, which was partially taken under the control of the RF Armed Forces.

As there is only one cucumber plant in the region, and the shortage of other vegetables and grains due to foreign sanctions is acute not only in Krasnoyarsk Krai but also at the federal level, the expropriation of last year’s surplus and current crops of Kherson region will be one of the tools, providing assistance to small businesses, consumer cooperatives.”